5 Ways to Enhance Your Creativity

Writer’s block, out-of-ideas, and “been there, done that” are all code for a creative crisis. But what do you do when you’re itching for expression and unable to reach it? Keep reading as we introduce five sure-fire ways to really get those creative juices flowing.

1. Meditate

Nothing is more detrimental to creativity than a preoccupied mind. Until you clear out the worries, thoughts, and excess clutter that’s keeping you otherwise occupied, you’ll never be able to truly get in “the zone.” Meditation combines breathing, awareness, and focus to put you on the path to originality. Beginners will find the Headspace app to be helpful while YouTube is a great source for free guided practices.

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2. Exercise

Feeling antsy, stir crazy, or just plain tired is a way to fail when it comes to creative aspirations. Take some personal time each day to move your body and get the wiggles out. The resulting endorphins will increase your overall energy and mood- key components of a creative mind.

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3. Journal

Sometimes all it takes to get the juices flowing is a little introspection. There’s no better way to do this than by writing it out; documenting your hopes, dreams, and exploring your inner psychological workings.

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Fifteen minutes a day is a great way to unlock your artsy side. Don’t get too hung up on the traditional paper and pen format either as technology has provided us with a host of documentation methods that are both portable and effective.

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4. Inspiration Board

Similar to a journal, the inspiration board is a way to visually tap into your creative goals. By documenting the works of others you find to be motivating and inspiring, you can begin to build a more tangible source of ideas. If poster board and glue aren’t your thing, try giving online “pinning” sites a go. Pinterest and StumbleUpon are two, of many, popular options.

5. Devolve

Finger painting isn’t just for children, you know. Sometimes all it takes to create your next masterpiece is an activity that takes minimal effort. Whether it be modeling clay or maracas, having fun in a simple, child-like, non-pressure kind of way is sure to set off a spark for more advanced works.

Creativity is as fulfilling as it is frustrating. By utilizing the above techniques, you can enhance your own inner potential and create something truly memorable.