Are you brainstorming gift ideas for the person who lives life just a little outside of the box? In this gift guide, we’ve rounded up 9 stunning gift ideas for the person who’s a little creative, is always doing something, and is always on the hunt for adventure. Enjoy!

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9 Stunning Gift Ideas For The Adventurer, The Doer, and The Creative

1. Trade Coffee Subscription:

For the coffee connoisseur in your life, you can’t go wrong with Trade’s coffee subscription! Your gift receiver will start by answering a couple questions about their coffee habits. Then they’ll start receiving their expertly-selected coffee on their desired schedule. After they rate each bag and provide feedback, their selections will be more refined and get better every time! 

You can also shop individual coffee varieties by taste type or coffee equipment (including cold brew bags!) so your favorite coffee bean lover can enjoy their brew just the way they like it. Plus for the holidays they have custom drinkware options to go along with your gift!

You can save 30% off your first bag with free shipping here!

You can get up to $60 off subscription gifts from 11/27-12/3!

Thank you to Trade Coffee for sponsoring this portion of the gift guide.

2. Girl Gang Forever Tee by Feminist Goods Co 

Girls, unite! These tees from Feminist Goods Co are the perfect gift for your girl gang. They’re stylish and sassy, making them best accessory to brunch or girl’s night out — right behind female friendships, of course.

Don’t miss the other sweet goodies in The Feminist Goods Co lineup — there’s really something for everyone. #GirlGangForever

3. The Kidult Handbook

We couldn’t make this list and not include our editor-in-chief’s book. Released in May 2018, The Kidult Handbook covers 160 ideas, activities, and recipes that encourage you to have fun and play!

As adults, we can get caught up in taking things too seriously. Relax and throw it back with this perfect stocking stuffer.

4. The Convertible Backpack from Beis

This handy bag goes from backpack to crossbody bag with the switch of strap. It has a laptop pocket, RFID-lined front interior pocket, a roller bag handle pass-through, a key fob, and additional pockets. It’s perfect for traveling across the globe, to work, or cross-town to meet friends. 

5. Unbound Planner

For those who live life unbound by tradition and with intention, the Unbound Planner is a delightful way to make sure your precious time is focused on what matters most to you. Included in the planner is a special self-reflection process and unparalleled guidance in achieving your goals. To see it in action, click here.

6. A Causebox Subscription

The creatives, the doers, and the adventurers of the world tend to focus on sustainability and giving back. If that sounds like your friend, considering gifting them a Causebox subscription! It’s like a little piece of Christmas all year round.

All of the products included in each box are exclusive and ethically made.

Spring 2019 Causebox Review and Spoilers

7. Stasher Reusable Silicone Bag Starter Kit

Have you heard of the Stasher? These bags replace all of your typical plastic bag uses. They are made from silicone, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and come in all shapes and sizes. They reduce waste and are better for the environment. These handy bags are perfect for the adventurer you know who lives life on the go. 

This starter kit comes with seven bags! It’s a great gift for the friend who is aiming to live a waste-free life.

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8. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Most of us spend a lot of the day looking at screens. For better or for worse, the blue light we’re exposed to can lead to headaches and blurry vision. A pair of glasses with Blue Light Technology can help block out that potentially damaging light. Quay Australia has an awesome selection of frames! 

9. A Potted Plant

Plants always make amazing gifts. If your friend has a green thumb, go with a real one! If they’re out and about a lot, a fake potted plant can make a huge difference in their environment when they’re home — without adding additional responsibilities! We love the selection from Afloral.