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30 Work Outs That Take Less Than 30 Minutes

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30 Work Outs That Take Less Than 30 Minutes

We all know what it’s like to be pressed for time. There are only so many hours in a day and sometimes we have to choose what we need to prioritize. And sometimes, I’ll admit, fitness can fall off the top of the list.

For those kinds of days, I need quick workout I can still try to sneak in. Even a little bit of movement is better than none and some days I just have to be okay with that.

Here’s a list of 30 les mills workouts that all take less than 30 minutes total. There’s a mix of full body and targeted workouts as well as some stretching routines. For whatever you need, they have a workout for it! 

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All of these workouts are available on Les Mills On Demand — and there’s a free 21-day trial available here!

30 Work Outs That Take Less Than 30 Minutes

  1. BODYATTACK #96 Strength & Stretch
  2. BODYATTACK #94 Short
  3. BODYPUMP #99 Leg Focus
  4. CXWORX #25 Ab Blast
  5. BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #01
  6. BODYCOMBAT Cardio Blast
  7. BODYATTACK #97 Power & Agility
  8. BODYFLOW #78 Short
  9. BODYCOMBAT #69 Fast & Furious
  10. BODYPUMP #98 Short
  11. BODYCOMBAT #66 Short
  12.  CXWORX #22 Core Challenge
  13. CXWORX #27 Ab Blast
  14. BODYSTEP #105 Short
  15. BODYPUMP #100 Upper Body Focus Standing
  16. CXWORX #24 Ab Blast
  17. BODYPUMP #102 Arm Focus
  18. CXWORX #26 Ab Blast
  19. BODYFLOW #73 Short
  20. BODYPUMP #90 Short
  21. BODYSTEP #108 Athletic Blast
  22. BODYSTEP #102 Short
  23. CXWORX #28 Ab Blast
  24.  les mills BARRE #02 Short
  25. les mills GRIT #14 Cardio Short
  26. les mills GRIT #20 Strength Short
  27. les mills GRIT #23 Plyo Short
  28. les mills GRIT #09 Plyo Short
  29. SH’BAM #25 Short
  30. les mills GRIT #25 HIIT Blast

Below is a quick description of each type of workout so you can get an idea for what you’re in for and what kind of equipment you might want to have on hand to complete each one. 

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Start your free trial here!

More About Each Workout

les mills has a range of different type of workouts for all different fitness levels, preferences, and equipment availability.

  • BODYPUMP™  workouts are full-body workouts with weights. They recommend using a barbell and bench to complete the workout.
  •  CXWORX™ works out the core. You’ll need a single weight plate (or a dumbbell, kettlebell, weight bag or medicine ball) and a resistance tube to complete the workout.
  •  BODYBALANCE™ workouts are yoga-based classes that blend elements of Tai Chi and Pilates to strengthen and elongate your muscles while lowering your stress levels. 
  • BODYSTEP are simple step routines focused on burning calories and toning your butt and thighs.
  • BODYCOMBAT is a martial arts-inspired workout that helps torch calories with kicking and punching. Bring your energy! These are fun ones.
  • SH’BAM is all about dance — it’s great cardio and great fun! 
  • les mills GRIT are designed to use high intensive interval training (HIIT) cardio moves to improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase speed and maximize calorie burn. 

Signing up for your 21-day trial here will give you access to all of these workouts (and more!) so that you can test them out! 

Let me know which of these is your favorite! And have a great workout 🙂 

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