People settling for a mediocre lifestyle is more common than you think.

We date people that aren’t good for us, we hold jobs that we don’t really like, and we deal with friends and family because we have to. Why as humans do we tend to think this way? Why do we so willingly accept that we are given what we are given and can’t strive to do better? It’s a great question that a lot of people never get the chance to answer.

Life is constantly throwing us curveballs that we don’t expect. Just when we think things are calming down, we get tested in a way we never thought was possible. These situations we have to deal with are always weighed out in our minds; we play out the benefits verses consequences in a game of mental ping-pong.

Most people around us tend to play it safe and only make decisions based on the amount of benefits involved. Rarely do you meet someone who takes the risk of choosing a path where the potential cons outweigh the pros.

Now, you can’t blame anyone for playing it safe. That is what evolution has taught us to do. People like the familiar; they like comfort and going with options that are well known to them. Well my friends, we need to change that.

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Settling has this debilitating way of holding us down and not allowing us to experience the things in life that allow us to grow. By settling, we never feel new emotions, fight through new mental situations, or test our physical limits. Where is the fun in that?

When it comes to jobs and the friends around us, settling is the best way to go if we don’t want any hard challenges, to deal with anything that makes us uncomfortable, or experience anything that threatens our status quo. We are too scared to be alone and lose the stability that our current connections give us.

Once that happens, you start to doubt yourself and give into the little voice that tells you that you aren’t as good as you think you are. Those fears are holding us back.

Here’s where you have to start to reshape the decisions you are making. It won’t happen over night, but start to think about how you can step outside of that comfort zone you normally stand in. Start making decisions that might not seem quite right in the short term, but that will work out because of the risk you are taking. At the same time, if the risk doesn’t work out, you will still learn a ton about yourself and others along the way. Learning what you don’t like is just as valuable as knowing what you do like.

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Not settling and taking risks does take quite a bit of effort, and it’s that effort that human beings tend to avoid. Anything that is hard is not seen as beneficial. In order to get away from that, one must shift their thinking and try to explore more than ever.

So, do me a favor and go something today that you aren’t comfortable with. Go and have coffee with that friend you thought didn’t like you. Take that job in another country which allows you to experience a part of the world you had never seen except in pictures, and get rid of that person that makes you feel insignificant every time you see them.

Life is too short to do things you don’t want to do. You will feel amazing once you let go of those boundaries, I promise!