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21st Birthday Party Themes: 5 Ideas to Impress

Looking for 21st birthday party themes to celebrate turning 21 in style? Here are plenty of ideas to ring you in!

Your 21st birthday is one of those big deal milestones that everyone, at least almost everyone, looks forward to the closer they get to reaching it. If there is ever an age to celebrate with a fun party, your 21st would be it.

I wish I would have planned more of a party for my 21st birthday. Are you planning your 21st birthday party, or maybe a party for close friends or a family member, but don’t know where to start? Get ready to roll out the red carpet, metaphorically, because I have a bunch of fun ideas for themes and your 21st birthday is the perfect time to use them!

I believe the best place to start is by picking out a theme for a fun way to celebrate in this special occasion. I’m here to help you do just that today as I share five different themes that work well for a 21st birthday party. Grab your birthday tiara, pen and paper, let’s get the party planning started!

21st Birthday Party Themes

You don’t have to go to Las Vegas to have the best 21st birthday celebration with your best friend.

You can bring the dance floor and party to wherever you are, and tailor the theme of the party to the birthday girl or birthday boy in question. What better way to say “happy birthday” to your closest friends than by celebrating in their style!?

And no matter the theme…don’t forget the big day is not complete without sweet treats like birthday cake, quirky souvenirs, and lots and lots of laughter.

Rosé & Roses Themed Party

Now that you are able to drink wine, this would be a great theme for a party. The 21st birthday decorations would be simply beautiful, and you can tie in the roses via decorations, location, and/or activities.

This theme is a good idea for anyone who loves elegant, timeless and classic decor. The guest of honor and soak up the ambiance and still have so much fun! There are a great amount of games and activities you can do for a party like this as well.

Here are two of my favorites:

  • Paint n’ Sip: You can either go the traditional class route, or use paint by number kits. This one would go great with the theme.
  • Make Frosé: How fun does this sound? It’s super easy to make, too. Just watch Nicole and Marina make frosé!
21st birthday party themes

Pop Culture Theme

Do you have a favorite artist, movie, tv show, etc.? What better way to show off your fandom than by creating a party around that? This idea is a great option for anyone who wants to get really creative with planning… There are so many ways to pull this kind of party off, from the decorations to the music, even quotes/song lyrics can be used.

Here are a few examples.

  • Taylor Swift: This is actually one of my dream party themes. If you are a Swiftie I bet you love the idea of having your birthday all about Taylor Swift and her career. I’ve seen some creative ideas on TikTok. Some of my favorite ideas are having everyone come dressed in their favorite Taylor era and color coding the decorations and food to match the eras as well. You can do this type of theme with any artist or band.
  • Friends: Having a Friends themed party wouldn’t be complete without coffee and the yellow frame. Here are some other great ideas to bring this theme to life (the post isn’t about a birthday party, but you can still find birthday ideas from it).

Roaring 20s

I can’t think of a birthday more perfect to have a Roaring 20s themed party than 21. With a theme like the Roaring 20s you really are able to go all out. Think sparkles, extravagant decorations, and all things black, white, silver, and gold. For more ways to set the scene, think of adding these small, but detailed, touches.

  • Play music from the 1920s.
  • Have a 1920s required dress code.
  • Transport your space to a speakeasy by giving your guests a password to say at the door on the 21st birthday invitations.

Ring in one of your milestone birthdays with jello shots and your closest friends all around you with this – it’s one of the most popular 21st birthday party themes!

Decade Party

If you like that nostalgic feeling we all get from time to time, celebrate that by making it your 21st birthday party theme. Transport your party venue back to the early 2000s with your decorations, outfit, music, and more. This is a great way to reminisce on how far you’ve come right before reaching adulthood.

Here are some must haves for any early 2000s party.

  • Make decorations out of your old CDs. You can use them as hanging wall decor, or even make disco balls with them.
  • Test your guests’ 2000s trends and pop culture references knowledge by playing some trivia.
  • Hand out disposable cameras to your guests to really feel transported back to the early 2000s. What better 21st birthday gift than memories from the night in printed out (not just digital!) form?!

Make sure to rent a place with plenty of room to party. You can even add a special personal touch and have signature drinks for your friends.

21st birthday part themes

Destination Theme

If you’ve ever wanted to go to Paris, Rome, or any other fun destination, you’ll love this theme. Just simply choose a place and bring the culture to your venue.

You can create party decorations based on the location’s prominent features, listen to music from artists that originate there, and order, or make, food that is common in that city/country. If you are like me and are indecisive, you can even do an Around The World Theme.

Imagine having a photo booth and making little passports as party favors and souvenirs of the night? 

Bring a little something from all of the places on your dream travel list. To get you started brainstorming, here are a few examples of what you can do for certain cities.

  • Italy: You can tie an Italian themed party together with the food. Pizza and pasta are a must, gelato would also make a great addition.
  • Greece: Did you know that the first Olympic games were held in Greece? Creating your own version of Birthday Olympic games could be a fun activity to do if you are going with this theme.
  • Hawaii: If you want to escape somewhere warm and tropical, this would be a great theme.
  • Road Trip: Hear me out…another way to incorporate more destinations into one night. Have your party guests dress up as different states!

In Summary: 21st Birthday Party Themes

There are so many creative, fun, and unique ways to celebrate your 21st birthday. Plus you could turn any of these into a pool party or a walk down memory lane. A party is the perfect way to celebrate turning 21 and there are so many great options to celebrate!

If parties are not your style, you could do a scavenger hunt, try an escape room, have a spa day, or even get a hotel room with your best friends for a night and stay up late watching old movies, playing board games, and eating too many snacks. 

You only turn 21 once, make it a great party that you’ll always remember. Which theme was your favorite? What other 21st birthday ideas would you like? Let us know!

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