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How to Start a New Workout Routine

Starting a new workout routine can be so difficult! If you haven’t worked out in quite some time, chances are you are struggling trying to find a new routine for yourself. But, we’ve got four simple ways for you to start a new workout routine so you can focus on your health.

It’s ok if you’re struggling. The key to successfully starting a new workout routine is to take baby steps. Often, we want to jump right into a new workout routine but that is also the start of a destructive path.

There are so many diet fads and workout programs, that try to pull you in every direction. One thing that is important is to choose the right type of workout that best fits your needs. A workout can range from a brisk walk to an intense Pilates session.

The variety of workouts that are available to us is seemingly infinite. So don’t ever feel like there is not a workout for you, because there most definitely is.

I have always struggled with exercising. However, once I get into a good workout routine, I can usually stick with it. Since becoming a mom, I have certainly struggled even more than I ever have in the past.

I feel as though I have thought of every excuse in the book. From being too tired, to being too hard, to life is so busy, etc. But ultimately, I knew the answer to my excuses….Just do it. Go for that walk, or say yes to that yoga class.

I want you to succeed in starting a good workout routine, sticking to it, and making it a way of life for you. Because exercising of any kind should be incorporated into our daily lives as it promotes good health overall. Not just physical heath, but it’s beneficial for your mental health as well!

How to Start a New Workout Routine

Make a plan of how to start

Starting is the single hardest thing. But, if you can take that first step, you have already done so much for yourself. If you made it through your first workout, of any kind, then you have succeeded in starting!

Bravo to you my friend. You have just accomplished the hardest part of it all. Look, starting is the hardest thing because our minds give us all the excuses and reasons to NOT start. But it’s all about mindset and setting your mind on the goal at hand.

Set small goals

It’s imperative not to be too ambitious unless you like to really challenge yourself. I like to be more realistic and set small goal for myself. I set daily goals and weekly goals.

My goals small so that it becomes part of my every day routine. In turn, it becomes a habit. That’s is the ultimate solution to sticking with a workout regimen.

Make it your habit, not something that you have to do. When working out becomes part of your life, you see it as another task like brushing your teeth or showering. Set small, attainable goals, and you will find that you accomplish them far more than a bigger, more difficult goal.

Do a workout that is right for you

It’s also imperative to make sure you’re choosing the right workout for yourself! Make sure you start out a beginner level, then slowly but surely work your way up to a more skilled workout. Choose a workout you enjoy, be it a challenge or fun.

Challenge yourself and push yourself to strive for more with each workout. Make sure you can do the workout you chose and don’t over do it.

Always remember to stretch before and after. This allows for your muscles to be warmed up and stretched out to avoid any muscle strains and to also help with soreness.

Reward yourself in a healthy way

When you meet small or big goals, reward yourself with a fun workout or with a small cheat meal. No need to go crazy, but give yourself an incentive for accomplishing a goal! Be proud of yourself!

Starting a new workout routine can be scary. That feeling of the unknown and not knowing if you can do it…well I promise, you certainly can!  The first step is simply starting.

Then the rest of it becomes easier as each day passes. Each day you work out, you’ll feel stronger, have more energy and you’ll be waiting for your next workout. It’s important to make your workout routine into a habit.

Making it into a habit means it becomes part of your life rather than something you have to do. Because, let’s face it, will you be more likely to do something you dread or if it’s more of a way of living? Set your goals, be confident.

Remember that setting a workout routine isn’t just for being fit and skinny, but it’s also to be healthy mentally and physically!

How do you plan to start a new workout routine? Do you have goals in place or a routine developed yet?

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