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CXWORX™ Review from LES MILLS On Demand

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I’m baaaack! And I’m excited to talk about les mills On Demand again because I’ve been trying out CXWORX™ classes online and I have a lot to say. First, let me explain myself and what the heck CXWORX means.

CXWORX is a workout that’s all about the CORE. But really, it should be called “the core and more!” because while you’re working out your core muscles and toning your abs, you’re also toning your glutes and legs. Think of your core muscles as the pillar of your body…the strong your core is the stronger you are. Not only will you have better posture, but you’ll feel better.

Strengthening your abdominals helps you with the everyday aspects of your life, like sitting at a desk all day, and it helps with your other fitness goals — a strong core helps you be a better runner, a better swimmer, and all around better athlete. 

LES MILLS On Demand CXWORX workouts are about 30 minutes long, and you’ll need a resistance band and weight plate. The instructors will give you options for each of the CXWORX moves, so you’ll be challenged but the workout is still something you can do at your own level of fitness.

Throughout the 30-minute workout, the instructors guide you through correct technique as you work with resistance tubes and weight plates, as well as body weight exercises like crunches, and hovers. You will also get into some hip, butt and lower back exercises. 

Again, strengthening these will only help you in your every day life… I have a lot of stiffness in my lower back and hips from working at a desk all day (the life of a writer!) and my chiropractor recommended I strengthening my core. So, I took his advice and it has made a huge difference in my posture, my flexibility… I’m even sleeping better because I’m not as achy or stiff.

Disclaimer: If you’re pregnant or have any previous health conditions, it’s probably best to check in with your doctor before testing out a new workout routine.

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Pros vs Cons?

Pro: Strengthening your core muscles like your abs, your glutes, and your lower back really is a game changer for posture, overall comfort, and your overall wellbeing. 

Pro: The workouts are all roughly 30 minutes, so I can crank one out before work and be jazzed for the rest of the day, or right when I get home from work, and feel a boost of energy to get me through til bedtime. 

Pro: You can do these anywhere!

Cons: You need some equipment. The resistance band is great and easy to travel with, but a weight plate is kind of an at-home or at-the-gym only option for me. It’s hard to justify packing a weight plate in your suitcase, those are already at a 50-pound limit for the airport! 

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15 CXWORX Workouts To Try:

  1. CXWORX #27 Ab Blast 
  2. CXWORX For Runners #01
  3. CXWORX REMIX #01 For Stability & Control
  4. CXWORX #30 30 Minutes
  5. CXWORX #22 Core Challenge
  6. CXWORX #13 30 Minutes
  7. CXWORX #22 30 Minutes
  8. CXWORX #34 Ab Blast
  9. CXWORX REMIX #02 For Strength & Power
  10. CXWORX #24 Abs & Obliques
  11. CXWORX #25
  12. CXWORX #30 Ab Blast
  13. CXWORX #33 WFW
  14. CXWORX REMIX #03 For Endurance
  15. CXWORX #16 30 Minutes

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Free 30-Day les mills On Demand Program Trial!


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