A new year is often filled with excitement and promise. You have 365 (366 if it’s a leap year) glorious days to dream big and set goals: a time to save for a huge #adulting purchase, travel somewhere new, start a new project or side hustle, and focus on your health.

As we all know, health is a holistic concept. You have to take care of your mental health, emotional health and physical health. Maybe you’ve got a great routine or perhaps now is a good time to re-evaluate what is working and what is not in your current routine.

And if you need extra motivation, structure, and plans to help you reach your fitness goals this year, consider a 30 Day workout plan for beginners! You can select the guide that aligns most with your own personal goals to make the process less overwhelming. If your current workout regimen is feeling a little blah, check out the 4 workouts below:

4 New Workouts to Try This Year


If you live close to the ocean, head to your local beach and try to find someone who will teach you how to surf in the real surf because being outside greatly improves your quality of life. For the rest of us, who may not have lake or beach access you can still try your hand at the concept of surfing by taking a Surfset class.

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The class takes place on a specially designed surfboard that mimics the instability surfers experience when they’re on the waves. You have to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself on the board, while also learning to stay balanced. In addition, during the class you will have to pop down onto and up from your board like you’re catching a wave.

If you stick with it, the class claims to help build lean, defined muscle. The major drawbacks of Surfset are that the equipment is very expensive and that you will have to find a class in your area and that may not be possible.


TRX can be easily portable and adaptable to various body types and injuries. In TRX, you are always using your own body weight and gravity. The exercises can be adjusted based on your strength and comfort level.

If you’re trying TRX for the first time, find a place where you can understand the foundations of the exercise with a trained professional. Taking the classes with a professional will help you learn how to be safe as you exercise.

The trainer will also help you know how to adapt the exercises for any issues you may have. If you choose to purchase your own TRX suspension trainers, you can tie them up to the bars on your local playground or soccer field and get a workout in. There are many videos on YouTube with different workouts and exercises adapted for the TRX suspension trainers.

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Perhaps you’re tired of running on the treadmill and are looking for a new exercise to get your cardio in. Whether that’s the case, or you have lower body injuries/mobility concerns, rowing is a fantastic cardiovascular option.

There is definitely a technique to rowing. If you’re unfamiliar with rowing technique, make sure to ask an attendant at your local gym, a friend who’s into rowing, or there’s always YouTube! To benefit from rowing focus on the resistance. According to Caley Crawford, the Director of Education at Row House, your row will be strongest if you keep an engaged core and concentrate on using your hamstring and glute muscles instead of your arms. If you’re headed to the gym, here’s a 30 minute rowing workout you can try.


Lastly, there’s Zuu which you can do from the comfort of your apartment or house. No need for a gym membership, equipment or anything else that may hold you back. Once you search this on YouTube, you might not want to do this exercise anywhere too public!

The idea behind Zuu is that the exercises tap into forgotten primal movements. The movements that our bodies inherently know but we no longer use in modern life. Zuu is an excellent HIIT (high-intensity interval training) cardio option. Some of the movements may help improve your mobility and if done safely can be low impact. Zuu is great if you’re looking for something really fun to add to your routine.

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As with any workout routine, it is crucial to talk to your doctor. If you have never done the exercises before, you have questions and/or concerns they will be able to address them. They can also give you advice on taking female-friendly pre-workout supplements. Is there an exercise that you think deserves more attention? Let us know!