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10 Simple Flour Recipes To Stretch Your Budget And Use Your Pantry

For my gluten-friendly people, this article is for you. [Traditional] flour is a very common, very affordable ingredient found in almost every pantry. And, it’s found in a lot of recipes. But have you ever thought about how else you can use up the flour in your cabinet, or stretch your meals and budget? Flour is your friend for that! 

10 Simple Flour Recipes

Here are ten recipes with very few ingredients or ingredients you already have in your kitchen… and flour is the star of the show. 

1. Crêpes

Typically this type of crêpe is more for dessert, but you can fill your crêpes with whatever you like! My favorite way to eat these is with a little bit of salted butter, sugar, a squeeze of fresh lemon, and whipped cream. For a lighter flavor, you could put apples and cinnamon, jams even cheese! 

2. Pancakes

This pancake recipe is no-frill, and even includes tips to make pancakes and avoid having a billion pans to clean up! The best thing about being an adult is choosing what you eat, when you eat, which means breakfast for dinner at least twice a week, in my book.

3. Potato Pancakes

I grew up with my step-mom making these and I thought they were so fancy. But, how great is it that you can use up leftover mashed potatoes to make these? Helllooo Thanksgiving leftovers, I’m coming for you!

4. Muffins

These muffins are simple but mighty and can work as a good muffin base—You can also try adding fresh or frozen fruit to the batter for a little punch, apples and cinnamon, heck, even pizza sauce and cheese if you really want to go wild!

5. Nutella Brownies

These only need THREE ingredients!!

6. Shortbread Cookies

Another three-ingredient recipe, perfect for last-minute cookies, which I know I end up making every December 23rd…

7. A Hootenanny (or Dutch baby?)

If pancakes and french toast got together and had a baby…in other words you must try this. 

8. A Baked Omelet

A hearty omelet that you can make in the oven!

9. Popovers

These are maybe my favorite way to eat carbs of all time. Once they come out of the oven, I like to cut a slit on the top and slip a pat of butter inside, and then the butter gets all melty with the hot dough. Yummmm.

 10. Pasta 

I’ve never made pasta but I’ve always wanted to try and with this recipe that only uses 2 ingredients and doesn’t require a machine!

11. Bonus! Savoury Pumpkin and Spinach Pinwheels

These are so simply yet really wow! 

What are your favorite ways to use up the flour in your pantry? Or the eggs? We love the 3+ ingredient recipes, so share below!

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