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Les Mills On Demand BODYCOMBAT™ Review

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Do you ever watch an action or sports movie and feel pumped up after and wish you could punch, kick, and jump your way around your apartment? No? Oh, it’s just me? OK, well anyway, as I mentioned before, I’m working my way through les mills On Demand workouts and I’ve just tested Les Mills On Demand BODYCOMBAT and am here to share! 

What is BODYCOMBAT™ anyway? Is it as intense as it sounds? 

BODYCOMBAT™  is a non-contact yet high-energy martial arts-inspired workout. You can learn moves inspired from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu, with no prior experience needed. 

Like almost all les mills On Demand workouts, BODYCOMBAT™ available in either a 55, 45 or 30-minute workout. This is  a whole body workout that targets every muscle group and you can modify moves so that you can feel your best and work at any level. 

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Pros and Cons of BODYCOMBAT™


This is a GREAT way to release stress or frustration. It’s a really high-energy workout, and  no equipment is needed. I REPEAT: No equipment needed! 

For someone who lives in a small studio apartment, the less I need in order to workout, the better. I do have a yoga mat out when I work out (really just to remind myself to stretch for warm-up and cool down) and I wear my regular super-old gym shirts and shorts and my running sneakers.


Because it’s so high energy, I had trouble keeping up at first. I. Was. TIRED. BUT that just meant I had to keep trying, because I am determined to work on myself. 

I had to pause a lot but I finished the workouts on my own time and actually felt really proud of myself for pushing myself through. And, the workouts DID get easier the more I did them! 

Obviously, if something hurts, stop and re-adjust, because a workout should be challenging but not hurt or feel wrong. I’m not a doctor, either, but just felt like this was an important disclaimer. 

Also, because I’m not a doctor, please check with your doctor or health practitioner before starting a new workout routine. 

They do offer Beginner and Intermediate introduction videos (that are only 30 minutes) which I highly recommend checking out to get the lay of the land and nail down the moves before you dive into the workouts. 

Free 21-Day les mills On Demand Program Trial!


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Here are 15 workouts to try after signing up for the trial:

  1.  BODYCOMBAT Kick Power #01
  2. BODYCOMBAT Kick Power #02    
  3. BODYCOMBAT Remix #01 – Fight Club 
  4. BODYCOMBAT Remix #02 – Combat Power
  5. BODYCOMBAT Remix #03 – Combat Bonus
  6. BODYCOMBAT Cardio Blast
  7. BODYCOMBAT MMA Blast #01
  8. BODYCOMBAT MMA Blast #02
  9. BODYCOMBAT #77 – 30 minutes
  10. BODYCOMBAT #77 – 45 minutes
  11. BODYCOMBAT #77 – 55 minutes
  12. BODYCOMBAT #77 Intense
  13. BODYCOMBAT #77 Cardio Blast
  14. BODYCOMBAT #77 Upper Body

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