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22 Awesome Adult Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

When we were kids, deciding what we wanted to do for our birthday was easy. Most of the time our parents guided us to our decision and we just had to pick a party theme. Now that we are adults, each year we face a question, to throw a birthday party or not throw one? 

Admittedly, there are a plethora of other ways to celebrate your special day, but there is something about a party that brings an excessive amount of happiness. 

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22 Adult Birthday Party Ideas To Inspire You

We’ve reached the big list! I’ve separated into two sections: adult party themes and activities you can base a party on.

Themed Parties

These are various themes that would work well for an adult birthday party. There are some nods to the younger years, themes personal to the guest of honor, and more.

All About The Birthday Girl/Boy

Have your guests dress like you, serve your favorite food, listen to your favorite music, etc.

Favorite Artist

I have always wanted one of those Taylor Swift parties where me and my good friends dress up as our favorite eras and we do a bunch of different themed activities. This can work for other musical artists as well.

Favorite Movie

Like the favorite artist theme, guests, and the guest of honor, would dress up like characters from the movie. Then of course the decor, food, and entertainment would also match the theme.

Roaring 20s

This is such a fun theme to do when you are in your twenties because it carries a double meaning. 

Mardi Gras

Another fun, full of life theme. Perfect for those that like to party – Mardi Gras style!

Year of Birth

Go back in time to the year you were born for this theme. You can really sell this theme with the music, decor, and clothing choices you make.

Hawaiian Luau/ Beach

Bring the tropical vibes to you and your guests with this theme. Don’t forget the grass skirts. 


These are always fun because you never know what costumes people are going to commit to. This is a great theme for those that love to dress up.

Around The World

Whether you pick a single country or go with a general around the world theme, this is a fun theme to do for a birthday.


Raise your hand if you are a Disney adult (slowly raises my own hand). Make all your Disney dreams come true by having a themed party.

You could do Disney in general, a certain movie, even more when it comes to the theme. The theme will all come together if you tie in the decor, music, food, and maybe even costumes.


Dust off the dance floor for this theme, we’re going back to the disco. You can do so much with the decor on this theme, It’s definitely a fun one.

RIP To My Youth

If you’re feeling nostalgic for your youth, why not lean into it? This theme is an excuse to be a kid again for a day.

Rent a bounce house, paint your face, dress like a princess/prince. Do whatever will bring your inner child joy and encourage your guests to do the same.

Activity Based Party

This part of the list is all centered around a main activity that can be done at the birthday party. These are great if you, your family members, and close friends all like interactive events.

Slumber Party

Who said slumber parties were just for kids? Grab some close friends and plan an overnight stay full of fun.

Movie Night

Set the (cozy) scene with all the blankets and pillows you can handle, pop some popcorn, and find your favorite movie.

Spa Day

Whether you do a DIY at home spa day or go to an actual spa with your loved ones, you’ll have a great time. Spend the day in total relaxation, you deserve it.

Pub Crawls

These are popular for 21st birthdays, but can be done any birthday. Just make sure you have a designated driver or have a plan to get home safely. 

Game Night

These are fun birthday activities because there are a variety of options. You’ve got board games, drinking games, and more interactive games like these Minute To Win It ones.

Murder Mystery Party

If you’re looking for a unique party idea, this is it. Both your guests and you will remember the party, that’s for sure.

Paint n Sip

Looking for something a little more creative to do on your birthday? This is your answer. You can look for a class for your party guests to attend, or you can put on your own Paint n Sip activity.


Here’s another creative party activity, this one will require you to go to a class though. Head to your local pottery shop to see what you can do.

Wine Tasting

This is a fun activity to do for your birthday when it’s a nice day out. It’s even better if there happens to be a wine festival going on that day as well.


If you’re like me you’re aching for a change of scenery on your birthday. If you’re not able to take a big vacation for your birthday, a staycation can be just as fun.  

Why Throw A Party

Here are a few more reasons why you may choose to throw a birthday celebration.

A Chance To Get Together With Loved Ones

After the time we had with COVID in 2020, we shouldn’t need a reason to get together with the people we love. If that time taught me anything it’s that our memories are precious. A birthday party is a great way to make more amazing memories.

Milestone Birthdays

If this birthday is a milestone one for you, of course you need to celebrate that. The perfect way to do that is a party with your best friends. Those are some of the best birthday celebrations.

Whether you’re turning 21 or turning 30, it’s worth celebrating.

You’ve Had A Hard Year

Times can be tough, having a birthday party can be the best way to end a hard year on a good note. It can also be a manifestation of the good that you want to bring into this next year of your life. Invite your favorite people to celebrate with you.

You’ve Had A Great Year

Keep the good time flowing into the next year by having a birthday party. Invite family and your closest friends and reflect on all the good you’ve experienced this year. 

You Just Want To Party

Honestly, you don’t even need a reason to have a fun time on your special day. Some people think that birthday parties should stay in your childhood. I say that adult birthday parties can be just as memorable. 

7 Party Necessities (No Matter The Theme)

No matter what you choose on this upcoming list of the best adult birthday party ideas, you’ll need some party supplies to make the day/night a success.


Will you be making a playlist, paying for a DJ, or maybe you’ve got some friends that can play some live music? You’ve got some options here.


Party food hits different. There’s a lot of options in this category too. You can have a fancy dinner party, make a bunch of finger foods, the options are endless for good food. 

Paper/Plastic Goods

You’ll want all the basics like plates, cups, silverware, etc. These are party staples you have to have if you plan on having food and drink there.


Having a good variety of drinks is key here, especially if you have a big guest list. If you are keeping your birthday party on the small side I still recommend having two to three different options.

You may want to ask your guests ahead of time what kind of drinks they like. You could also make your party BYOD (bring your own drink). That would be one less thing you’d have to worry about.


This is the biggest category here. The entertainment depends on what type of party you’re having.

If you are having a game night themed party your entertainment is going to be board games and other fun games for you and your party guests to play. If you’re having a movie night, you’ll be bringing some movies to watch.


What’s a birthday party without a birthday cake, with ice cream on the side of course? 


Whether you are the guest of honor, or you are planning a birthday party for someone else, you don’t want to miss out on a theme. It will help shape the rest of the party, and it just makes it more fun.

Final Thoughts on Fun Adult Party Themes

If you’re unsure about what you want to do for your special day, trust me I’m trite there with you. Here is an exercise I did that helped me finally figure it out.

First I want you to shut out all distracting thoughts. Those thoughts telling you what you should do or that you’re too old to be having parties now – clear them all out.

Now take a look at this list again and take note of how you feel each time you read over a new idea. Write down the few that make you the most excited. Those are what you need to choose from. 

What birthday party will you be having this year? Let me know in the comments.

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