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Splendid Spoon Review 2021

This post contains affiliate links. Try SplendidSpoon here.

I tried Splendid Spoon for the first time in 2020 and I was so impressed. The meals were incredible filling and delightful. They absolutely know what they’re doing when it comes to flavor pairings! I recently was sent another box to try their fall lineup… and let me just say, you are missing out if you haven’t had the opportunity to try Splendid Spoon!

As I wrote in my first review, I am definitely a sucker for things that make my life easier — especially when it comes to food and streamlining what I need to do to eat well. 

I also wrote a guide to picking which Splendid Spoon Plan is right for you. And I recently found out that you can order a Splendid Spoon box on demand here! I love that you can pick exactly what you get with zero commitment!

Pick your Splendid Spoon meals here!

Splendid Spoon is committed to being organic, non-GMO, dairy-free, low sodium, protein-packed, and uses no artificial sweeteners. I have enjoyed everything from Splendid Spoon that I have tried so far.

It’s definitely a little pricey in my opinion. If you build your own box of 5 smoothies, 5 bowls, and 4 shots, it comes to $115 which is about  $7.60 an item. This really isn’t terrible (definitely cheaper than fast food!) but definitely something to consider if it will work for your budget! 

My Splendid Spoon Review

As I said before, I really like Splendid Spoon. Their bowls and soups are my favorite  – I absolutely love them!  The smoothies are slightly more hit or miss for me because I like them to be thinner (if you do too, choose the ones that have purified water as the first ingredient). I also LOVE the shots! I would love to take a Wellness shot everyday!

The Smoothies

I really love the smoothies! They are easy and filling, and for the most part, taste great! Some have been a miss for me but overall they are very delicious. 

This week I tried:

  • Pumpkin Spice 5/5: Snaps all around! I loved the Pumpkin Spice smoothie last year and it was just as good this year too!
  • Coconut and Lime 4.5/5: I really liked this one too! The flavor was slightly sweet from the coconut but  also a hint of tartness from the lime. It was a great reminder of summer!
  • Raspberry Cacao 5/5: Okay I don’t really like raspberry all that much, to be honest. It’s just not my favorite flavor. But this was SO good! You have to try it.
  • Coffee Frappé 2/5: Coffee in smoothies is not for me. Something about the texture and the flavor  here was a big miss for me.
  • Strawberry Chocolate 5/5: This one was so good! It had almost a dessert-like quality to it.

Other flavors I’ve loved include Carrot Ginger, Green Matcha, and Blackberry Basil!

My toddler also loves them and enjoyed taste testing them all with me! And as a parent, I like that he’s getting extra nutrients, even if he doesn’t know about them.

Pick your Splendid Spoon meals here!

splendid spoon review 2021

The Bowls

The bowls to me is where Splendid Spoon truly shines. They are delicious and filling and an absolute delight. Now that it’s fall, I’d take a whole box of just their soups!

This week I tried:

  • Lentil and Kale Soup 5/5: A perfect fall soup for a chilly afternoon, this absolutely hit the spot.
  • Kimchi Fried Quinoa Grain Bowl 5/5: This was soooo good. If you like a little kick, you’ll love this.
  • Vegan Meatballs and Marinara 5/5: This was insane – it tasted like such a treat.
  • Creamy Mushroom and Spinach 4/5: The only reason this gets 4/5 is because I don’t love mushrooms. If you do though, you’ll love it! 
  • Super Green Vegetable Quinoa 5/5: The ultimate health power meal – I would definitely add this to future orders! 

splendid spoon review 2021

Pick your Splendid Spoon meals here!

The Shots

In this box, I had the opportunity to try every shot Splendid Spoon offers. I’ll list them in the my preferred order:

  • Wellness: I would drink this every single day. It’s got a kick but is so good!
  • Digestion: Really liked this too. I think you’d feel a difference if you have it everyday.
  • Detox: Very good! Very green!
  • Recovery: Not bad by any means. It is definitely sweeter than the others, just not my top pick!

Each shot has a different purpose so the flavor doesn’t matter *all* that much but this is just a run down of what I thought personally.

splendid spoon review 2021

Overall Thoughts on Splendid Spoon

If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge fan. Everything is delicious and filling and feels like it’s worth the investment. In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons and I think it’s worth trying! 

Splendid Spoon Pros

  • Commitment to quality. You can tell the company is committed to health through their ingredient selections, BPA-free packaging, and ample offerings.
  • It’s makes healthy convenient. For the smoothies, there is no blending required! Even meals are just heat and eat. It’s really perfect.
  • It’s plant-based. There are a lot of pros to eating plant-based. It’s good for your body and the environment as well. 
  • You can pick what you get. You have the option to pick all of your smoothies, bowls, and shots. I like that you have control over what you get!

Pick your Splendid Spoon meals here!

Splendid Spoon Cons

  • It’s pricey. It does cost a bit and I would say that if you’re used to spending money on health-conscious meals and organic food, you won’t think it’s a lot. But if you’re spending-conscious when it comes to food, there might be some sticker shock. Here’s a discount.
  • You might not like everything. As with anything you buy before you try,  you might not like all of the meals you pick. Just make sure to read descriptions and you should be good!

If you want to try Splendid Spoon, here is a discount on any plan. Let me know what you think if you try it in the comments below!

splendid spoon 2021

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