I know getting to the gym takes more effort than you’re sometimes willing to give. But that doesn’t mean you can cut-out your workout all together.

I personally encourage at-home workouts more than going to the gym because you have the ability to do WHATEVER you want.

There’s no waiting for machines, no embarrassment from using the equipment improperly, and no one to judge you. You can experiment with crazy tricks or fast-paced moves that might not always be possible in the atmosphere of a public gym. The possibilities are endless.

For someone who works long hours and barely has time to herself, I highly recommend at-home workouts because I’ve learned how powerful they really are.

I’ve mastered the technique it takes to keep my head in the game and you can too.

All you need is a mat, some weights, a YouTube account, and plenty of water. You may not know it now, but your at-home workouts can be some of the toughest you’ve come across. Let’s get started!

Here’s how to give 110% to your at-home workouts:

1. Play the part.

Wear your entire workout gear that you would if you were hitting the gym. Sports bra, shorts, tank, headband, whatever you prefer, just make sure you’re still dressing the part.

It’s the same theory as smiling even when you’re sad: If you wear the clothes, you’ll feel better about yourself and will (hopefully) perform better during your workout as well.

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And yes, you won’t see your gym crush here, but that’s not what matters anyway right? Well, maybe not.

2. Set time aside.

Stick to a similar time everyday to keep yourself on schedule. It helps to set yourself a calendar alert or an alarm on your phone to remind you.

If you only have twenty minutes, a half hour, an hour, etc, it’s important to dedicate your body and your mind fully to what you’re doing to get the maximum results. That way, you get into the habit of doing it everyday and prevent other activities from interfering.

3. Don’t keep it consistent.

You might be confused by that statement. Isn’t consistence key?…No! Not in this case.

You don’t want to keep your workouts consistent in the sense that you’re working the same muscles everyday. Once your body gets used to repeating the same movement, it gets bored! If you want to get real results, you have to switch up your workout routines.

There are plenty workout suggestions and weekly schedules to stick to if you want to get that full body workout. It also keeps them fresh, current and motivating.

4. Join a program or create a playlist.

However you decide to go about your at-home workout, invest your time in something worthwhile. Look up famous trainers on YouTube or other accounts and find out which you like best.

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I have a whole playlist dedicated to at-home workouts that target every single muscle group you can think of. It’s much more motivating and intriguing when you follow along with someone else and can look forward to their new workout videos.

We also love Les Mills! And they offer a 21-day free trial here.

5. Challenge yourself.

Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you can slack off. Go hard and treat your workouts as if you’re at the gym and your gym crush is standing right over there.

Even if you don’t have weights, body weight can be just as effective, challenging and rewarding. You just have to make sure you’re committing to every exercise you’re instructed to do, and give it your all. I can guarantee you will be just as sore as you would from hitting the gym.

Working out at home is fun and personal. It’s your own little stage everyday where you perform and continue to succeed. I found that I’ve improved my skills, my muscle and ability to fully commit to exercises and tough moves because of my tranquility and focus on what I’m doing. The atmosphere of being one with myself is what allows me to accomplish this.

Tips from an at-home workout pro:

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day and stay hydrated.
  • Consume protein to help maximize your performance. These include nuts, eggs, fish, milk, beans, oats, chicken, and yogurt.
  • Practice breathing patterns during your workouts to prevent dizziness.
  • Warm up and cool down, just as you would at the gym. You can either run outside, on the treadmill or jog in place. Jumping jacks, high-knees, and kick-backs are good alternatives, as well.
  • Set goals for yourself! If you couldn’t squat as low last time, go lower the next time. If you used 5 lb weights last time, try 10 lb weights next time. If you don’t have weights, fill a backpack with books and use that.
  • Make sure to stretch! Yoga is a great alternative to a fast-paced workout but is still just as challenging. It’s also great for helping your body heal.
  • Don’t just switch up workout routines, switch up videos and trainers to change the pace. Every trainer has their own style and it’s interesting to see what they value most.
  • There are no limits. The only limit you set is the one you put on yourself.
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Don’t let your excuses get the best of you. You can and will make a difference by putting in the hard work. It’s not about what you got, it’s about what you make out of what you got. You can do this!

How will you give 110% to your at-home workouts?