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25 Habits That Nourish Your Mind

Imagine having all the habits that nourish your mind when you need a sense of calm. For people who suffer from anxiety, depression, or brain fog, it’s vital to nourish your mind. Our mental health is what keeps us sane, after all.

Habits, like good overall health, and using different meditation techniques are basic things that can help elevate our minds. Good nourishment of your mind is just another step in the right direction for your health, too.

Figuring out what habits help you is a key element in consistently nourishing your mind. Habits become part of your life and therefor can become an exemplary way to practice upkeep.

25 Habits That Nourish Your Mind

1. Meditation

This one is so vital and nourishes your mind in a vast variety of ways. From the stillness to the feeling of peace from within. It gives our minds another way to slow down and process our emotions.

2. Podcasts

One thing that I find helps my mental health is listening to self-care podcasts, meditation podcasts and in general lifestyle podcasts about bettering yourself. I always feel a sense of knowledge and nourishment after listening to a good, informative podcast.

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3. Get plenty of sleep

This is so vital for our brains to rest and recharge for the next day. Ever notice having brain fog or feeling extra sleepy after not getting enough sleep?

That would be sleep deprivation as the culprit. Get your zzz’s!

 4. Exercise

Just another way to release endorphins, which are great for nourishing your mind.

5. Yoga

This activity specifically is a great habit to nourish your mind. It provides relaxation techniques and breathing exercises as well.

6. Declutter

You would be amazed at the amount of mess you can find to organize and declutter. Your mind will thank you for it later. Decluttering creates a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

7. Breathing techniques

Pregnant woman do it to prepare for labor. Likewise, people who suffer from anxiety attacks use breathing techniques to create calm for themselves. Finding simple breathing exercises to help you relax, remain calm, and collected, will help nourish your mind to its full potential.

8. Set a morning routine

This simple habit can be what makes your day a success. Sometimes it’s a simple morning routine that helps you set up your day to go in the right path.

9. Stay connected

During this pandemic, simple habits like staying connected can lead to a happier you. Nourish your mind by staying connected to your family and friends. We need each other most right now.

10. Detox from technology

This can seriously be a game changer. It’s one of the hardest things to commit to in our generation. But have you ever read about the amazing positive affects from doing a detox of technology or social media?

You would be amazed how much your mood changes and even your overall demeanor. Try it sometime, sooner rather than later.

11. Read books

Developing a good reading habit can keep the creative part of your brain working strong. Reading is great for nourishment of your mind and for keeping our imagination alive.

12. Diffuse essential oils

If you like the scent of good oils. Thee are many different kinds to help with calm and relieving stress and/or anxiety.

Putting a couple drops of lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood can really do some good for your mind. Plus it gives off an invigorating aroma to your home.

13. Learn something new

They say the mind never stops learning. I have often heard words of wisdom spoken from elderly people about how they kept their minds witty and smart.

They learned something new each day. It became a habit to constantly challenge their brains daily.

14. Say no

Literally, learn to say no to things that don’t make you feel good or at ease. If something isn’t worth your time, say no.

15. Reflect

Self reflection can be rather calming to your mind.

16. Drink water

Our bodies need water to function, and water will nourish our minds more consistently just from the health benefits of drinking water alone.

17. Practice self-care

Make it a priority, today and every day.

18. Positive affirmations

Write down or practice this habit daily.

19. Learn to listen more and talk less

This ones speaks for itself. But, in doing so, your mind will flourish.

20. Set goals

Knowing you have goals you set and want to achieve will give your mind the nourishment it needs for self-care and self-fulfillment.

21. See a therapist

This one act can become a regular habit and lead you down a great path to nourish your mind.

22. Practice gratitude

You will find your moods and your day will be much better when you practice gratitude and show your gratefulness more frequently.

23. Let go of what you can’t control

This habit can be so liberating and time-freeing all at once.

24. Forgive

The art of forgiveness is one to study and one we should all seek to practice to further ourselves mentally.

25. Open you mind to optimism

When you exude positivity, you create a space for calm. Allow yourself to be more optimistic and see how far your mind will take you.

Which of these habits that nourish your mind will you practice?

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