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Which Splendid Spoon Plan Is Best For You?

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A few months ago I tried splendid spoon for the first time and was immediately impressed. Truth be told, I’m not into meal planning as much as I used to be. As anyone who does it knows, you’re not really saving time cooking throughout the week, you’re just front-loading your week with your meal prep.

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I don’t always have time for that. More accurately, it’s one of the last things I prioritize in my schedule. I like to automate as many things as I can and splendid spoon is so helpful for that when it comes to my meals. I love having nutrient-packed meals ready to go in the fridge. 

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The biggest draw of splendid spoon for me is all of the nutrients packed into each meal. 

I was trying to decide whether I preferred the smoothies or the bowls and I’m having a hard time deciding. The smoothies are fabulous but more hit or miss for me than the bowls. I’m still trying out more flavors of both but I think I’m enjoying the bowls more. 

Also the wellness shot was amazing! I actually wish it was a whole juice they offered because I could definitely drink a glass of it.

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The Smoothies

Of all of the smoothies I’ve tried so far, Blackberry Basil is still my favorite. I also really liked the Green Matcha Smoothie. It definitely tastes like a “green” smoothie – but I didn’t mind that at all! I also like the pumpkin spice smoothie. It has a fresh pumpkin flavor that tastes just like fall. The chocolate cherry smoothie was also pretty good but probably my least favorite of what I tried this time.

Of the smoothies I tried this week, Carrot Ginger surprised me the most. I thought it would be my least favorite but it’s actually delicious. The ginger flavor is dominant but the carrot gives it a hint of natural sweetness – definitely try this one if you like ginger!

Some of the smoothies are thinner than others. From what I’ve deduced from trying the flavors myself, if purified water is the first ingredient, you can, in my opinion *most likely* assume that those will be thinner. 

I also like that I don’t have to blend these or anything. It’s just on less barrier of entry to eating healthy. Grab and go sounds good to me! 

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The Bowls

I love the bowls. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the soups. I really loved the cumin sweet potato – it has creamy texture but the taste is just phenomenal if you like cumin.

The bowls remind me of pre-made you would get at Whole Foods or somewhere similar. They are really packed with foods, and I’m always surprised at how much food is in each container.

I’m also satisfied after each meal and find myself more energized. They actually come with a hearty amount of food (each bowl is two servings) but most often eaten as one meal.

Here is a snapshot of what a splendid spoon meal looks like in a bowl:

how much food is splendid spoon

It’s actually a hearty amount. I was full before I even finished eating this one! If you’re not used to plant-based diet, it might seem like less volume than you are used to, but the meals are designed with nutrition at the forefront. You can read more about how that works here.

I loved both of the soups I had this week. The Cuban Black Bean Bowl, Brown Rice Taco Bowl, and the Coconut Curry Rice bowl were also fantastic. As much as I do like the smoothies, the bowls are where I think splendid spoon really shines.

Try Splendid Spoon here!

Which splendid spoon Plan Is Right For You?

If you want to try splendid spoon but are trying to decide which plan to try, hopefully I can help you with that!

These are the three plans splendid spoon offers:

  1. The first plan is the Lunch plan and gives you five bowls delivered weekly for $65.
  2. The second plan is Breakfast + Lunch + Reset and is five smoothies, five bowls, and one full day reset (five soups) for $135.
  3. The final plan (the one I tried) is Breakfast and Lunch and gets you five smoothies and five bowls delivered weekly for $95.

If you are looking to replace one meal a day with a plant-based, nutrient-packed meal I would go with the Lunch plan. This is for someone who wants to ease themselves into a new diet, in my opinion. You won’t overwhelm yourself with options and flavors at first. It’s also a good choice if you just want to try the service out.

If you’re looking to try the best of splendid spoon, I would go with the Breakfast and Lunch plan. You’ll get to try the smoothies and the bowls. It’s a good value of the options available and you get to try the flavors you want since you get to pick what you receive.

Finally, if you are committed to eating better and interested in a plant-based diet, I’d go with the Breakfast + Lunch + Reset. The reset is meant to help you hit the refresh button on your body at the beginning of the week. I have yet to try the reset so I can’t speak to that, but I will say that overall I think this is the best deal for what you receive! 

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Overall, I’m a big fan of splendid spoon. It’s a great option for those of us who can’t always prioritize meal-prep but do want to prioritize eating a better diet. 

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