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30 Workouts For The Yoga-Lover

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30 workouts for the yoga-lover

Whether it’s a holiday season, busy season at work, or just time to use my muscles, I find myself turning to yoga and yoga-focused workouts. For me, someone who has not ever been athletically inclined, practicing yoga helps me feel comfortable in my own skin, calmer, and stronger than I’ve ever felt. 

When I’m stressed, my mind races a mile a minute and focusing on getting yoga poses right (AKA not falling over or hurting myself) actually helps me climb out of my head and be present in my body. 

That’s why I love les mills On Demand so much, because I can take it with me everywhere, do the workouts from anywhere, and rarely need any extra equipment. And I can almost always rustle up a yoga mat no matter where I’m staying! For my fellow yoga-loving fitness friends, or for anyone looking to test the waters, here are 30 different Yoga-inspired workouts that are all an hour or less

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30 Workouts For The Yoga-Lover

These workouts vary in length and purpose but can easily be adjusted to your fitness level. I’m particularly loving number five right now!

  1. BODYFLOW Beginner
  2. BODYBALANCE/BODYFLOW Deep Stretch #01
  3. BODYFLOW Evening Chill #01
  4. BODYFLOW Hip Openers #01
  5. BODYFLOW Morning Energizer #01
  6. BODYFLOW Runners Stretch #01
  7. BODYFLOW Tai Chi Flow #01
  8. BODYFLOW #84 – 55 minutes
  9. BODYFLOW #84 Flexibility
  10. BODYFLOW #84 Flexibility Short
  11. BODYFLOW #84 Strength
  12. BODYFLOW #84 Yoga
  13. BODYFLOW #77 Meditation
  14. BODYFLOW #63 Strength 
  15. BODYFLOW #63 – 55 minutes
  16. BODYFLOW #64 Flexibility
  17. BODYFLOW #65 – 55 minutes
  18. BODYFLOW #65 Flexibility
  19. BODYFLOW #66 – 55 minutes
  20. BODYFLOW #66 Flexibility
  21. BODYFLOW #67 Strength
  22. BODYFLOW #67 – 55 minutes
  23. BODYFLOW #68 Flexibility
  24. BODYFLOW #68 Strength
  25. BODYFLOW #68 – 55 minutes
  26. BODYFLOW #69 Strength
  27. BODYFLOW #69 Flexibility
  28. BODYFLOW #71 – 55 minutes
  29. BODYFLOW #72 Flexibility
  30. BODYFLOW #76 Flexibility

All of these workouts are available on les mills On Demand — a fitness streaming program that goes wherever you are! At GenTwenty we are huge fans of the program because of the variety and portability it offers. Whether you’re at home or traveling or have ten minutes or 60, there is a workout for you!

You can start your free 21-day trial by clicking the link below. Let us know which workout you love the most!

Start your free 21-Day les mills On Demand Program Trial here!

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Start your free 21-Day les mills On Demand Program Trial here!

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