Generation Social

Ever made a Facebook post you wished you hadn’t? Or read a tweet that shared someone’s personal information? Every day social media users, many of them twenty-somethings, create millions of posts. These posts cover life events, opinions, news, and interests. While many tweets and statuses serve a valuable purpose, others end up becoming cringe-worthy posts, detailing inappropriate or intimate information. Though millennials are some of the savviest social media users, they still make mistakes that could be easily avoided. How do twenty-somethings, as young adults and professionals, navigate the open world of social media?

I’d like to introduce to you Generation Social, a brand new column on GenTwenty! Generation Social will serve as a weekly guide for twenty-somethings and their social media concerns. From workplace etiquette to online networking, Generation Social will cover social media as it relates to you.

Who am I to tell you about social media? Let me share a little bit of my background with you. As an intern and student, I’ve handled social media accounts for a small business, a nonprofit, a politician, a magazine, and a corporate company. In each position I’ve learned something new, especially when it comes to establishing brand voice online.

I’m also currently a graduate student in public relations studying theory, campaigns and management. In the last five years, PR professionals have assumed social media responsibilities in the workplace, making it a necessity for publicists to manage accounts for clients.

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Although I have a social background, I readily admit that I have room for growth in social media. Each day I actively seek out tips and news involving social media. As I learn more about social media news and offers, I’ll share them with you!

From my past internships and jobs, I’ve established four main social media tips:

  • Be transparent. Don’t post a vague Facebook status or tweet about emotional drama in your life. Instead, be open and honest with others online.
  • Keep it simple. Most people will skim over wordy social media posts. Have a concise message and present it clearly.
  • Make it positive. You’ll establish connections with others more easily if you’re up beat. Negativity gets you nowhere.
  • Proceed with caution. Anything you post online can be seen by others. Write each post as though anyone else can see it. Despite privacy settings, your online information can be shared amongst other users.

Do you have your own social media rules? Comment below! I look forward to sharing Generation Social with you in the weeks to come.