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Maid of Honor Proposal: How I Asked My Best Friend to Be My MOH

Maid of Honor Proposal: How I Asked My Best Friend to Be My MOH

My friend Jasmine has been my best friend since the 7th grade. We met in our middle school English class when we sat next to each other and began talking. We both had mouths full of braces, a questionable sense of style, and were both a little bit nerdy. We were high honors students, but not all that popular, and so we bonded over our similarities.

Our friendship has lasted over the years, surviving through middle school, high school, college, and more. We’ve been through it all together: boyfriends, break-ups, moving, graduations, birthdays, and various other life milestones. So when I told her I was getting married, it was not even a question that she would be my Maid of Honor.

Maid of Honor Proposal: How I Asked My Best Friend to Be My MOH

These days “Maid of Honor Proposals” are a big thing. You might have seen ideas on Pinterest or online shops like Etsy. There are countless ways to ask your friends to be your Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid these days.

Even though it was obvious to the both of us that Jasmine would be my MOH, I decided to pursue a proposal idea. I found way too many cute products on Pinterest and Etsy that perfectly fit the idea I was going for. I wanted to do something special so that my best friend knew how much her being my MOH meant to me. Here is how I asked her to be my MOH:

1. I found the perfect card. 

I never give a gift without a card attached to it. That’s just my style, I guess. When I thought to get my best friend a gift, I knew I needed to find the perfect card to ask her to be my MOH.

I wanted something simple and sleek that I could use to write everything I wanted to say. I ended up finding this card on Etsy, and the delivery was pretty quick! I just loved the simple rose gold foil design on the cover of it and it really summed up exactly what I wanted to say to my girl Jasmine.

2. I splurged on a dress hanger. 

There are so many wooden and wire hangers in the market that are designed for brides, maid of honors, bridesmaids, and more. You can get them extremely personalized with someone’s full name, or keep them more generic by using their title in the wedding party.

I chose to pursue the latter and found a hanger like this while online shopping on Etsy. I loved the simple white color of the hanger and the gold wiring that spelled out MAID OF HONOR. My best friend absolutely adored it, and I just know that come next year she will take so many Instagram-worthy photos of her dress hanging on this special hanger leading up to my wedding day.

3. I had to order the MOH candle.

Pinterest for the win, again! During my online research for MOH gift ideas, I came across this MOH candle that could not have been more fitting for my best friend.

On the front the label says: Sister, best friend, and confidant, which sums up our friendship pretty solidly. The soy candle scent was very light and sweet and I really like that the wick is wide and wooden, giving it a unique look. All in all, a very ideal gift idea that my MOH really appreciated!

4. I made her a “Maid of Honor Guide.”

I am one of those especially organized people who does thorough research and planning when I am prepping for a big event. I’ve never been in a wedding party before and my best friend has not either. I correctly assumed she would be worried about her MOH responsibilities and started taking notes on tips I read online.

From there, I downloaded a cute template from Microsoft Word and started building her a guide to use later on. I included tips around what she is responsible for, checklists for leading up to and day of the wedding, tips for writing her speech, and space for her to keep track of the vendors.

One big responsibility of the MOH is to be a point person during the wedding for guests with questions. I wanted to make sure my MOH was very well versed on expectations so she is prepared for the big day. Best part? She loved the guide and is totally ready to rock being my MOH!

Being asked to join a bridal party is a huge compliment, but also a significant responsibility. I knew my best friend would agree to be my MOH but I wanted to show my appreciation in the form of a thoughtful gift that I hand selected for her. I decided to put all of the ideas above into a pretty basket and present it to her during one of our weeknight hangouts. She was thrilled with the thought and effort I put into this gesture and I just know she is stoked to be the best MOH for me on my wedding day.

If you find yourself in search of ideas like this, give Pinterest or Etsy a whirl. Those platforms have so many amazing ideas for budgets of all sizes. I can’t recommend these tools enough to put together gift ideas for bridal parties!

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