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The Best College Classes You Should Choose To Take

I went to a college that advocated the importance of having a well-rounded education. They wanted to ensure their college students took the best college classes available to widen their horizons.

Instead of being immediately submersed in my major of choice, I had two years of taking “core” classes, to get a holistic college experience. At the time I remember being annoyed . Why did I have to take science classes if I wasn’t going anywhere near the world of science once I graduated?

But, in hindsight, I’m glad I took all of the classes it did. It helped broaden my horizons (cliche, I know, but true!) and allowed me to learn new things I wouldn’t have learned.

It also let me meet and interact with a lot more people at my university than if I was only in classes for my major. We all know when you’re in college classes for your major, you tend to be with the same people over and over again.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? Because I want to help share with you the best college classes you need to take. And, I speak as someone who has experienced a lot of different classes, even outside her major.

An Outline on Each of the Best College Classes

If you’re asking yourself which classes you need to take next semester there are a few things to keep in mind. You could even allow yourself the option to take advantage of any offered summer courses or winter courses.

Most importantly, remember to work with your academic advisor to create your plan! It is their job to assist college students in completing the necessary college credit hours so they’ll finish their degrees on time.

Check which core courses are part of the general education requirements for your major and your minor. Then, if you still have free space after that, explore the course catalog for one of these.

In general, these will not be difficult classes and will diversify your college career. I assure you, one of these subject areas could elevate your college experience in a surprising way.


Your school may have an entire course dedicated to excel. Or, maybe one of the mathematics or data courses has excel curriculum integrated within.

Whatever the class is called, if it’s focused on excel, it is a good idea to take it. No matter your major, there is a 95% chance that you will interact with excel in some way, shape or form in whatever career you end up in. And okay, I may have made that stat up, but there is a very strong chance!

Knowing excel is also beneficial outside of your work life. As someone who recently planned a wedding, my excel document with all my guest and vendor information kept me on track.

All of the printing vendors I utilized asked for addresses and information in excel form. You can run, you can hide, but you won’t escape excel. Take the course if your college offers one.

Public Speaking

Does the thought of public speaking freak you out? Take a public speaking course. Do you love public speaking? Great, take a public speaking course as it’s always good to learn more and get more experience.

No matter what job you end up in, you will likely be part of meetings. During those meetings, eventually, and especially as you grow in your field, you will be the one presenting. Even if you are doing it virtually, it still involves speaking in front of other people.

You will need to do this in your work life, so take advantage of any college class your school offer. You can learn some pretty helpful tips and tricks, all while getting extra practice in. The more you speak in front of others, the more comfortable you will become doing it.

The Best College Classes You Should Choose To Take


This is obviously a must if you are any sort of business major, but even if you aren’t, it is still a good idea and you should consider taking one during your college career. There will be times in your job that you will likely need to deal with money and budgets.

Even if there isn’t, you are going to need to be dealing with money in your personal life. You will need to figure out taxes, how they work, and how to pay for them. You’ll want to figure out how to budget, how to tackle debts, and so on.

By taking a finance class – especially a personal finance if available – you will better understand how to manage your money. It is particularly important to be set up on the right track to being financially healthy.

Physical Education

Staying active is so important, and a physical education (PE) college class will ensure you are getting your physical activity in! Plus, let’s be honest, you may not be eating (or drinking) the healthiest while in college, are you?

We all know how good late night pizza sounds after a few too many drinks! Or maybe it’s the stress eating and caffeine guzzling while pulling (another) all-nighter.

Enrolling in a PE course not only helps combat the not-so-healthy decisions, but reminds us of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. By starting that in college when you’re young, you are more likely to continue to do so outside of college.

Most colleges offer different physical education courses ranging from mindfulness, to strength training, to dance, to walking. Choose the one that interests you the most.

Political Science

You’re registered to vote, right? But do you know how elections really work? Do you really know the impact of your vote? Taking this type of class, even if you’re not a political science major, will open your eyes to things you kinda knew about.

Believe it or not, political science is one of the best electives you could choose. You’ll actually learn about elections, federal and state government processes, how the government is structured, international relations, and more. After this class, you’ll walk out into real life a fully informed U.S. citizen!

Computer Science, Web Design And/ Or Cybersecurity

Gone are the days when just having a basic understanding of computers is enough. Now we have a whole slew of computer “issues” we face, both professionally and personally! Good news though, we can take types of courses like… computer science!

Taking a more advanced computer college class – whether in computer science, web design, or cybersecurity – is a good idea. If you can take all three, you may want to do just that! You will have an advantage after graduation over other undergraduate students who apply to the same job you are.

Most jobs require using computers now, so being well-versed in how to fully use them (safely!) is an excellent skill. A computer science course is one of the best ways to enhance your college education and enhance your skill level for the job market.

Best College Classes

Foreign Language

It seems most, if not all, high school students have a minimum foreign language requirement for their high school diploma. Sure, you may have forgotten most of what you learned from your high school classes, but here’s a chance for it to serve a purpose.

A foreign language is deeply valuable and you may be surprised by the benefits this language diversity could have during a job hunt. You could find a position where this language skill puts you a notch above the competition along your career path.

Additionally, if you skilled in a second language already, use a foreign language college course to boost that strength. Consider taking a more advanced course or learn a foreign language that is similar to the one you already know.

Interpersonal Communication or Group Communication

You know in high school, or even college, when you were assigned a group project and navigated multiple people’s different personalities and working styles? Well, that happens every day in the real world. And if nothing else, this class is a toe-dipper into social sciences.

You will be working with others who have different personalities, working styles, and communication styles than you do. Additionally, you’re going to need to figure out how to make it work.

Best College Classes

Working an interpersonal communication and/or group communication class into your class schedule can help. It will give you a better insight to different communication styles as well as provide you tips and tricks for navigating group communications.

Additionally, in whatever job you have after college, you will be talking with people both your peer and senior than you. Knowing how to talk to people is invaluable. It can get you really far in life – both personally and professionally.

Media Literacy

This is one of THE best college classes to take because we are always consuming information nowadays, sometimes, without even realizing it! There are always advertisements and messaging around us, both online and offline.

Learning the fundamentals of media literacy and how it is organized will help you better understand, and filter, all of these different messagings. “In the era of ‘fake news’ and ‘augmented/virtual reality’ media literacy has never been more important,” Dr. Kevin Howley, Professor of Media Studies at DePauw University, stresses.


No matter what kind of job you go into, you will have to do some form of writing. Think of it – email communications have surpassed phone calls, haven’t they? Writing could almost be considered one of the core courses to nearly any bachelor’s degree.

Being able to write an email professionally is important, especially during the time of email fatigue. You want to know how to get your point across, simply, but effectively. Additionally, you may have other writing needs based on the career you go into, from writing intellectual capital to reports to speeches.

Having the skills and tools from taking a writing class will give you a good foundation for wherever your career path takes you. If your goal is to be an influencer or work in digital marketing, it can especially help you with writing captions and campaigns, too!

The Best College Classes To Take

Social Media

Social media is everywhere nowadays and it is a pretty vital part of every business. Knowing the ins and outs of social media, as well as the trends, can give you an edge over other applicants.

This class is especially important if you want to go into any field of marketing, digital marketing, SEO, or becoming an influencer. It’s also a really good skill to have, as social media is a great tool to utilize when it comes to starting a side hustle, too.

Even if your side hustle has nothing to do with social media, you’re going to want to promote it on social media to grow your client base. By having taken a social media class, you’ll know the best way to go about this.

Final Thoughts on the Best College Classes To Take

Of course it’s important to note that different colleges offer different courses. Your school may not offer all the college courses listed above. Again, the course catalog and academic advisor are your best tools here.

If they’re not, look for online courses as there are many great training opportunities out there. Also check out your local community college, as they may offer classes such as these that you can take ad-hoc, too! It is a good idea to keep track of the college credit and maybe see if they can be transferred towards your degree.

This list of best college classes to take is not a comprehensive list but are truly great choices to keep your horizons expanded. One of the best strengths we can give ourselves is diverse skills and college experiences. Tell us in the comments which courses you think someone should choose to take!

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