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25 Things To Do Between Christmas and New Years

The week between Christmas and the New Year can feel like a weird limbo. You might be off work. There’s not too much going on. You’re a little emotionally stretched out from the holiday festivities. So how you are going to spend your time?

Here are a few ideas of what to do between Christmas and New Years:


You might be okay with simply resting. After all, between the holidays and your insane work schedule, you’ve probably been running around like a mad person since September. You deserve to relax for a few days after Christmas before returning to work or school.

It’s a great time of year to take it easy. There’s not a lot on our plates and to-do lists. Chill out with some hot cocoa and a good book. Put on a movie. Take a long hot bath.


Decluttering can be one of the best things you do for yourself. Cleaning out your space(s) helps to clear your mind. Organizing helps to calm you down. Putting everything back where it belongs leaves you with a nice, tidy spot that invites relaxation and inspires creativity. You might find other stuff while decluttering that adds to your

Reset your house.

Take a few minutes to go around your home, right after the holidays. Make sure every room is clean and tidy. Turn off all the lights. Put away any decorations that are still up – including extra wrapping paper in the recycling bin(s).

Do a deep clean.

After everything is tidy and in it’s place, take a few minutes to do a deep clean of your oven. Wipe down the countertops on top of the stove. Do the same for any other room that’s covered in holiday debris (like garlands or tinsel around light fixtures).

Make your schedule for January.

The new year will be here before you know it. Take a few moments to reset your calendars for the year. Knowing what’s coming up in the new year can help you come

Write down your goals for the year.

It can be nice to take a few moments and jot down your goals for the year right after Christmas. We are big on goal setting here at GenTwenty. Remember, goals don’t have to be big to be worth pursuing! Think about what you really want to accomplish. Set a realistic timeline. Commit to getting focused.

Clean out your computer.

Take a few minutes to look through your computer. Delete old, outdated files. Search for anything on your computer that you haven’t used in more than two years. Make sure all of your software is up-to-date and downloaded completely.

Clean out the clutter from your desk at work or study space.

With many of us still working from home, this is essential! You can’t spend a productive day contending with a chaotic work environment. It’s tough to be creative and make new things happen when your desk is piled high with papers, books, pens, and staplers.

Clean out your phone.

Today’s technology is so amazing. But it can be overwhelming too. Between constant notifications, emails, random videos and songs, social media posts that get auto-played, and all the other little electronic distractions that life online has to offer – our devices can get full of junk pretty easily. Why not delete everything you don’t need? It will give you more space for the things that are actually useful – like apps, photos, or your college textbooks.

Get back to nature.

It can be nice to get outside after the holidays. Go on a long walk through your neighborhood. Take a hike at state park near you. Gaze at the stars. Reconnecting with nature is one of the most simple ways to rejuvenate yourself.

Organize your photos from the year.

When you have a moment, it can be nice to look through your photos from the year. Organize them into folders. Delete what you don’t want anymore. Keep the ones that are important to you and/or tell an important story about your life.

Do some holiday planning for next year.

I always like to take a moment after the holidays to prepare myself for next holiday season. I keep a spreadsheet of the gifts I bought and the money I spent. This helps me know what we bought each year but also to help set my budget for next year.

Review your spending for the year.

Speaking of budgets, the last week of the year is always a good time to review your spending and expenses for the past year. Go through your bank statements and credit card bills. Can you think of anything that was an unnecessary expense? Could you have saved more money?

Take a moment to look at the big picture.

When everything is crazy during the holidays, it can be easy to forget about all of your major life goals. If this year has been particularly intense, then now is the time to take a step back and assess how you are doing with your big picture plans.

Is there anything that you need to adjust or change in order to get closer to where you want to be?

Make a vision board.

After taking some time to reflect on what you want in life, it can be nice to create a vision board for yourself. This is an easy way to get inspired and remember why you are working so hard.

Clean our your pantry.

In the new year, you are going to be eating a lot healthier. Why not take a moment to clean out your pantry and fridge right now? Get rid of all the processed foods that you have been stocking up on this holiday season.

Do one thing at a time.

It can be nice to set some daily goals (or write a to-do list for yourself). Instead of rushing through it or multi-tasking, relish in doing on thing at a time.

Read a book.

Now is a great time to settle in with book you’ve been meaning to read!

Write in your journal.

This is one of my favorite things to do at the end of the year! If you haven’t kept a diary this whole year, record your favorite moments, your biggest discoveries, and what you are most excited

Make a plan for how you are going to do things differently in the new year.

This moment of reflection can be very powerful if you choose to make it so. What changes are you planning to make? What areas of your life need some improvement?

Spend quality time with friends or family.

The holiday season can feel like a rush to get to everyone on your list. Take some time over the next couple days to enjoy quality time with the people closest to you.

Take care of yourself.

The holiday season can be so focused on giving and receiving that we often forget about taking care of ourselves. This is a great opportunity to do something special for yourself – like taking a bath, getting a massage, and/or trying out a new beauty treatment.

Get organized for the new year.

As you pack away your decorations and haul out the tree, why not take a moment to organize for next year? Hang your stockings back up in a lovely way. Clean out your junk drawer. Go through all of your closet and make a pile for items that need to be mended or donated. Take this time to get your new year organized too!

Tackle a home project.

There are always improvements that can be made around the house. If you have been putting off any project, why not take advantage of your free time over this week to start it?

Finish strong.

Whether you’re at work or taking the week off, finish the year strong! Whatever you’re doing, go all in on it.

This is also a great time to make your goals for the next year, especially if it’s related to your career or business. If there are any changes that you intend to make, now’s the perfect time to make them!

This is just a list off the top of my head has a way to spend this last week of the year. All these things will help me get organized and ready for the New Year, but what about you? What things are going on in YOUR life right now?

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Nicole Booz

Nicole Booz is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of GenTwenty, GenThirty, and The Capsule Collab. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is the author of The Kidult Handbook (Simon & Schuster May 2018). She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, eating brunch, or planning her next great adventure.