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When you fall out of your fitness routine, it can be hard to get back into it. I do best with consistency and routine, but I also like to mix things up and try new things!  

Here I’ve picked out 28 different workouts from les mills On Demand that are a mix of stretching, barre, cardio, abs, kickboxing, and more! They also vary in length and include rest days but definitely insert your own rest days where you need them. 

All of these workouts are available on les mills On Demand — and there’s a free 21-day trial available here

The 28-Day Workout Plan For When You Need A Routine

Week One 

CXWORX REMIX #01 Stability and Control (28 minutes)

BODYFLOW Hip Openers #01 (20 minutes)

Rest Day

BODYATTACK REMIX #01 Make You Sweat (41 minutes)

BODYCOMBAT Cardio Blast (14 minutes)

BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #04 (16 minutes)

BODYFLOW #81 Strength (39 minutes)

Week Two

Rest Day

LES MILLS BARRE #03 (30 minutes) 

BODYATTACK #101 (30 minutes)

BODYFLOW #81 Flexibility (40 minutes)

Rest Day

CXWORX #30 Ab Blast (16 minutes)

LES MILLS Barre #B (30 minutes)

Week Three

BODYFLOW #80 (55 minutes)

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Rest Day

BODYCOMBAT Kick Power #01 (30 minutes)

LES MILLS Barre #05 (30 minutes)

Rest Day

BODYFLOW #80 Flexibility (36 minutes)

CXWORX #25 Ab Blast (15 minutes)

Week Four

LES MILLS BARRE #04 (30 minutes)

Rest Day

BODYATTACK #102 (45 minutes)

LES MILLS BARRE #01 (17 minutes)

BODYFLOW #80 Strength (38 minutes)

Rest Day

BODYCOMBAT MMA Blast #02 (57 minutes)

These workouts are great because you can access them anywhere and do them with minimal equipment! The GenTwenty team reviewed the les mills program here and shared the pros and cons of the program itself.

Feel free to swap any of these workouts out for something closer to your current fitness level. Make sure to stay hydrated and have a great workout!