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Ask GenTwenty: I feel like my dreams are on hold.

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Anonymous asked: I feel like my dreams are on hold. I am only 27 years old, my entire life I wanted to become a lawyer but my plans took a detour once I had kids and I never got back on track. I lost my ambition–all I do now is work and go home to do more work. Any advice?

Lauren says: Life always has its own plan but that doesn’t mean our dreams don’t matter. You are at the beginning of your journey, and though it may seem like making your dream a reality is impossible right now, you will look back and see it was all worth it. Also, by going after your dreams, you are going to show your kids what a strong and powerful role model and mother they have.

Natalee says: I’d also add that law schools/firms are interested in people with all kinds of experiences. The path to becoming a lawyer doesn’t have to be exactly the same as everyone else’s (and maybe it’s better when it isn’t). Also, the average age of someone entering law school is 26, so that means there are plenty of students who are 27 or older. You’re not really behind at all!

Also, many people go into law because they don’t know what else to do. The fact that you have consistently dreamed of being a lawyer is a great sign that it’s the right path for you. That’s more than a lot of lawyers can say.

Nicole says: Don’t think about the time that’s passed, think about the time you have to move forward with. What is it about being a lawyer that appeals to you? Maybe there are ways you can live out that purpose without going to law school. I’d bet that once you start reading up on law school and potential careers, and making a plan, you’ll find your ambition again.


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