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75 Sorority Event Ideas For Sisterhood Activities

Looking for sorority event ideas to impress your sisters and encourage bonding and make meaningful memories? Here are 75 ideas to inspire you!

Are you looking for creative and fun ideas to host a fabulous event for your sorority? Whether it’s to celebrate a special occasion or just something to bring your sisters closer together, planning the perfect event can be daunting. Don’t worry – we have got you covered!

In this blog post, we will provide some great ideas for hosting an amazing event for your sorority. From food to decorations, we have everything covered, so sit back and get ready to plan the perfect event! Here are some ideas for fraternity events too!

We hope these creative ideas will help you create a memorable experience for your sisters and make them feel truly celebrated and appreciated. Don’t forget to make a private story that everyone can add to! So let’s get started with our list of ideas!

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75 Sorority Event Ideas To Impress Your Sisters

1. Potluck dinner:

Get all of your sisters together for a potluck dinner where everyone brings their favorite dish to share.

2. Arts and crafts night:

Have an arts and crafts night at the sorority house, with each member creating something special for the group.

3. Movie night:

Gather around the TV with some popcorn and watch one of your favorite movies as a group. This is the perfect sorority event idea!

4. Picnic:

Have a picnic at a nearby park or beach for some outdoor fun with your sisters.

5. Spa night:

Put together spa treatments and host an evening of relaxation and pampering.

6. Game night:

Have a friendly game tournament featuring your favorite board games and card games.

7. Shopping trip: Take a group shopping trip to the mall or your favorite stores for some retail therapy.

8. Scavenger hunt:

Make a list of items and locations that the sisters have to find in order to win the scavenger hunt game. There’s nothing like a little friendly competition between sorority sisters to promote bonding!

9. Karaoke night:

Get out the karaoke machine, crank up the music and sing your hearts out. You’ll have a great time!

10. Pool party:

Cool off during the summer months with a pool party for you and your sisters. This is a great way to have new members to get know everyone in greek life!

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11. Talent show:

Show off your hidden talents and have a sorority talent show to see who has the best act.

12. Yoga session:

Get some zen time together with a yoga class or practice for your sisters in the comfort of one of your homes.

13. Bonfire night:

Spend an evening around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and telling stories.

14. Dance class:

Take a dance class together and learn some new moves you can all show off together.

15. Themed potluck:

Pick a theme like ‘comfort food’ or ‘desserts only’ and have everyone bring something that fits the theme to share with the group.

16. Bake-off:

Host a bake-off competition and see who has the most creative dessert recipe.

17. Wine tasting:

Have a wine tasting event with different wines from around the world for you and your sisters to sample. Make sure every one is of legal drinking age!

18. Dinner party:

Get dressed up and have a fancy dinner party at one of your sisters’ homes or in an elegant restaurant. This is always one of the top sorority even ideas!

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19. Camping trip:

Take a weekend road trip to the nearest campsite for some outdoor adventures and storytelling around the campfire. Everyone loves the great outdoors!

20. Painting class:

Sign up for an art class or local painting workshop that your sisters can enjoy together.

21. Boat cruise:

Charter a boat for a sunset or day cruise with your sisters and enjoy the sights and sounds of the water.

22. Music festival:

Buy tickets to an upcoming music festival and spend a fun weekend dancing with your sisters.

23. Museum tour:

Sign up for a guided tour at one of your local museums, learning some new facts and information together.

24. Roller skating:

Put on your skates and hit the rink for a fun day of roller skating with your sisters.

25. Indoor sports:

Have an indoor sports tournament featuring volleyball, basketball or soccer in the local gym or at one of your houses.

26. Cooking class:

Sign up for a cooking class and learn some new recipes to share with the group.

27. Karaoke contest:

Hold a karaoke contest to see who can belt out their favorite songs the best. In my opinion, this is one of the most fun sorority event ideas! Even if you can’t sing, it’s still a blast to bond with your sisters this way!

28. Yoga retreat:

Plan a weekend yoga retreat somewhere close by, where you and your sisters can meditate, practice yoga and relax together.

29. Bake sale:

Put together a bake sale and sell your homemade goodies to raise money for a charity of your choice.

30. Group volunteering:

Spend the day volunteering in your community, helping out those who need it most. A community service event is one of those great team-building activities because it’s a win-win all around. And it is the perfect way to encourage philanthropy work.

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31. Paintball:

Get ready for an intense game of paintball with all of your sisters running around shooting each other with paintballs.

32. Laser tag:

Have a friendly or competitive game of laser tag at your local laser tag arena.

33. Indoor rock climbing:

Challenge each other to an indoor rock climbing session and see who can make it to the top first.

34. Science fair:

Put together a science fair in which each sister presents their individual projects for everyone else to see.

35. Outdoor obstacle course:

Create an outdoor obstacle course with your sisters for a fun and challenging race. You could also rent a bounce house obstacle course if you have the budget!

36. Talent exchange night:

Have a talent exchange night where each sister offers their talents and skills to other sisters in the sorority. This could be anything from creating custom artwork to help with biology homework!

37. Cultural event:

Organize a cultural event that introduces each sister to a different culture, such as a cooking class with an ethnic cuisine or a karaoke night with songs from around the world.

38. Photography walk:

Take a photography walk through your neighborhood and capture some of the most beautiful moments together.

39. Amusement park:

Spend the day at an amusement park or carnival playing games and riding the rides. If this is not in your budget, you can always take the team members to local escape rooms as well!

40. Paint night:

Gather together for a night of painting where each sister can create their own unique artwork.

41. Coffee house night:

Have an evening at your local coffee shop, sipping on lattes and talking about everything from music to books and movies.

42. Day trip:

Plan a day trip to the nearest city or historical site and explore the area together.

43. Tea party:

Have a tea party with all of your sisters, complete with tea sandwiches, scones, and other sweet treats.

44. Scrapbooking night:

Gather around for an evening of scrapbooking where each sister can make their own personalized scrapbook.

45. Skit night:

Put together a series of skits and have each sister perform one for the group.

movie theater sorority event ideas

46. Fundraiser:

Hold a fundraiser to raise money for a charitable cause that your sisters feel strongly about.

47. Movie night in:

Set up a projector and screen at one of your houses and watch a movie together. Movie nights are so much fun!

48. Talent contest:

Put on a talent show for your sisters and judge who has the best act of the night.

49. Cooking competition:

Hold a cooking competition between your sisters to see who can create the most delicious dish with unique ingredients.

50. Board game marathon:

Spend an entire day playing board games together, from classics like Monopoly and Clue to new favorites. There are various activities and games that will make it fun!

51. Shopping trip:

Take a group shopping trip to the nearest mall or outlet to enjoy some retail therapy with your sisters.

52. Beauty day:

Have a spa day at one of your houses, complete with mani-pedis, face masks or facials, and massages for all of you to enjoy.

53. Scavenger hunt:

Plan a scavenger hunt around the city, with clues and tasks for you and your sisters to complete together.

54. Themed night out:

Get dressed up in costume for a themed night out at your favorite bar or club.

55. Write letters to soldiers:

Spend an evening writing letters and cards to soldiers deployed overseas, expressing your gratitude for their service. This is a great way for a college student to have a positive impact.

56. Make vision boards together:

Create vision boards with your sisters, mapping out where you want to go in life and how you’re going to get there.

57. Game show event:

Host a game show night at one of your houses with all sorts of trivia and questions to test each other’s knowledge.

58. Make a quilt together:

Gather fabric and materials together to make a quilt, with each sister adding her own personal touch by designing a square of the quilt.

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59. Charity walk:

Organize a charity walk to raise awareness and funds for a cause close to your sorority heart. This is a great idea for an alumni event as well.

60. Yoga class:

Sign up for a yoga class together and learn some new poses that you can practice at home. Make this part of greek week!

61. Dance class:

Take a dance class together, learning how to do the salsa or tango and other popular styles of dance.

62. Wine tasting tour:

Go on a wine tasting tour at a local winery, sampling different types of wines with your sisters. Make sure everyone is over 21! This is always one of the top sorority sisterhood events when you can swing it.

63. Pottery making:

Visit a pottery studio and create your own unique pieces together. I love this as one of the most fun sorority event ideas!

64. Outdoor movie night:

Have an outdoor movie night in your backyard, setting up a projector and screen under the stars. Get an inflatable screen to show your movie on! Your sorority can use it for years to come.

65. Cooking challenge:

Hold a cooking challenge where each sister tries to make their best dish using just the ingredients they have at home.

66. Brewery tour:

Take a brewery tour of your local breweries, sampling some craft beers along the way. Again, a reminder to respect the legal drinking age!

67. Karaoke night:

Head out for a karaoke night at your favorite bar and sing your hearts out together. Everyone can pick their favorite song!

68. Mini golf tournament:

Have a mini golf tournament to see who can putt their way to victory the fastest.

69. Bike ride:

Go on a bike ride together, exploring new trails and sights around your city or town.

70. Ice yoga:

Try something new and take a class in ice yoga, where you can practice poses and relax together.

71. Go ice skating:

Head out to the ice rink with your sisters and spend the afternoon skating around.

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72. Paint a mural:

Come together to paint a mural in your sorority house or another local spot. It could be anything from an inspirational quote to a beautiful landscape.

73. Stargazing night:

Go stargazing at night, looking up at the stars and planets in the night sky.

74. Beach day:

Spend a day out at the beach, playing in the sand, swimming in the ocean, and soaking up some sun.

75. Support a local business or charity:

Support a local business or charity by buying their products, volunteering your time, or donating money. It’s an excellent way to ensure that you are giving back to the local community.

I hope these sorority event ideas help you create lasting memories with your sisters! Enjoy!

10 Tips For Hosting a Sorority Event

Here are ten tips for putting together an amazing event for your sorority!

1. Choose the right venue.

Consider the size of your group, budget, location and type of event when selecting a location for your sorority event. Even better if you can host it in your chapter house! Finding the right place is crucial.

2. Develop a plan.

Have an agenda and plan for activities or discussion topics that will be covered at the event. Consider your goals for the event. How will you promote team building?

3. Create a marketing strategy.

Make sure to advertise the event throughout both the sisterhood and the university, if applicable. Promote it on social media if you can! Have chapter members invite each other.

4. Provide food and refreshments.

Depending on your budget, you may want to provide light snacks or a full meal for the event. Good food is something all college students look for.

5. Supply entertainment.

Have some form of entertainment prepared such as music, movies, tv shows, games, guest speakers, or karaoke.

6. Encourage participation.

Ask each attendee to bring something to the event such as a craft or dish. These ideas above are great for social events and sisterhood activities to encourage bonding!

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7. Set a Dress Code.

It may be appropriate to ask your guests to dress in formal attire or in the colors of your sorority.

8. Decorate.

Get creative with decorations such as banners, balloons, streamers and tablecloths that match the color scheme of your event.

9. Take photos.

Have someone designated to take pictures throughout the event.

10. Give out favors.

Hand out small gifts or tokens of appreciation for your guests who attend the event.

Finally, relax and enjoy the event! Hosting a successful sorority event takes time and preparation but can also be a fun experience that will bring your group closer together. Have fun!

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Final Thoughts on Sorority Event Ideas To Impress Your Sisters

Sorority events can be a great way to bring the sisterhood together and create lasting memories. From board game marathons to charity walks, there are so many fun ideas that you can incorporate into your next event.

With a little bit of planning and preparation, you’re sure to have an amazing time with your sisters!

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