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10 Morning Routine Ideas for a Productive Day

Every successful person and I mean EVERY successful person will tell you that a productive day starts with a morning routine. Our brains are most impressionable and adaptable in the morning, so the way we start our day is likely how the rest of it will go.

There’s so many little things you can do throughout your morning to make your entire day more productive, so why miss out on this amazing opportunity?

If you aren’t a morning person, I suggest you work on becoming one.

Here are 10 morning routine ideas to have a more productive day:

Wake Up Early

You know the saying “the early bird gets the worm?” This phrase can be traced back to waking up early and getting your day started on the right foot. If you can set an alarm and start waking up early AND at the same time, this will automatically program your mind to thrive off routine.

No Technology for 10-30 minutes

It’s scientifically proven that checking your phone and scrolling on apps can have a direct correlation to how the rest of your day will go. So if you’re exposed to negative information, it’s likely that the rest of your day will be negative. Refrain from grabbing your phone for 10-30 minutes after waking up and instead drink some water, stretch or take a hot shower.


Not everyone likes to workout. Finding a way to move your body in a way that is fun for you whether that’s weight-lifting, running, yoga, tennis, spinning etc, is a hugely impactful way to being more productive. There are several proven benefits of exercising in the morning including better focus, better mood and better productivity! 

Meditate and/or Journal

Many will tell you to practice meditation in order to have a clear mind and proceed through the day more effectively. Meditation doesn’t just have to be sitting in a seated position with your eyes closed with no thoughts flowing. Meditation can also be a period of time that is to yourself where you can reflect, journal, think about what you’re grateful for or think creatively. 

Educate Yourself

How do you best absorb learning materials? Books? Articles? Podcasts? Whether you’re absorbing inspirational and/or educational material, doing so for a half hour every morning can motivate you and make you feel ready to take on the day.

Have a Skincare Routine

Adding a fun skincare routine is a great way to schedule some “me time” by taking care of your skin first thing in the morning. You can pair this with non-toxic candles and music to start your day clean and refreshed!

Get Ready/Dressed

When you feel good about how you look, you’re likely to have a more productive day. This is especially true for those working from home as it can be very tempting to wear no makeup and work in sweatpants all day. By putting a little makeup on, doing your hair and wearing some business casual attire, it can significantly transform your mindset and make you feel more confident

Make a List

Writing down your goals and intentions for the day will help put your to-do list in perspective. I find that making a list and crossing things off as I accomplish them is so rewarding! Having everything in one place to refer to will make you feel less frazzled and more focused.


Hydration is key! Water affects several different parts of our lives because it is the key to keeping us going everyday. Invest in a water bottle you love and make sure to drink some in the morning, in between calls, during lunch, after work, during dinner, etc. ALL DAY! Your body will thank you.

Call a Friend or Family Member 

Set some time aside to catch up with a loved one as they can be huge mood boosters. If you have a long or tough day ahead, talking to someone who cares about you can immediately make you feel better and at ease. Starting your day with positivity will always be in your favor.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to do ALL of these in order to have a more productive day. Sticking to 2-3 of these can significantly improve your mornings and set you up for success.

What will you add into your morning routine?

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Jessica Litras

Jess Litras is an entrepreneur and Travel and Lifestyle Blogger who focuses on building a business online and encouraging women to travel while looking and feeling their best. After working at a start-up company and a corporate company over the last 5 years, Jess has taken a leap of faith to build the life and career of her dreams. She specializes in event planning, blogging, social media, building communities and creating travel guides. When she's not traveling, you can find her cuddled up on the couch with a good book or true crime show.