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7 Minimalist Swaps to Save Money

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Being conscious of my budget has made me realize how much money we spend on disposable products. It seems like every month we need to repurchase things like plastic wrap, paper towels, coffee filters, and more. It’s truly a never ending list of disposable products. Exploring minimalist swaps to save money seemed like a step in the right direction!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can minimize these purchases while also reducing the waste I contribute to the environment with. How can I start swapping out some of these products for more sustainable and less wasteful items instead? 

I took a look at both the things we were buying frequently and that I use a lot. Finding alternatives to those things means I can spend less on one-time-use products and instead invest in higher quality, multi-use items for our household.

I purchased these products from EarthHero – the one stop-shop for sustainable products! I was delighted to find this marketplace as I continue on my sustainable journey. Here are some of the minimalist swaps I’ve started with! 

7 Minimalist Swaps to Save Money

1. Swap cling wrap and foil for beeswax wrap.

To be honest, we don’t use cling wrap or foil *all* that often but I will say that I end up wasting a lot of leftovers simply because I don’t always have a container to store it in. Enter beeswax wrap! 

To use it, you simply use the warmth of your hands to gently mold the wrap to whatever you need to cover! When you’re done, just wash it in cool water and let it dry. It’s seriously so simply and makes a huge difference in the waste that accumulates from culinary adventures! 

2. Glass or stainless steel straws

I must confess: I love straws. I really enjoy drinking iced coffee with a straw. And I also find that I drink more water when I’m using a straw throughout the day. Somehow it just feels easier to actually drink more that way! 

Stainless steel straws are a great investment because they last for so long but can also be recycled! Plus, most of them are made from recycled materials as it is anyway. 

I’ve had my eye on a glass straw for awhile. I’ve heard people who use them swear everything just tastes more pure through one and I just had to try it for myself. And I can confirm – a glass straw really does elevate the overall experience! 

3. Multi-use snack bags over plastic.

With a toddler, I’m always having to pack snacks whenever we leave the house. I generally try to plan well around his meals and whatnot, but you never know if you might be delayed. Snacks always get lost in my diaper bag so I was super excited to see these bags available at EarthHero!

They have been so useful for us, especially as we get outdoors this summer. I love bringing them on long walks too. The bags are made from recycled water bottles which I think is awesome! 


Check out EarthHero and use code GENTWENTY for 10% off! 

4. Unpaper towels.

We were going through quite a bit of paper towels before I found these. Not only were we flying through them, but they were getting expensive too. 

These have been really helpful for us to reduce how many paper towels we’re going through and are a great alternative!


5. Silicone bowls.

I’m a huge fan of ezpz products for my son. We’ve used their plates, cup, and spoons since my son started eating solids at six months old. I personally enjoy that they suction to the table which helps new eaters be able to focus on the food and not the plate sliding around. 

Their other products like the cup and spoons are also designed with new eater use in mind. The cup is weighted on the bottom to help reduce spills while babies learn to drink from open cups. The spoons are designed for little hands as young as four months and have sensory bumps on them that help develop sensory awareness as little ones learn to eat. 

Their products are made from 100% food-grade silicone and are unbreakable which also means they will last through many children and for many years. 

6. Reusable coffee filters

During quarantine I started expanding the way I consume coffee. I got a Chemex for my birthday and was really excited to delve into the pour over world. I originally bought one-time use filters because I had no idea reusable filters existed! 

What I really like about this is that it hardly takes up any space in my pantry unlike the big box of filters I had before. Plus, I feel good about putting less waste into the environment. 

7. Stasher bag.

The Stasher bag is an incredible invention that is useful for just about everything. You can even make popcorn in it! They’re seriously so multi-purpose, it’s a must in my house! The Stasher is a reusable and non-toxic silicone storage bag that reduces (and nearly eliminates) the use of plastic bags. And that is great news for the environment!

You can use them on the go, to freeze or refrigerate food in, and even microwave it. If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend getting one soon – and they make great gifts as well. 

Saving Money With Simple and Easy Household Swaps

These are just a few of the minimalist swaps to save money that I have started using over the past few months! I’ve been delighted to find things that are more sustainable and better for the environment, but also better for my budget in the long-term.

Don’t forget to check out EarthHero and use code GENTWENTY for 10% off! 


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