Eight months before graduating college, I wrote myself an email to open in the future using FutureMe.

I was struggling with my packed schedule and the job search was starting to wear me down. I thought this email would be a way to look past my current situation and articulate what I wanted for Future Me and what issues I didn’t want to be dealing with anymore. For nostalgia purposes, I recently opened the email again, six years later.

Here is the original email:

Dear FutureMe,

Hey girl! YOU DID IT!

You officially have two degrees and an impressive resume for your future career path. Your past-self is nervous about the future and being really lazy so hopefully she can set a fire under my (your?) ass and have a nice job lined up for you (us). Or at least a purpose.

Just remember to get school paid off as soon as you can. Then maybe you can squeeze in some unmarried years to save up and maybe travel a little. 

Maybe you’ve found a guy who is willing to go on adventures with you. Maybe you’ve decided to take the GMATs. Maybe you’ve already got an exciting career underway. Maybe you’ve done none of these things…yet. That’s fine, take your time. You just turned 22 for goodness’ sake. Trust those LinkedIn articles, you shouldn’t have all the answers.

Don’t remind yourself that a certain someone got a kick-ass job right out of graduation, got promoted right away and now makes more than you ever think you will. His situation isn’t perfect so don’t fool yourself into thinking that you should take his route. He would probably even tell you not to do what he did.

In general, don’t let a boy get you worked up and feel insecure, you deserve better than that. Also that Insanity workout isn’t gonna do it itself. The summer would be a great time to knock it out. Maybe get highlights? Your hair is getting to be a dark grey blonde and it looks weird in pictures sometimes.

Anyway, I need to study for Econometrics and International Econ. And eat a Klondike bar. Remember it’s all about balance!

Peace! Love you <33

Wow, did I love exclamation points! I guess I still do. It’s interesting to re-live such a unique and transformative time in my life and it’s a good opportunity to reflect on how I’ve grown since that day.

Here are some updates I would give me past-me.

  1. You’re excited for your future now instead of nervous.
  2. Landing a job wasn’t the easiest, but you got there eventually.
  3. School loans are not yet paid off, but you are almost there!
  4. You did find a wonderful man to go on adventures with (now your fiancé!)
  5. You haven’t taken the GMATs yet (and probably won’t at this point)
  6. You have a somewhat exciting career and a side-hustle that you love
  7. That Insanity workout never got completed – oh well! 
  8. You skipped highlights and went to a full-blown color change (looks way less weird in pictures now).
  9. You nailed both your Econometrics and International Econ exams – good job, girl!
  10. You still love Klondikes but you now prefer cookie dough ice cream with rainbow sprinkles.

As I hit another transformative time in my life (so close to finally being debt-free, planning a wedding, etc) — I wonder if I should send Future Me another email. One that will hopefully find me debt-free and happily married. One who is more sure of herself and less stressed about minute details. One who doesn’t need to constantly remind herself that it’s all about balance.

What would you tell Future You?