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8 Ways To Have Unbreakable Friendships

Friends can improve your self-confidence, help you cope through hard times, and positively influence your life. As such, making time to be a social butterfly has a positive impact on your wellbeing.

Whether you feel a friend of yours is slipping away, or you want to strengthen an already excellent friendship. The below features a mix of eight useful bonding tips for you and your best pals.

Some focus on connecting with your friends on a deeper level. Others are about having fun, and a few are about building lasting memories. All of which will help you on your quest to build a stronger bond between you and your friends!

8 Ways To Have Unbreakable Friendships

1. Get Competitive

Have your friendships become a little mundane lately? Friendly competition is a great way strengthen the bond! Game nights, even virtually, are a  great way to enjoy each other’s company while competing against one another.

If you’re into card games, there are many types of low-stakes poker games you can play with each other. Once you’re all clued up, arrange a fun poker home game with your friends and alert everyone that they need to practice their all-important poker face.

Other games to keep in mind include charades, a murder mystery event, and good old fashioned board games like Monopoly and Operation.

2. Keep Fit Together

From sweating it out at the gym, taking a hike, or joining a sports team. The combination of releasing feel-good endorphins as you exercise together and supporting and encouraging your buddies during your fitness sessions are guaranteed ways for you and your friends to form positive, lasting bonds.

3. Be Open and Vulnerable

It can be hard to open up to people about something that makes you feel uncomfortable. But being vulnerable in front of your friends allows you to connect with them on a deeper, emotional level.

Plus, confiding in others also sends out signals to your friends that they too can talk about a difficult subject to you.

Talking about sensitive topics and devising solutions to your problems with the help of friends can strengthen the bond and trust between you and your comrades.

4. Netflix Night

Friendships aren’t only strengthened through chatting and doing things for one another, enjoying each other’s company can do just as much good for your relationship.

So why not arrange a Netflix night to work through your joint favorite series or movie? Order takeout together or set up a virtual watch party and enjoy each other’s company!

5. Build a Business

Creating a business with your friends can trigger a whole new dimension to your friendship.

Whether you’re devising a business plan to create a bar downtown, or you want to put your creative prowess to good use and make paintings to sell online. Building a business together could take your friendship to the next level.

As you begin to navigate how to bring the best out of your friends, take turns to listen, and allow each other to shine. Forming a business will develop newfound respect and appreciation for one another.

6. Move-in Together

When you move in with your friends, you essentially become family and the first ones each other turns to when you or they need help. Whether they need assistance building a new dresser for their room, getting over a breakup, or choosing whether to swipe left or right on tinder.

Being there throughout all their ups and downs can bring you and your friends closer together.

7. Double Date

Dates can be scary. To take the edge off and ease the pressure, inviting a friend and a date for them enables you and your friend to relax a little while you try to impress your partner.

On the other hand, as you help each other to pick outfits and calm one another’s nerves before the date, it strengthens your friendship bond.

At the end of the date, even if it doesn’t amount to romance for either of you, your friendship bond will have undoubtedly strengthened.

8. Remember Events and Milestones

From recording their birthdays in your calendar, to setting reminders in your phone for important dates in your friend’s life, remembering events that are significant to your friends will strengthen your relationship.

There’s plenty of ways you can acknowledge the important events in your friend’s life. For example, you could send them a thoughtful card or take them out to dinner.

The potential to build your bond doesn’t stop with these 9 points. There’s plenty of exciting ways you can bring your friendship group closer together. You could get wild in Vegas or dial it back and schedule a coffee catch up.

Above all, don’t be afraid now and then step out of your comfort zone to try a new bonding technique. It can open up new doors in your relationship and help you all find new joint interests to build your bond. And in the worst case, your effort will show your friends how much you value their friendship.