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4 Ways To Exercise If The Gym Isn’t For You

So many of us have had times where we’ve decided to revamp our fitness goals and add exercise to our routine. You’re pumped for the changes you’re making. You find a gym that you feel meets your needs and make it a point to go daily or weekly. But, after a few months, you lose that drive. You like how exercising makes you feel and you want to do it, but you stop going. Does this scenario sound familiar? 

I’ll admit, I’ve canceled my fair share of gym memberships. And after, I’d decide that maybe exercising just isn’t for me. I realized though that it wasn’t the exercise that didn’t fit my needs, it was the gym, and that’s okay.

Joining a gym isn’t for everyone. They can be expensive, intimidating, crowded, confusing, monotonous, and time-consuming.

The exciting thing about exercising though it’s customizable! You can choose other ways to work on your fitness goals without the constraints of a gym, and still have fun! Here are four of our favorite ways.

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4 Ways To Exercise If The Gym Isn’t For You

1. Fitness Websites

Personally, fitness websites have been my choice when it comes to exercising. These programs give you the option to work out in the privacy of your own home, on your own time, at your own pace. Some of them do have a cost for more extensive programs, but most are half of what you’ll pay for a gym membership.

Here at GenTwenty, we recently tried a program called LES MILLS On Demand. This site is what got me hooked. Along with the flexibility, Les Mills has the option of choosing pre-made workout programs, joining online fitness forums, and you have the opportunity for a free trial if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit. You can check it out and get 30 days free here

4 Ways To Exercise If The Gym Isn’t For You

2. Get Outdoors 

Another fun way to get exercise without a ‘workout’ is to get outside.

Exercise isn’t always about doing a planned workout with set moves and reps, it’s about getting your body moving and increasing your heart rate. Take some time to get outdoors and do things you enjoy like hiking, swimming, walking, biking, even gardening etc.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try something new. Get a few friends together and go for a hike or kayaking or using a chopper bike could be quite an experience. You may even find a new hobby you enjoy that you never would have tried before. By using activities you enjoy to exercise, it increases your chances of sticking with it in the long run. 

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3. Community Activities 

Get moving and get involved. Check your local community for activities planned in the area. You could join a sports team, take a dance class, learn yoga, even attend a self-defense class.

These activities allow you to learn a new skill and even meet new people. The accountability, relationships, and routine will allow you to keep your motivation going — all while having a great time! 

If you don’t see anything like this listed in your area, take that as an opportunity. Go to your local event coordinator or city meeting and see what events you can get started. Having a hand in the process can be exciting and allows you to shape activities that you think may be a good fit for you and others. 

4. More Active Choices 

This idea is more personal and requires some thinking. Make a list of ways you could change up actions that you already do in your daily routine.

For example, it could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. You could park further away from work, walk around when you’re talking on the phone, or even plan days for extreme cleaning.

These, while all being small changes can have a big impact on your exercise habits. And after incorporating ideas such as these into your every day, they’ll start to become your new routine and you won’t even realize you’re burning those calories. 

Overall, exercise is about being healthy and working towards your best you. It’s a positive action and shouldn’t be something you dread or stress about. With these four ways, you can work at your own pace, save money, have a good time, and get excited about moving closer to your fitness goals.

Let us know if any of these ideas work for you, or how you plan to get moving outside of the gym.!

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