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LES MILLS On Demand Review (and Free 321-Day Trial!)

I’d wager to bet that most of us set fitness goals at the beginning of the year. I had a baby in mid-January so my main goal was to have a healthy baby and slowly easy my way back into fitness after recovering from childbirth. Now that my son is four months old, I’m really ready to get back to it. We’ve been taking two mile walks every day since he was about two months old but I need a little more activity in my day to day routine.

As a new mom, it’s hard for me to find time but it’s essential that I make time for fitness. That’s why I was so stoked to be offered the opportunity to work with LES MILLS On Demand for a free 21 day trial period. The amount of time I can make every day varies (also depends on my son’s naps, my work schedule, and my husband’s meeting schedule!) so I really needed something that would get me excited about working out, put my whole body to use, and vary in length.

They have a variety of pre-curated schedules that awesome for this exact purpose. Check them out, here! I’m currently working through the three week Fit Got Real schedule and I love it! You can join me doing it . 

Free 21-Day LES MILLS On Demand Program Trial!

Signing up for the 21 day trial program is simple. All you do is put in your information, add your card number, and you’re in!

LES MILLS On Demand Review (and Free 321-Day Trial!)

You’ll immediately have access to hundreds of workouts you can do from anywhere! 

There are also some unique benefits to the membership:

1. All of the workouts are backed by science. They’re developed with a team of fitness professionals, exercise scientists, and motivation experts to work in combination to deliver results for you.

2. There are 23 different workout categories! These include high intensity cardio, dance, cycling workouts, mindfulness and yoga routines, and strength workouts. 

3. There’s an online fitness community to join. As Maggie shares in her review, the community is an added resource for support and motivation in your fitness and health journey. You can also find recommendations from peers and advice from experts there, too.

4. You can pick a pre-made workout schedules that fits your goals. This is a huge benefit included in the program! These schedules 3, 6, 9 and 12 week plans are designed to suit a variety of fitness needs and goals.

LES MILLS On Demand Program Review

A few members of the GenTwenty team tested out the LES MILLS On Demand program for review as well. Here’s what they had to say:

 … it is nice that you have an option to work out in your own home, on your own time, at your own pace.” Maggie Kidd

When I initially signed up, I was a little hesitant that I had to put in my personal debit card information first thing. That is just a personal thing for me though as I try to be cautious with who and what avenue I give that info through. Once signing in I was impressed with the layout.

One of my favorite aspects was that there is not only a forum section but also a community section that links to a Facebook Group. One thing that keeps me going when I’m working out is motivation to know I’m not doing it alone. These areas look like a good place to ask questions and get tips.I also liked the “New To LMOD” section that gives a good overview of getting started, the space to choose, equipment you’ll need, etc. This is especially good for someone like me who has never done any sort of online fitness program.

I did the BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #04 workout that was just over 15 minutes. I noticed that they have workouts ranging from 10 minutes to an hour which I was pleased with. I enjoy variety in a workout but also don’t always have an hour to commit. The 15 minute stretch workout was perfect to start off with and get a feel of the videos. I enjoyed that the trainers explain what they’re doing and why and I overall felt nice and refreshed after. The only thing I didn’t like is that I did have to wait on it to buffer a few times but that could have very well been my internet connection.

I’m working to try to be healthier so this came at a great time and do plan to continue with my 21 day trial. For now, I do think I could seem myself using this program quite often. I think it is nice that you have an option to work out in your own home, on your own time, at your own pace. I’m excited to try some of the more intense workouts as well! With the time I spent on Les Mills On Demand I don’t really see anything that would not work with my lifestyle since they offer so many choices and it provides such flexibility. Thanks for letting us know about it!

“… you can take this with you on-the-go and make it work for you and your schedule. I would recommend.” — Marina Crouse

This weekend I signed up for the 21-day Free Trial with Les Mills ON DEMAND and tested out two workouts: BODYFLOW #73 (short, ~20 minutes) and LES MILLS GRIT #14 (cardio short, ~20 minutes).  Both workouts offered great music, opportunities for modification, and dynamic workouts. Because I’m a beginner, I would have liked the instructors to spend a little more time clarifying the moves and the right positioning, because the two workouts I selected were in the “beginner” section and I was still lost. There are mini-videos that give you the breakdown of each move, but it was really hard to find them. While this program offers an amazing amount of varied workouts, the website can be hard to navigate and I find it frustrating that there is no search bar.

Over all, I think this on demand membership is a great deal at $14.99USD/month, but with caveats. Definitely take full benefit of the 21-day trial to familiarize yourself with the workouts and the moves before committing. I do think people who are already regularly working out and are more comfortable with their bodies and doing certain group workouts or moves will be able to more easily pick up the workouts than I was (I’m uncoordinated and out of practice!). That the LES MILLS On Demand is available from any screen is also helpful, because you can take this with you on-the-go and make it work for you and your schedule. I would recommend!

The video also offered multiple modifications for the moves which made it feel more accessible to all audiences.”Amanda Stewart

Signing up for Les Mills on demand was smooth and easy. I enjoyed the ‘getting started’ video right off the bat that walked you through the different workouts and how to get the most out of them. The video made me excited to explore further. It was not very clear which videos need additional equipment and where you would get the additional equipment if you wanted, so that was a little confusing.

When I got home from Crossfit, I tried the Body Flow Deep Stretch #4 video and LOVED it. I found the pace of the video to be very encouraging – sometimes stretching videos move too slowly for me to stay engaged. It was only 16 minutes long which was also perfect for post-workout stretching, something that I am terrible at doing. The video also offered multiple modifications for the moves which made it feel more accessible to all audiences. One thing I did not like, was that all of the instructors and participants had a similar body shape (thin). This video would be one that I would do multiple times a week – it was easy to pull up on my phone and do on the go.

“A great workout for anyone with limited time commitment and likes to work out from home.” — Michelle Sohn 

The Body Flow Deep Stretch #04 is a great workout for anyone with limited time commitment and likes to work out from home. With limited gym accessories needed (yoga mat), this workout provides a needed stretch for any and all types of gym goers. The instructor along with 4 assistants provide different modifications for all the poses, which is good for all levels.
At 15 minutes this workout can be added on to the end of your regular workout routine or as a stand alone workout to simply stretch your body. While very convenient for the average gym goer who likes to stay in the comfort of their home to work out, I find that I like to go to classes in person and miss the one-on-one interaction and critique I can get from an instructor. While accessibility to working out is easy with Les Mills, I am the type of person who enjoys the ritual of going to classes and and more likely to follow through on working out after work if I have to physically go into class. 

Get your free 21-day trial of Les Mills On Demand here. Let us know what your favorite workouts are — we’d love to try them!