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 You went to college and got the degree, but now you have no clue what you should do next. It’s okay.

Figuring out your next step isn’t as hard as it seems. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a hearty dose of making your own luck, but you can do it.

At GenTwenty, we get it. We’ve been there.

You’ll learn so much through real insights from real twenty-somethings who have experienced and gone through the exact same things.

Just like you, we have laid in bed awake for hours asking ourselves “What happens next?!”

We’re figuring out the passions that fuel us, when to take the long road and when it’s better to take a shortcut. We’ve gone to grad school and are pursuing doctorates, we shared an apartment with the world’s worst roommates… and survived, we even stepped far out of our comfort zone and ended up with a broken leg. But it all worked out in the end.

Our tried and true advice about growing up and navigating the real world will help you define your goals, figure out what your next move will be, and have fun along the way.

You’ll connect with other career-driven, self-reliant, and hard-working twenty-somethings who will inspire you, challenge you, and encourage you to be your best.

GenTwenty was founded in 2013 by Nicole Booz and Gina Oursler, two friends passionate about dispelling myths about Gen Y while providing their peers with support and reassurance during the crazy twenty-something years.

We wondered what was next for ourselves and found others were thinking the exact same thing.

If you need to hear that everything is going to be okay, here it is: Everything is going to work out just fine.

We support you. We know what you’re going through; we’ve been there.

Your twenties are all about trying new things, finding your niche and your passions, and learning how to “adult.”

Are you ready to turn your twenties into an ass-kicking decade?