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Ways To Be Successful: 10 Tips That Will Change Your Life

If you’re looking for ways to be more successful in 2020, you’re in luck. At GenTwenty we’re all about implementing lifestyle and habit changes to better help us reach our goals and achieve our own versions of success.

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It isn’t always simple or fast-paced, but you will ultimately be more successful in the long run if you make changes this year.

10 Ways To Be Successful In 2020

1. Identify your goals now.

Maybe you’re still chipping away at last year’s goals (and that’s okay) or you have new ones in mind. Either way, take the time to pinpoint your goals early in the year. This way, you can map out how long it may take you to reach your goals and work toward reaching them.

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If big goals seem overwhelming to you, consider implementing micro goals instead. You might find these more motivating and easier to stick to overall.

Identifying your goals is always a way to get clarity on what success actually means to you. For each of us it can mean different things and that’s okay. Don’t work towards someone else’s goals and someone else’s version of success.

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2. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Don’t confide in people who have you questioning your goals or doubting yourself.

Being around negative energy is going to distract you from achieving any amount of success. Connect with people like you who share your vision. Sharing space with goal-oriented people will help you stay on track this year.

Consider starting a mastermind group with a few people in your industry or workspace. It can make a big difference in your overall attitude to help share the knowledge you have and to learn from others as well. 

10 Ways To Be Successful In 2020

3. Limit your distractions.

Television, social media, and games are fun outlets to relax and express yourself, but they can also be distracting.

Allow yourself to indulge, but consider setting time limits so you don’t over-consume in this areas. That way, you have time to dedicate to reaching your goals.

Notice what is distracting you on a regular basis. Are you on Instagram and don’t remember quite how you ended up there? Is it Netflix that’s a time suck? Try to actively work to reducing how much time you spend on what distracts you.

4. Be consistent.

Consistency is key with just about everything in life. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, save money, train for a marathon, or build a home, you have to be consistent to achieve success.

Don’t work toward your goals halfheartedly. Be consistent every step of the way.

Consistency takes practice. It’s not worth beating yourself up over an inconsistency though. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get back to it tomorrow. It’s never too late or too soon to get back on track.

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5. Be a leader in more aspects of your life.

Pave your own path. Rather than following in other people’s footsteps, carve out a journey only you can follow.

When you lead, you’re stepping to the beat of your own drum. When you’re a leader, you’re not worried about the competition. Be your own leader and the rest will follow.

Take on a leadership role or leadership responsibilities within your circles. Whether it’s at work, on a passion project, or with friends, take on more responsibility. This will encourage you to be more consistent as well. 

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10 Ways To Be Successful In 2020

6. Let the opinions of others roll off of you. 

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but a big source of stress in life is when your friends and relatives bog you down with their opinions. You know, when your mom nags you about your relationship status or your bestie weighs in about how you should style your hair. The opinions of others should never dictate your choices. Once you start letting these opinions roll off you, you’ll have more room to follow your own instincts and find your own happiness.

One way to do this is to work to improve your confidence. When you feel confident about yourself, it matters less to you what other people think because you stand firmly in who you are as a person. Confidence isn’t something you have or don’t — it’s a skill that can be worked on and improved over time.

You can start with daily mantras, learning to say no to things that don’t suit you, and putting yourself first. We have more tips on improving your confidence here.

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Ways to be successful

7. Do more of what you love. 

Whether it’s traveling, reading, writing, or dancing, make more time for what you love this year!

If money is an obstacle, consider directing funds from other places, liking eating out less or ordering less coffees from Starbucks. You can also aim to increase your income by starting a side hustle or negotiating a raise

If you’re in a tight spot with money, consider how you can use your time to incorporate more things that bring you joy. We all have responsibilities with our time and money but that doesn’t mean that happiness can’t be part of those things too.

Happiness and enjoyment are a big part of success and are also what helps us reduce the feelings of burnout. When you’re doing things you enjoy, you’ll likely experience less stress as well.

8. Know your worth and add tax.

Have you ever settled for something that was beneath your capabilities and desires? Perhaps a job, a relationship, or a living situation? Maybe you settled because it was easy or comfortable. Maybe you had to. This year, try to set the bar higher.

Think of it this way: When you say no to everything that is the wrong fit for you, you are making room for all of the things that are a perfect fit. Don’t just go for things that are “good enough.” Go for things that make you want to shout from the rooftops about how happy you are. 

Knowing what you’re worth means not setting for the wrong thing just because it’s easy or easily available. Adding tax to your self-worth means holding yourself to a higher standard. It’s choosing your own success.

10 Ways To Be Successful In 2020

9. List your accomplishments.

Recently Natasha shared how she made a list of all of her accomplishments — no matter how big or small — for two years. It was a labor of success and has had a huge impact one how she views what she has finished

In her own words,

Writing down every accomplishment for two years has given me so much insight about myself and what I can realistically do with my time. It’s also shown me that my life is not only defined by what I can quantify.

If you’re struggling with defining your success, try turning them into a list! You might be surprised at just how motivating it is.

10. Smile. 

It seems too simple, but a smile can go a very long way. When you’re having a rough day and things just don’t seem to be going right, find it in you to smile. Sometimes the little things pile on and they become big things.

Take a deep breath and smile. Smiling is contagious and once you start, it’s actually not easy to stop. Smiling can turn your whole day around. It can change your attitude and mindset. 

Your mindset is a big part of reaching the success you wish to achieve. However you define success for yourself, it’s important that you align your mind and body with that that looks like for you. Practice smiling at yourself in the mirror — you might be surprised about how it makes you feel!

Make 2020 the year of achieving success. With these tips, you’re bound to reach your goals this year!

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