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25 Things To Do While You’re Stuck At Home


Whether you’re an avid news-watcher or not, you’ve probably heard about what is going on in the world right now—serious health concerns, environmental concerns, political concerns…just a whole lot of concerns!

Enough is going on for me to want to stay home, for sure. Trips are being cancelled, plans are changing, and grocery stores are running out of toilet paper. Maybe there are travel restrictions in your state, or there are quarantines in place, or you’re just trying to lay low until things get back on-kilter, we are here to help with staving-off cabin fever. 

We’ve compiled a list of 25 things you can do at home to be productive, get creative, or amp up your relaxation.

Here are 25 things to do while you’re stuck at home:

1. Read that novel you’ve been meaning to start.

I’ve recently picked up a novel my friend lent me last summer, oops! If you need any ideas, we have a list for 11 books to read in 2020—and bonus, they will help you better your life.

2. Do some at-home exercise.

We love working out with les mills! They have workouts for all different fitness levels and preferences. Some of our favorites are:

3. Audit your finances.

Do you know where your money is and what it’s doing? Use this free checklist to get your money in order!

4. Develop or strengthen your soft skills.

Soft skills are non-technical skills that are not as easily taught but have a major impact.

5. Focus on your goals.

What have you achieved so far this year? What are you still working on? What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year? What can you work on while you are at home that will get you closer to those goals?

6. Deep clean your apartment/home.

Usually the only time I remember to dust my bookshelves is when I’m on the phone — actually that’s a pretty great way to multi-task!

But otherwise, you can use “found” time when you have it to take clean the corners you usually avoid. 

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7. Organize your closet.

Spring is coming! Even though I live in Los Angeles, I do switch my wardrobe out for winter and summer. Time stuck at home is the perfect occasion to channel Marie Kondo and go through the closets!

8. Get creative.

I love being creative even if I’m just coloring in an adult coloring book I was gifted or making cards to send to friends. It’s very soothing and you don’t need to have fancy supplies to doodle or jot ideas down.

9. Play a board game.

I love, love, love games and never make enough time to play. If you don’t have roommates or anyone to play with and don’t want to invite anyone over, you can use Skype to play! I have definitely done this with friends who live in different states and it’s a little goofy but so, so fun.

10. Binge watch a show that you never would have time to watch.

New titles are always popping up on Netflix and you definitely know someone who can recommend a new show to you.

11. Try a new recipe.

Pick a random recipe from a cookbook that is dusty on your shelf or do a quick google search that might inspire you. 

12. Do a pantry challenge.

Or, if you don’t have many groceries, try the pantry challenge where you make a meal with whatever you have in your pantry and freezer.

13 Listen to a new album.

I used to love swapping music with friends and kind of fell out of the habit until this past year. I’ve also discovered new music from Spotify’s “Made for You” playlists.

14. Take some time for a little TLC.

Take a bath, paint your nails, or try an at-home facial. You know, the things you always want to do but that always end up falling on the back burner.

15. Catch up with friends or family who live out of town.

I’ve moved a few times and now live on the opposite side of the country from where I grew up and my friends, family, and  I work hard to keep in touch.

16. Build a fort!

Need I say more? Getting back to your inner child has a lot of benefits.

17. Rearrange your space.

Put your furniture in a new orientation. Reorganize your books by color. Or restyle your decor for a fresh look.

18. Be productive.

Make a list of all the “one-day” tasks, and try to accomplish three.

Try a new makeup look. There are so many tutorial on YouTube. Since your stuck at home, you might as well practice a new technique that no one’s going to see.

19. Try a new hair style. 

Same as above — you’ve got some time to really nail it down.

20. Check in with yourself.

Journal for 20 minutes a day, start a meditation habit, or sign up for virtual therapy. 

21. Sit in a spot that you usually ignore.

Write down everything you notice. This can be a creative exercise or a meditative one. 

22. Try to learn another language.

There are plenty of languages to start with. Even if you just start with basic grammar and vocabulary, you’ll be challenging your brain in new ways.

23. Plan your dream trip.

What would you do? Where would you go? Even if travel is off the table for the time being, it will start to pick up again. You can begin planning now! And you know what? Planning for travel releases as many endorphins as travel itself. Just food for thought. 

24. Think about your retirement

This is another time in your life when your to-do list won’t be dictated by a strict schedule. What do you want your retirement to look like? And how will you financially prepare for it?

25. Do a digital declutter.

Go through your phone and get rid of apps you no longer use. Unsubscribe from unwelcome emails. Delete old accounts. Delete photos and back up the ones you want to keep. Go through the files on your computer as well. A little digital minimalism is a good thing!

What else do you like to do to keep yourself entertained on a rainy day or during any other type of weather? Even if you’re stuck at home for a short period of time, there’s plenty of ways to entertain yourself.

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