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115+ Hilariously Good College Private Story Names

These hilariously fun names make for good college private story names! Pick your favorites from the list below with directions on how to set one.

Having a private college Snapchat story is a great way to connect with your friends. But coming up with good college private story names can be challenging.

From the classic to the downright funny, these story names will give your Snapchat or Instagram stories an extra boost of personality.

Funny private story names add something special to your story. This list will have all kinds of story names including:

  • funny private story names
  • good private story names
  • cute private story names
  • unique private story names

I will not have offensive private story names on this list because I don’t think it’s necessary to name your story something offensive.

So without further ado, let’s jump int funny private story name ideas for your college stories!

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117 Good College Private Story Names

“The Snack Pack”

A group of friends who are always ready for some serious snacking. This is one of the perfect names for the best snacks to be found around campus.

“Finals Fight Club”

The best way to battle all-nighters and end of semester stress.

“All Nighter Nation”

If you’re staying up late studying, you may as well have a good time doing it!

“The Bookworms”

Whether you are studying for your exams or just reading for fun, this is the group for you.

“Coffee Break Club”

The only club that needs no introduction. This is perfect for your best friends.

“The Dream Team”

For those who are always dreaming up new ideas and projects.

“Quiz Masterz”

Ready to take on the toughest questions? Show off your knowledge with this group story name. This is a unique name and a unique idea for private snapchat stories!

“Sorority Sisters”

Celebrate your sorority pride with this one. A story for the little secrets of sorority life.

“The Study Buddies”

For when you need a little help getting through those late nights in the library.

“Party Animals”

Who said hitting the books meant no fun? Show off your good time vibes with this story name. Perfect for the free spirit of a college campus.

“The Night Owls”

Those who stay up late to get stuff done need a good name too!

“The Spoons Club”

Hungry for success? Show everyone how you’re getting it done with this punny story name.

“Senior Year of Madness”

Celebrate your last year of college with a good story name.

“The MVPs”

You and your crew are the most valuable players on campus. Show it off!

“Dream Achievers”

For those who never give up and always reach their goals.

“Campus Crusaders”

Take on the year with this fun story name.

“The Brainiacs”

Show off your smarts with this good college private story name.

“Finals Frustration”

Let everyone know that it’s crunch time with this story name.

“Behind the Scenes at Lecture”

Share all the good times with this name.

“Campus Life Explored”

Capture all of your good college private moments with this story name.

“The Late Nighters”

For those who stay up late to get stuff done.

“Exam Eaters”

When the only thing getting you through exams is good food, this name is perfect.

“Professors’ Advice”

Share the good advice you’ve been given by your professors with this story name.

“The Unforgettable Group Projects”

Remind your friends of all the good times with this name is hilarious.

“The Struggles of Online Courses”

Show your friends the good and the bad of taking online classes with this name.

“Dorm Room Tales”

Share the good stories from your dorm room adventures with this story name.

“Unbelievable Roommate Disasters”

Share all the good (and bad) roommate moments with this name.

“The Epic Adventures of Studying Abroad”

Document all the good parts of studying abroad with this good college private story name.

“Crazy College Parties”

Show off all the good times you’ve had at parties with this good college private story name.

“Exploring Fraternities and Sororities”

Show off your sorority or fraternity pride with this good college private story name.

“The Search for the Perfect Professors”

Share your review of your college professors… maybe anonymously.

“Cafeteria Cuisine: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”

Share your dining hall stories under this story name.

“Navigating Campus Organizations”

Discover private student organizations under this story name.

“Humorous University Traditions”

Celebrate university traditions with this name.

“Athletic Events: Cheers and Tears”

Share your school spirit for your school’s athletic teams and campus events.

“Campus Legends: Myth or Reality?”

Uncover campus legends with this story name

“The Ultimate College Survival Guide”

Share your tips and tricks for college surviva.

“The Hunt for Campus Scavenger Hunts”

Go on scavenger hunts with this good college private story name.

“Life-Changing Internships”

Discover internships with this good college private story name.

“Strategies for Succeeding in College Classes”

Share strategies for success.


Celebrate private activities with this name.

“No Sleep Till Graduation”

Let everyone know sleep deprivation is real with this behind the scenes look into college life.

“After Hours”

Share late night adventures with your friends. This one is great for sharing funny moments.

“The Hidden Gems of College Towns”

Uncover hidden gems with this story.

“The Road to Graduation: The Journey Begins Here!”

Start your journey to graduation with this story.

“Campus Tour Guides: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Rate campus tours with this good college private story name.

“My Amazing College Experience”

Share your memories with this good college private story name.

“The Epic College Journey”

Document the college journey with this good college private story name.

“Don’t Tell My Therapist”

Share your behind the scenes and real life struggles with this good college private story name.

“Blessed to be Stressed”

Celebrate your struggles with this good college private story name.

“The Secret Lives of College Students”

Discover college secrets with this good college private story name.

“Foolish Fun in the Quad”

Share your hijinks with this good college private story name.

“Summer Time, Foolin’ Around Time!”

Document private summer fun with this good college private story name.

“College: A Crazy Roller Coaster Ride!”

Experience good college private highs and lows with this good college private story name.

“Chamber of Secrets”

Explore good college private secrets with this good college private story name.

“Snapchat is Watching You”

Share good college private social media stories with this good college private story name.

“Vodka and Tuition-Might Be College”

Revel good college private good times with this good college private story name.

“The Frat Boy’s Revenge”

Experience frat life with this good college private story name.

“My Roommate is an Alien”

Discover good college private strange roommates with this good college private story name.

“Scandalous Sorority Secrets”

Uncover good college private secrets with this good college private story name.

“Studying While Drunk – My Life Story!”

Share good college private tales of studying while drunk with this good college private story name.

“Dorm Room Shenanigans”

Revel good college private dorm room stories with this good college private story name.

“Orgo Orgy”

Name your study group with a potentially scandalous name.

“Midterm Mayhem”

Studying for midterms needs a little humor to get you through.

“Leveling Up in College Life”

Chart good college private progress with this good college private story name.

“The Lazy Student’s Guide to College Success”

Learn good college private strategies for success with this good college private story name.

“Tales from the Library”

Make this story about weird and hilarious things you spot during your library study sessions.

“Cramming for Finals”

Share good college private tales of late night studying with this good college private story name.

“Gossip Girl”

Be the good college private source of gossip with this good college private story name. Share the tea with your fellow campus gossip girls.

“The Stress Party”

Celebrate good college private stress with this good college private story name.

“College Professors Gone Wild”

Share good college private tales of eccentric professors with this good college private story name.

“The College Adventures of Roommate Ruckus”

Document good college private living with a roommate with this good college private story name.

“Campus Party Queen”

Chronicle your party memories.

“The Wild and Wacky World of College Athletics”

Into sports in college, give a behind the scenes look at what goes on in the athletic department.

“Biology Majors Only”

Limit this story to those in your major to share specific tips, tricks, and stories.

“It’s All Greek To Me”

Greek life? Enough said.

“The Life of an International Student”

If you’re studying on campus from abroad, this is the perfect story name for you! You might just be the most interesting man on campus!

“Campus Experiences – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

Nothing is off limits with this story name.

three college students sitting at a desk studying

“Adventures of a College Freshman”

Share the memories of your freshman year, in real time.

“The Joys (and Struggles) of College Living”

This story name is for the honest side of being a college student.

“How to Survive the Annual Dorm Room Shuffle”

Share roommate tips and tricks and what it’s like to live in a dorm.

“College Cafeteria Cuisine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!”

Why not take pictures of your cafeteria food every single day?

“Getting Involved on Campus”

Share notes and fliers you see all around campus.

“Making It or Faking It?”

The true question of your college experience. Showcase your life from a different angle and share your daily dose of your not so boring life.

“The Invincible College Student”

This good college private story name is for the college student who takes their studies to a whole new level.

“The Academic Adventures of a College Freshman”

Share your tips, tricks, classes, and notes from freshman year.

“Dorm Room Drama: Roommates and More!”

Share your dorm room drama but be careful of who has access to the story!

“Surviving the All-Nighter”

When you’re up all night studying, you’re probably not alone.

“College Is For Lovers”

Share your escapades with the people who care most.

“The College Experiment”

Test good college private theories with this good college private story name.

“College Parties: The Epic Tales”

Celebrate good college private times with good college private stories.

“Second Semester Survival Guide”

So you’ve survived the first semester and know your way around now… time for round two.

“The Challenges of College Life”

Take a good college private look at the good, bad, and ugly of college life.

“Living the Dream on Campus!”

Dreams do come true on good college private campuses!

“Going Greek-ish: Exploring Frat and Sorority Life”

Chronicle your foray into Greek life.

“College Is a Mystery: Solving the Puzzle!”

Unlock good college private mysteries with this good college private story name.

“Living (and Learning) Off-Campus!”

Share good college private experiences of good college private life off campus.

“The College Tour Guide: Exploring Campus Hotspots”

Share the best places to get the best food and deals on campus.

“The Search for the Perfect Professors: A College Student’s Journey”

Find good college private professors with this good college private story name.

“Seeing All Sides of College Life”

Take good college private look at good college private campus life from good college private different points of view.

“The Life of a Transfer Student”

If you’re a transfer student you have a unique perspective! Share it!

“Senioritis: Don’t Let It Happen To You!”

The story of your senior year.

“Making The Grade: Secrets For College Success!”

Share your best secrets for a 4.0 GPA.

“Business School or Bust”

Perfect for a business major.

“The Science of College Success!”

If you’re in the sciences, share your tips for making it.

“Life’s A Party: Exploring Nightlife at College!”

Everyone loves a juicy party story.

“Secrets to Socializing on Campus!”

Make good college private friends and make good college private good memories with good story name.

“Making Connections for a Successful Career”

Share your networking secrets. Like LinkedIn but on Snapchat.

“The Real World Awaits: Preparing for Life After College”

Share the behind the scenes of how you’re preparing for life after college.

“Living the College Dream: Making The Most Of It!”

College is a stressful time, and it’s all good to

“Striking It Rich at College!”

If you’ve got a side hustle, share it with this story name!

“Life 101: Lessons Learned at College!”

A full story of the lessons you’ve learned in your college years.

“Don’t Stress, Impress”

This story can be a history and inspiring digitization of your outfit of the day!

“Friendships Forged in the Fires of College!”

A story only about friendships.

“The Dreamers and Doers of College Life”

Share your biggest dreams and how you’re making them work!

“College Extracurriculars That Pay Off!”

This story can be all about everything you do outside of your classes!

I hope you found these cool private story names inspiring! Funny names often make for the best story. You can get a little bit creative as you share your funny moments from college.

Try out different names until you find the best names for your stories.

How To Create A Private Snapchat Story

Making a private snapchat story is easier than ever.

1. Click on your profile photo at the top of the screen.

2. Select “New Private Story”

screenshot of how to make a snapchat story

3. Add your viewers.

4. Rename your story.

how to rename your private snapchat story

See, easy peasy! Or at least easier than Organic Chemistry.

What To Share On Your Snapchat Stories

Snapchat stories are a great place to share good college private moments from your daily life.

Whether it is sharing funny pictures of good college private friends, good college private campus experiences, good college private activities, good college private education tips or good college private life hacks, there is something for everyone on Snapchat!

You can share campus food, dorm room hacks, best study spots on campus, people you meet, and more! The ideas are truly endless. Doing this will also help you make new connections on your college campus over the years.

You can share a little dark humor and personal stories too. Sometimes it’s the only way to get through!

How To Keep Yourself Safe on The Internet

The good college private must-do’s of good college private staying safe online.

1. Don’t post personal information or overly personal pictures.

You don’t want to post your student ID number, your dorm room number or your class schedule for example.

While it’s tempting to share this information with your friends, you have to remember that nothing is completely secure and you never know what someone might do with this information.

Plus, you’ll want to keep the people around you safe too.

2. Choose good passwords and keep them secure.

Your passwords should be strong, difficult for someone else to guess, but memorable for you.

If you use the same password on multiple accounts, it’s easy for a hacker to gain access to everything from your e-mail account to your bank account. So change them up!

3. Think before you post.

The good college private internet can be a good place, but it can also be dangerous.

Make sure to keep track of the information you’re sharing online and remember that once something is out there, it’s hard to take back!

Be aware of the potential consequences of what you’re posting and who might be able to see it.

4. Don’t share your live location.

In general, it’s good practice to stay safe and not share your live location with anyone.

This can put you at risk of physical harm, or worse. You never know who is out there watching.

It’s a good idea to always be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

If you do live stories, make sure you keep your location private.

By following good college private good practices, you can make sure your good college private internet experience is a safe one!

In Summary: Good College Private Story Names

Whether you’re looking for a good story name to explore nightlife on campus, network with peers, prepare for life after college, make the most of your time there or even just stay safe online — good stories keep people engaged and they are fun for the memories!

Name your Snapchat story something fun!

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