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The Best Non-Toxic Candles

If you’re looking for the best non-toxic candles, look no further!

What are non-toxic candles?

Non-toxic candles are clean-burning candles that put no harmful chemicals into the air.

Toxic candles, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), are made with synthetic fragrances (which don’t have to be fully disclosed because they are “trade secrets”), paraffin wax, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, heavy metals, lead wicks, natural fragrance, vegetable oil, synthetic dyes, a metal core (that contains lead), release carcinogenic soot, can cause birth defects, and contain other toxic chemicals. These pose a health risk to you, your family, and your pets. 

You’ll want to use clean candles that are made with soy waxes, beeswax candles, coconut wax candles, pure essential oils poured into glass jars, wood candle wicks, lead-free cotton wicks, and have a short ingredient list.

There are many candles that fit this bill! We love natural candles with natural ingredients. 

Fall has arrived once again which means it’s time for more autumn-inspired candles! And forget the 3-wick “sweater weather” conventional candles from chain stores, we are here with the best candles for fall from small businesses.

We love to support small businesses with eco-friendly, sustainable, and non-toxic products, and these 10 candle brands have mission-driven business practices with brands that make a positive impact.

In this post on the best non-toxic candles, we’re highlighting our favorite seasonal candles for fall. They all make a great gift with their natural waxes, decadent scents, and long burn times.

The 10 Best Non-Toxic Candles

I absolutely love candles, and I burn them while I write to set the scene and anchor my writing routine, and the best candles for fall feel like the perfect touch to any shared space or room to promote warmth and coziness. 

1. Corvus Botanical’s Pumpkin Spiced Chai

This candle smells so amazingly good—a cross between pumpkin pie and chai spiced latte, and it comes in two sizes! We love it so much we’ve added it to The Capsule Collab’s fall edit. 

Corvus Botanical’s soy candles are hand-poured and made with 100% pure, natural, USA-grown soy wax and a cotton wick. Scented with a blend of essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance for a safe and clean burn, and they’re vegan and cruelty free.

With every order made Corvus Botanical plants a tree!

2. Hummingbird Candle Co. Fall Collection

Hummingbird Candles are awesome. They have wooden wicks that are FSC certified and crackle as they burn! Their candles are made from coconut wax and soy wax and poured into recycled glass vessels.Their large candles have an 80+ hour burn time.

This season they have five new fall scents, from “Hoodie Season” to “I Put a Spell On You” there is something for everyone!

As a company, Hummingbird Candle Co. creates fair wage jobs by hiring women to hand-pour their eco-friendly luxury candles, and are activists supporting women locally and globally to make a difference.

Shop Hummingbird Candle Co here.

3. Seattle Candle Company’s Bonfire Candle

These candles are hand-poured in Seattle, with cotton and paper wicks and soy wax, and come in 3 different sizes. Their scents are earthy and musky and delicious.

Their limited edition Bonfire scent is smoky and deep, giving you the feeling of fall and cozy nights at home.

Seattle Candle Company’s candles are hand-poured in small batch with perfume grade fragrance oils and 100% soy wax and pure coconut oil. They use cotton wicks woven with paper that support self-trimming and support a better burn experience.

4. Bare Candle Company’s Vanilla + Pumpkin

Bare Candle Company is founded by a college student and entrepreneur whose mission is to create clean candles and scents while making a difference. We interviewed Ashlyn Rowland on The GenTwenty Podcast and have fallen in love with her high-quality candles with amazing scent combinations!

5. Yo Soy Candle’s Cinnamon, Bourbon, and Vanilla

These handmade, eco-conscious affirmation candles will help you set the right mood for fall. This Cinnamon, Bourbon and Vanilla scented candle promotes abundance and self-love, all while smelling like the most charming, cozy kitchen.

These candles use 100% kosher wax,100% cotton wick, essential oil and non-toxic fragrance blends. Plus the products are free of phthalates, dyes, lead, parabens and provide a long, clean, eco-friendly burn. 

6. Fontana Candle Company’s Spiced Latte and AllSpice Ginger and Vanille

Fontana Candle Company’s mission to reduce household toxins starts with the care and intention they put into the making of each of their candles. Their products are a blend of beeswax and coconut oil, with wooden wicks and essential oils for a natural scent.

Major plus: their spiced latte combines the scents of coffee, ginger, clove, and cassia for your favorite PSL combo. Imagine your home smelling like pumpkin spice lattes all day and season long!

7. Brooklyn Candle Company’s Leather Jacket, Apple Cider, and Toast Pumpkin

Brooklyn Candle Company makes luxury candles at an affordable price They use 100% soy wax derived from American-grown soy beans for an eco-friendly, clean burn and lead-free cotton wicks, and have an elegant yet minimalist design to pull together every home, no matter the style. 

8. Woodfire Candle Company’s Pumpkin Peppercorn

Woodfire Candle Company embraces the rustic, cozy feeling of candles with their wood wicks, 100% American grown soy wax with with a soft fruitwood wick and premium fragrance and essential oil blends to warm up any room.

9. A Little Candle Company’s Fall Collection

Featuring scents like Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Pumpkin Vanilla Creme, Fall Festival and more, A Little Candle Co.’s fall collection is a definite hit. The candles are hand-poured into beautiful reusable vessels. They use 100% American grown soy wax, 100% cotton wicks, natural essential oils and phthalate free fragrance oils, and are made in small batches with love.

10.  The Salvaged Wick’s limited edition Hocus Pocus

The Salvaged Wick’s purpose is to inspire nostalgia, invite memories, and encourage connections between loved ones. Each candle is made with all-natural soy wax derived from 100% American grown soybeans.

Their scents are custom blended, phthalate-free fragrance oils and premium grade essential oils. Our cotton-core wicks are both lead and zinc-free, while the wooden wicks are sustainably sourced right here in the United States. 

Which scents are your fall-favorites? Let us know which of the best candles for fall you’ll be trying!

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