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2 Ways to Fall (Back) In Love With Fitness

Here are two life-changing tips to fall in love with fitness.

So, you’ve fallen off the fitness train? You’re not alone. I’ve been in love with fitness and fallen off my routine before. It took some trial and error to reignite that passion I once had.

This happens to so many twenty-somethings (myself included!). At this point, you’re focusing on your career instead of your health (which is generally considered to be more important in this world we live in).

We counter that self-love and keeping yourself healthy should be one of your priorities also, which is why fitness is essential in your everyday routine.

There have been a couple of times where I’ve stopped working out and caring about my health. I know when those times occurred because I was unhappy and being straight up lazy.

Fitness shouldn’t come as a negative or looked upon as being a chore. It should be something you look forward to daily because it’s not only making you stronger, healthier, and making you happy; it’s a time of the day where you’re doing something for yourself.

I’m sharing a couple ways to fall back in love with fitness and how it benefits your body, health, mind and well-being:

1. Join a Studio

Finding a gym or studio that fits your workout needs is wonderful first step. Here are a couple reasons as to why finding the right one will help you fall back in love with fitness:

  • New relationships will form around fitness, making it easier to stay dedicated to your goals.
  • You’ll always be surrounded with positive vibes about working out.
  • You’ll find your fitness niche.

What’s considered finding your niche in fitness? It’s just like anything else that has a niche such as your career or hobby.

Finding your niche in fitness is significant to gaining results from the workout as well as providing those “feel-good” vibes on a daily basis.

When you’re joining a studio, these are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • The price per month. Is it worth it? Will you use it enough for that price point?
  • Do they offer a free week pass or month to try it out before you invest?
  • Are similar people like yourself going to this studio? (AKA Is it a meat-head free zone? LOL)
  • Can you see yourself going to this place at least 3-5 times a week?

It took me awhile to find out what my niche in fitness was. I’ve discovered that it’s actually a combination of running, cycling and yoga. Each of these provide me with something unique in terms of fitness and help keep me balanced and engaged.

The best part about having a couple workout methods that you love is that you’re able to spread them out throughout your week. Having running and cycling builds the muscles and endurance with cardio practice, while yoga helps stretch out those muscles!

I’ve found a great place in my new city that offers cycling and yoga (with a couple of Barre and strength training classes) which is perfect for rotating workouts throughout the week. Once you have found your go-to workouts, your fitness should come naturally on a daily basis.

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2. Try a New Workout Method

Falling back in love with fitness doesn’t necessarily mean joining a studio. It could simply be trying a new workout method.

Maybe you were into running for awhile and then lost interest. You’ve probably done at-home workout videos before, but sometimes you’re not feeling motivated or dedicated enough to turn off the TV and simply get down to business.

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Working out shouldn’t consist of one type of workout. You’re probably seeing results and feeling great if you’re sticking to your go-to workout routine, but it might not be benefitting all areas of the body that aren’t being utilized. It’s important to break up your days with different workouts that complement the entire body.

Here are some fitness pairings that complement one another and different areas of your entire body:

  • Yoga complements strength training and running because it allows the muscles to stretch and lengthen after they’ve been clenched. Yoga also releases stress through Ujjayi breathing techniques!
  • Strength training isolates certain muscle groups in order strengthen and/or lengthen. Increased muscle mass also allows the body to burn off more fat throughout the day instead of just a couple hours after your workout.
  • Cardio allows your heart rate to increase while pumping oxygen to the blood stream making it easier to work the muscles. Allowing your heart rate to spike during cardio has so many health benefits including reducing chances of getting Type 2 diabetes, helps maintain a healthy weight for a healthy heart, improves memory, increases circulation for clearer skin, and promotes REM sleep. 

The Aftermath

Falling back in love with fitness isn’t to just be “skinny.” One of the most important elements with fitness is your overall health. Your health should be top priority because that’s what keeps you moving and feeling alive (literally)!

The greatest part about fitness is that it is tailored to you and your body. You’re able to choose what you want to do and how you do it.

For example, if you want to be lean, you will start strength training at a lower weight class with more reps. If you’re wanting to become more flexible, then any form of yoga or Pilates will do the trick. Is your main goal losing weight? Cardio and strength training go hand in hand, and you can’t forget about what you’re consuming (that’s key)!

Not only are you feeling results every day, but you’re gaining positive vibes that affect your every day routine and happiness.

The best way of staying fit is to being happy, healthy, and down right confident! So, how are you going to fall back in love with fitness?

About the Author

Karli Gasswint

Karli is a West Virginia University graduate with a B.S. in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. She is a content writer and public relations specialist at a web design company in Oklahoma. In her free time, you can find her blogging, watching sports, drinking wine and coffee, working out, and loving floral everything. She hopes to own a small business one day.