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How to Re-inspire Yourself…When Inspiration is Gone

Feel a little... uninspired? Here are 3 things to try to get you back to being creative again.

You’re careening down the Highway of Creativity, Invention, and Inspiration when you suddenly take a detour in the Land of Lost. All of that momentum and interest seems to vanish with the wind and you’re left with little more than a feeling of what once was- those moments when you felt so on fire.

It’s happened to all of us.

And it will certainly happen again.

The world of today, with its technology, gadgets, sounds, and surprises, doesn’t do the best job of keeping us ignited, motivated, and focused. What may have held our attention and inspired us last week, can likely fizzle into nothingness the next.

Yet these moments should be expected, rather than feared. Indeed, there are specific maneuvers we can take to guide us beyond the Land of Lost and back onto that thrilling Highway of a re-inspired and passionate life.

While a simple google-search of “how to become re-inspired” can elicit any number of quick fixes and tips, the fact of the matter is that both establishing and re-igniting inspiration consist of practicing everyday, lifelong habits. These patterns work together to create an atmosphere that is all our own, and that is conducive to (re)unleashing our inner creative genius.

Intend to be Inspired

The first of said practices involves intentionally setting the tone for how the day is to go. Indeed, that initial hour and a half beyond waking, and the things one chooses to do, truly has the ability to make or break the rest of the day’s mood and motivation. Should you decide to wake, lounge, and engage in self-pity, the remainder of the day will be spent in some form of discontentment.

If you choose to rise, listen to inspiration in the form of a podcast, audio-book, or music while practicing gratitude and having positive internal dialogue, a pattern will be established that is both easier to continue and far more enjoyable.

In the words of medical doctor and evangelical minister, Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones, “…most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself…” Take his words to heart and begin each morning in an intentionally positive way.

Productivity will flow, your mind will be clear and open to new ideas, and-as an added bonus–that To-Do list will seem far more doable


When our living spaces and places are filled with clutter, chaos, and commotion, our minds will follow. Another aspect of reigniting the spark of motivation and inspiration, and a potent ingredient for any type of productivity, is that of organization–both in ourselves and our homes/workspace.

Some may claim that creative types work better in chaotic spaces, but if the pile of dirty dishes is causing your eating habits to become unhealthy and erratic, and you’re still wearing yesterday’s stained pajamas, your lust for life may be waning. Indeed, studies have found the even the simple act of making one’s bed in the morning can lead to increased levels of happiness and productivity. Remember the old adage “the state of your bed is the state of your head” and give those pillows an extra fluff.

Refocus and Reignite

When all else has failed and simply telling yourself to “be inspired” isn’t getting the job done, it may be time for a little regrouping and participation in an entirely unique activity. Taking a break from the task at hand and trying too hard, has been found to be MORE effective than simply plowing through.

Try taking that mental break one step further by redirecting your attention and energy to an entirely different creative pursuit–whether that be painting, creative dance classes, or ethnic cooking–regardless of your current skill or level. This continued utilization of the so-called “right brain” will help you tap into your intuitive thought processes and is a likely way to increase inspiration in all areas of your life.

At a time in which the world seems to be ‘on fire’ with ambition, and individuals seem to be creating now more than ever before, it’s easy to feel upset when your own flame of inspiration burns out. Yet as you realize that such fizzling is normal, and that there are specific, everyday practices you can put in place, burnout won’t be as distressing and you’ll likely find yourself re-imagining and re-inspired in no time at all.

About the Author

Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth has a B.S. in Family Life, with an emphasis in Human Development, from Brigham Young University. In her free time she enjoys photography, thrifting, and heath and fitness. In the future, she would like to expand her freelance career and move into an editing position.