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50 Growth Mindset Coloring Pages

Whether you are a kid at heart, have young learners of your own, or anything in between, we could all benefit from some coloring time. There is nothing like the peace you feel while coloring. It’s like the world stands still for some time and it’s just you, your coloring page, and whatever you are using to color with. While coloring in general can achieve this feeling, it’s even better when you do mindful coloring.

Mindful coloring, or what I like to call coloring with purpose, means that you aren’t just aimlessly coloring. You are coloring for a purpose and you are thinking about that purpose while you are doing this.

Growth mindset coloring pages are a great way to practice mindful coloring. These types of coloring pages most often include motivational quotes and positive affirmations. If you need a refresher or explanation about what a fixed mindset and a growth mindset is, check out this post

Why Growth Mindset Coloring Pages

I believe that motivational coloring pages are much better than a random coloring page. When you are serious about what you are coloring, you are going to spend a decent amount of time on it.

I don’t know about you, but staring at something that has a positive growth mindset quote on it would leave me inspired by the time I’m finished coloring.

Another bonus is that the finished fun coloring page can double as different posters around your room, as well as visual reminders of how great you are doing and how bright your future is. If you are a teacher you could even use them as a decoration on a classroom bulletin board.

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50 Growth Mindset Coloring Pages

Now that you know what a powerful tool these coloring pages can be, here are a list of both free growth mindset coloring pages, and ones that you pay for. You can use these for personal use as well as for growth mindset activities for groups of people.

Other Personal Growth Coloring Sheets

These motivational coloring sheets are at a great price point. They are great for young adults and kids alike.

Growth mindset coloring pages 8.5×11 inches | 7 different sheets:

This file includes growth mindset quotes like I can train my brain to figure it out and I can’t do it YET but I’ll keep trying.

Positive Mindset Coloring Pages – Instant digital download:

This zipped file is packed with 33 different coloring pages of positive thinking quotes.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

These coloring pages are more for school-age kids to help reinforce the concept of growth mindset. They would be great to add to the curriculum or even as an indoor recess activity.

Coloring Pages for Kids – Motivational Growth Mindset and Nature Inspired coloring sheets:

The listing suggests that these coloring pages are for kids, but like most of these listings, they could be great for both children and adults.

Growth Mindset Coloring Posters:

If you are looking for some new inspirational wall art consider personally making it by using these coloring sheets.

Growth Mindset Inspirational Coloring Pages: Don’t Stress The Test BUNDLE:

This is another great resource for teachers. These coloring pages are perfect to give to students to help them prepare for an upcoming test.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages- Set 2:

For this set of coloring pages, you’ll want to give to the more advanced colorers. The pages are more in the style of an adult coloring page.

30+ Growth Mindset Coloring Page Bundle | Positivity Posters:

If you are looking for a big collection of growth mindset affirmations and quotes to color, this is the bundle that you’ll want.

I am beautiful inside and out:

This is a fun positive affirmation coloring page. It’s great for kids and adults.

30+ positive affirmation coloring pages:

These are beautiful growth mindset affirmation pages. 

Coloring Book Affirmations for Kids:

These are fun coloring pages that serve as great reminders for anyone that colors them.

Adult Inspirational Coloring Pages:

These beautiful prints would make great wall art once it’s colored and in a frame.

20 Growth mindset PRINTABLE coloring pages:

I Am statements are very powerful. If you need a reminder of who you are, you’ll want these coloring pages.

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Coloring Pages For Adults:

This big collection of coloring pages is a perfect way to stay inspired. 

I AM – Motivational Quote Coloring Page:

As I mentioned before, I Am statements are powerful. This coloring page is filled with single words that will empower you both during and after you color it.

Mandala Coloring Patterns Set 9:

These growth mindset coloring pages are beautifully created with powerful statements. Perfect for gaining inspiration.

Encouragement Coloring Pages Printable:

Both children and adults would enjoy these simple and cute coloring pages.

Coloring Page – Grow Through What You Go Through:

This coloring page is perfect for Spring. It’s a great reminder that growth can be a beautiful thing.

23 Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

The coloring pages in this product are great for learning spaces like a classroom to inspire and encourage.

55 !Digital! Fearless Soul – Adult Inspirational Coloring Pages:

This pack of coloring pages are great for developing a more positive mindset.

Positive affirmation & growth mindset coloring pages:

These coloring pages have great designs, and even greater positive quotes.

Look for the Good Coloring Pages:

If you need a reminder of the good in your life, these cute coloring pages would be a great resource for you. 

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

Let out some stress and find your inner calm by coloring one, or a few, of these coloring pages.

Brave Enough to Try Adult Coloring Page Printable:

This coloring page is a great reminder to go for your dreams and ambitions. 

Mindful Moments V2:

This collection of coloring pages is filled with amazing designs containing positive quotes like, practice makes progress and yesterday is not today.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

These cute coloring pages are great reminders for people of any age.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

This set of coloring pages are the best motivational quotes for you or anyone else in your life.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages | Growth Mindset Posters:

Whether you are coloring just for fun, or decorating your space with inspiration, this collection of coloring pages are a great choice.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages | Song Quotes:

The music lover in me loves this collection. If you enjoy inspirational songs and coloring, you’ll love this as well.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset Set:

This is a great set of coloring pages that explain the differences between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

10 Printable Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

These single-word coloring pages are a great addition to your coloring page collections.

Growth Mindset Doodle Coloring Pages:

These four positive mindset coloring pages are another great option for some inspirational coloring fun.

Tropical Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

Inspirational summer vibes are a great way to describe this coloring page set. With quotes sure to keep you inspired and cute summer-themed doodles to color, what could be better?

Free Coloring Sheets

First up we have the free printable coloring pages. These are free downloadables that come as a pdf file. You can save the file and then print the coloring page out at home.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

These coloring pages are simple, but fun and inspirational at the same time. Perfect for people at any age.

20 Free Printable Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

I love this collection of coloring pages because it has something for every skill level. There are simple ones, more complex ones, and even some activity pages as well.

Growth Mindset Coloring Pages:

This site has a variety of positive growth mindset affirmations to choose from for your next coloring sheet. You’ll see phrases like challenges make me stronger and yes I can.

Growth Mindset Statements Mindfulness Coloring Pages:

These coloring pages are more for teachers to use because it’s on an educational resources site. You will have to sign up for an account to get the coloring pages. That is something to keep in mind.

7 Free Exciting Growth Mindset Coloring Pages For Kids’ Mindset:

These fun, but simple coloring pages are a great inspirational learning activity for kids. They can also inspire adults as well.

Growth Mindset Quotes Coloring Pages Be Yourself:

This coloring page serves as a great reminder to stay true to your authentic self.

Physical Growth Mindset Coloring Books

I Am A Powerful Girl – A Coloring Book For Girls: 

We are all about female empowerment around here. This coloring book includes 30 single sided inspirational messages. Perfect for girls of all ages to color.

You Are Made Of Magic: A Coloring Book With Affirmations and Artwork To Cultivate a Positive Mindset, Personal Growth, and Self-Love:

This coloring book has a beautiful cover, with even more beautiful messages. 

Good Vibes Coloring Book: A Motivational Coloring Book for Adults, Teens and Kids with Inspirational Sayings, Positive Affirmations and Therapeutic Patterns for Relax and Stress Relief:

I love this coloring book because it includes two of every picture. This promotes doing this activity with others. You know the saying right, “The more the merrier?”

Adult Coloring Book Inspirational Mandala Designs:

This is a great book for anyone struggling with self-esteem, depression, and issues similar to those. It’s a great way to help them in their journey to accepting and loving themselves.

Adult Coloring Book: Positive Affirmations and Flowers:

If you love flowers and positive quotes, you’ll love this coloring book.

Positive Affirmation Coloring Book For Adults:

An Adult Coloring Book with Motivational Sayings and Positive Affirmations for Confidence and Relaxation: This is a 50 page coloring book full of positive messages to inspire you.

A Colorful Mess of Positivity : A coloring book of affirmations:

This coloring book provides lots of opportunity to help develop a positive mindset, while also de-stressing.

Choose Joy:

In this coloring book you get to surround yourself with inspirational quotes as you sit down for some quiet coloring time.

Don’t Give Up: Good Vibes Coloring Book, Inspirational Quotes Coloring Books:

If you are needing some good vibes to get you through the day, the week, the month, whatever it is, you want this coloring book. It will leave you inspired to keep pursuing the things that you want to pursue.

Positive Affirmations Adult Coloring Book For Inspirational Quotes . Don’t Let Anyone Ever Dull Your Sparkle: Good Vibes Coloring Book For Adults:

Here is another fun coloring book filled with positive messages that we can all benefit from hearing.

Inspirational Quotes Large Print Adult Color by Number – Dream Big, Shine Bright: Positive, Motivational and Uplifting Coloring Book:

We’ve made it to the end of our list. I wanted to end this post by sharing a different type of coloring book. This last book is actually a color by number collection of coloring pages. How fun is that?

Make sure you bookmark this post so that you can come back to it anytime you want a coloring page with a different affirmation than you’ve had before. Perhaps you are wanting to add more fun growth mindset instruction to your class, or family, you’ll want to come back for that too. Happy Coloring!

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