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BODYFLOW™ Review from LES MILLS On Demand

This post contains affiliate links. Start your free 21 day trial of les mills On Demand here. This post was originally published May 2020.

As I’ve been testing out different workouts that Les Mills offers with their On Demand program, I’ve found myself seeking a little bit of balance and a certain state of harmony.

I sit at my desk all day at work, and then typically I come home and either sit at my desk and write, or sit on my couch and watch Netflix. While I love the activity that BODYPUMP™, BODYCOMBAT™ and CXWORX™ offer, I also want a little more slow-movement-vibes and I’d love more breathing control.

So, quite literally, I need to work on balance. That’s where this program comes in — with Les Mills On Demand, I’ve been able to try the online BODYFLOW™ classes and I’m in love!

For anyone new to Les Mills, BODYFLOW™ is a yoga-based holistic workout aimed to help improve your mind, your body and your life. Though yoga-based, the moves also embrace elements of Tai Chi and Pilates, while fully incorporating breathing exercises and mindfulness (with music!). You get to stretch your muscles, strengthen your core control, and balance out your breathing, all within a 30-minute workout, 45-minute workout, or 55-minute workout.

Pros and Cons of BODYFLOW™:


Bodyflow is perfect for every skill level and all fitness levels, and if you’re brand-new to Yoga it’s actually a really great place to start. 

Stretching and strengthening — You get to work on your flexibility with a series of simple yoga moves (which, again I sit all day long and cannot actually touch my toes without significantly bending my knees) and focus on core strength, which is known to help with balance and overall strength.

I like that the series of stretches taught by the class instructor focus on the entire body but still increase core strength and leave me with a lasting sense of wellbeing.  

Also: huge bonus, you don’t need any props to do these workouts. I like to use my yoga mat because it’s extra comfy, but you don’t even need shoes for these workouts! No shoes! That makes it even easier to do while you’re traveling because you don’t have to worry about trying to wedge your sneakers into the bottom of your over-full suitcase. The bodyflow classes are a virtual workout that you can take anywhere.


Call me crazy, but I haven’t found any yet! I really am in love with this program!

Free 21-Day les mills On Demand Program Trial!

15 BODYFLOW Workouts To Try ASAP:

  1. BODYFLOW Hip Openers #01
  2. BODYFLOW Hip Openers #02
  3. BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #01
  4. BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #02
  5. BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #03
  6. BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #04
  7. BODYFLOW Morning Energizer #01
  8. BODYFLOW Morning Energizer #02
  9. BODYFLOW Runner’s Stretch #01
  10. BODYFLOW Runner’s Stretch #02
  11. BODYFLOW Tai Chi Flow #01
  12. BODYFLOW #84 – 55 min
  13. BODYFLOW #84 – Flexibility
  14. BODYFLOW #84 – Yoga
  15. BODYFLOW Evening Chill #01

Free 30-Day les mills On Demand Program Trial!

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