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Everything You Need To Know According to Friends

Everything We Need to Know We Learned from Friends

Not sure about all of you, but I love Friends! I am one of those people who reference the 10-year long running show a little too much. But that is what made me realize that I learned a lot from these characters over the years. Now that I am at the age they were during the show I find I can relate even more to typical life situations.

Here are 16 things you need to know about life according to Friends:

1. How to deal with rejection: When Rachel was sick of being a waitress at the coffee house she set out to find a new job, any job. So what did she do? She sent out hundreds of resumes to various employers all of whom rejected her. But that didn’t get her down she kept going and eventually landed a job in “fashion.”

2. Healthy competition is good but too much can be dangerous: Monica was always known for her competitive side, which made for some great game nights and pickup football games but they didn’t always end well. So yes enjoy some competition but do not freak out when you lose and attack your friends by throwing things at their heads.

3. You don’t always have to prove your point: There are times in life that proving your point does not always serve you well. Like when Joey told a potential buyer of his handmade entertainment center that a person could fit inside. A lesson Joey learned while the man locked him in it and robbed his whole apartment.

4. Parenting 101: It doesn’t matter what age you are or how much you read in the baby books you will never really know what you are doing. Think back to when Rachel and Ross sang, “Baby got back” to Emma to get her to laugh. Or when Monica bumped Ben’s head on the wooden beam while she was babysitting. No matter what the situation your baby will survive and never know the difference of the little hiccups here and there.

5. There is no beef in a traditional English trifle: Lesson being always double-check your recipe when cooking especially when it comes to desserts. Trust me your guest will thank you later.

6. Pay the extra fee for delivery: We all remember the infamous “PIVOT” episode when Ross didn’t want to pay the delivery fee so he enlists the help of Rachel and Chandler. They end up ruining his couch trying to get it up the stairs of his building forcing him to purchase another. Sometimes the extra fee is worth it in the end.

7. Speak your mind: Monica struggled early on as a chef and started writing restaurant reviews for a local paper. I am happy she never reviewed my food because she did not hold back. Somehow the end result landed her a head chef position at the Italian restaurant she wrote a scathing review on.

8. As long as you are with friends, anything can be fun: This could not be truer. Spending time with friends is always fun even when doing something not exciting like throwing a ball back and forth to see how long you can do it before it drops.

9. How to think outside the box: Like when Ross couldn’t find a Santa costume and ended up having to dress up as the “Holiday Armadillo” to teach his son Ben about Hanukkah.

10. It’s never too late to change your career: Chandler up and quit his job because he realized he would be analyzing numbers the rest of his life and he hated that thought. So he completely changed his career and decided to go into advertising. He had to start out as an intern and work his way up, but he did it!

11. Health insurance has been and will always be a bitch: Always try to have health insurance because you never know when you might hurt yourself and have to pretend to be your friend who does have insurance and get asked out on a double date with two hot guys. Pretending to be someone else can get confusing and ruin a fun date really quick.

12, Don’t use a fake accent to impress people: Ross proved this when he started using an English accent to teach his students because he was nervous they wouldn’t like him. Only problem, how to you faze out an accent without people noticing.

13. Never wear leather pants on a date: The problem with leather pants is that if you sweat in them they are really hard to put back on. Ross ran into this problem and tried to figure out a way to get his pants back on but ended up making a paste on his legs instead. Needless to say that date ended without dessert or his dignity.

14. Naps are good: They really should have nap time for adults because they really help you to feel relaxed and recharged. But if you like to cuddle with your friend while napping your other friends may catch you guys and things could get awkward.

15. There SEVEN erogenous zones on a woman: Guys this one is for you and Chandler. According to Monica there are seven erogenous zones for a woman. Do you know them all??

16. What not to do when trying to be sexy: Do not rub a large kitchen knife and a box of Mac n’ Cheese on your body if you are trying to impress someone.

Lastly as a little bonus, if you are stuck in an ATM vestibule with a supermodel during a blackout — get her number!

What have some of you learned from this classic show?

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