5 Best Photo Apps You Should Be Using

I don’t know about you, but I love using photo apps on my phone. They make me feel like I am a really good photographer or help me feel more creative. I use them for everything. I probably have about 20 on my phone right now but there are five that I absolutely love that I think you will love too if you don’t use them already.

The 5 best photo apps you should be using (if you aren’t already):

1. PhotoWonder

Price: FREE

Device: iOS & Android

This is by far one of my favorite photo editing apps. Though it can add artistic features to your photos I find it is best when editing or “beautifying” your photos. You can take a photo and get rid of unwanted blemishes or take in your arm with the “Thinify” tool. It is very user friendly. However, I must warn you that when using these tools try not to overdo it or you will start to look unreal or distorted.

Another fun feature on this app is the emotion lab feature. You can insert any face into an animated emotion. I use this with my friends in our group texts when trying to lighten the mood. It makes for a good laugh.

2. Camera+

Price: $1.99

Device: iOS

I have been using this app for a few years now. I usually use this one when I want to add fun filters to my photos. The best part about deciding what filter to add is that you can see up to nine options side by side. My favorite filter is “Sunkiss’d.” It makes any photo look like the sun is shining down on you.

Under the scenes portion you can change the exposure from a flash to natural lighting. I love playing around with this app before I post my photos to Instagram or Facebook. You can also share your photos directly to any social media app as well.

3. Hipstamatic

Price: $1.99

Device: iOS

This is one of the first photo apps I downloaded when I got my iPhone. However, I only rediscovered it recently when preparing to write this article. I forgot how much fun it was and how creative you can be with it.

You can make any photo look like a professional took it by swapping out lenses, flashes, and films for hundreds of different effects. Turn your landscape photo into something you would see in a magazine.

You can instantly share to your photos to your favorite social media apps. The fun part is it makes your phone look like a real camera while you are using it.

4. Snapseed

Price: FREE

Device: iOS & Android

I recently discovered this app and cannot wait to keep exploring all the fun ways I can edit my photos. There are so many tools to help you edit your photos it will look like a professional did them.

Like Photoshop, Snapseed keeps track of all the various edits you make to your photo so you can go back and remove them or look to see how you changed it. It is very user friendly. If you don’t know what the different tools or filters do the app will give you a quick tutorial on how to make the most of that feature.

5. GrooveBook

Price: $2.99/month

Device: iOS & Android

Remember the time before digital cameras when you went to get all your photos developed at your local drugstore? Now it seems like no one gets their photos printed because they forget or are just too lazy. GrooveBook is the fix to that problem. For $2.99 a month they will mail you a photo book of 100 4×6 photos of your choosing.

Photos are printed on glossy paper and perforated edges for easy removal. This awesome concept was introduced on Shark Tank. I have been using it for two months now and love that I have all my recent photos ready to be put on display or use for gifts when I need them.

Try downloading some of them today to get some great summer shots and share them with us at GenTwenty on Instagram or Facebook. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!