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Therabox Review (The Gift of Self-Care Series)


We know it is important because we hear it all the time, but is it really that important? Is there a certain way to do “self-care.” I’m breaking it all down for you, as well as introducing a new series. 

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What Is Self-Care?

The simple definition of self-care is taking care of yourself. This looks different from day to day and from person to person. I like to think of self-care as having different levels. There is the kind of self-care that is literally taking care of yourself when you are having a bad day. When you can’t bring yourself to get out of the bed, self-care can look like brushing your hair or getting up to take a shower, etc. 

Then there is the kind of self-care that fills your cup and clears your mind. Think of the things that you enjoy? When is the last time you’ve actually done them? If you want more ideas, check out this article.

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Why Is Self-Care Important?

Have you ever been so busy in your day-to-day life that you suddenly just come to a stop and can’t function because you are so exhausted? Then you become even more stressed because you have no time to be exhausted.  I like to call this scenario burnout. 

Burnout is defined as: exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration. When you are burnt-out you are not serving anyone, and you are especially not serving yourself. This is where self-care comes in. Practicing self-care regularly will decrease the amount of burnout you encounter. 

A Special Series: The Gift of Self-Care

Subscription boxes are gaining in popularity, there are thousands of different options out there. There are boxes for everything from clothes to meal kits and everything in-between. Did you know there are many self-care box options? In this new series, I will be reviewing five popular self-care boxes. 

How It Will Work

Each month I will be reviewing a self-care box. When I receive each box I’ll be doing an unboxing on both my Instagram and the GenTwenty Instagram. Then I will try out the products and write my review.

Each month I will review my overall thoughts of the box, as well as the products. Then at the end of the series, I’ll be writing a big comparison post. I’ll be rating the boxes in categories such as value, packaging, use of products, brand engagement and more. By the end of the series, it is my hope that you’ll find a box that you love that will remind you to take time out of your busy day to take care of you. Let’s begin with our first box review.

Therabox Review

What drew me to Therabox was that the products are hand-picked by therapists. Each box also contains a self-care activity, which I loved the most. I had seen Therabox around online and have been following them on social media, but have never personally tried a box for myself.

Therabox costs $34.99 per month, though there are subscription savings if you sign up for multiple months. They also offer discounts occasionally and 10 percent off your first box if you sign up for their email list.

The November box contained a gratitude journal (self-care activity), peel off mask, lash serum, a hair mask, a dry shampoo and dry conditioner set, a diffuser, hand cream, and a Thai Massage ball.

There were a few little details in the packaging that I thought was a nice touch, like the flap with the phrase “unbox happiness.” Many of the products I hadn’t tried before, and I had never tried any of the brands before. Overall I loved the box from first impressions.


Now let’s get to the products.

Gratitude Journal: I love a cute journal, and this one is cute, so I was excited to see this when I opened the box. Not only does it entail a 30-day gratitude challenge, but it also includes fun activities like a gratitude scavenger hunt and reflections for the year. If the 30-day challenge wasn’t enough, at the end of the journal there are 30 journal prompts as well. The value of this notebook is $18.

Pure Aura Beauty Diamond Dust Peel Off Mask: I have mixed feelings about this product. I wanted to love it, and at the beginning of my trying it I did, but I probably will not be using this product again. 

The mask felt good while it was on and it had a pretty tint to it. My skin also felt amazing after. However, trying to get the mask off was painful, probably the most painful experience I’ve had with a peel-off mask. I’m not sure if my face is just too sensitive, I’ve had surgery on my face before, or if that is what everyone experiences. You may want to check out other reviews before completely ruling it out. The value of this peel-off mask is $12.

Dime Beauty Co. Eyelash Boost Serum: I can’t review this item yet because I’m actually gifting it to my sister for Christmas. In the product pamphlet, that comes in the box, it says that you start seeing results in as little as three to four weeks. I’m excited to see her results. The value of this serum is $28, but they also give you 20% off your first purchase.

Cougar Beauty Products Intense Aftercare Keratin Hair Mask: I’ve never tried a hair mask, even though I’ve been wanting to. I was excited when I saw this in my box. I love the way this mask makes my hair feel. I will most likely be purchasing this again. It’s a good thing they gave me a 25% discount on my first purchase. The value of the mask is about $44 when converted to American money.

Busy Beauty 2-Step Hair Refresh Kit: I’ve used dry shampoo, but I’ve never heard of dry conditioner. I thought it was nice that it came in a bundle so that I can get the full treatment. This kit works great in between hair-wash days. It’s perfect for those who stay busy, or added to a self-care kit for those that are having a bad mental health day. They also offer a 20% discount. The value of this kit is $15.99

The Happy Shoppe Sandalwood + Rose Quartz Essential Oil Reed Diffuser: I haven’t tested out this product much, but I finally took it out of the packaging to try it. It now sits on top of my dresser, filling my room with pretty scents. The value of this diffuser is $25.

Bröö Bröö Moods Connect Touch Screen Hand Cream: I have to admit I don’t use hand creams that much. However, I did try this because I was curious. I liked how fast it absorbs as they promise. The value of this hand cream is $8.

The Happy Shoppe Thailand Herbal Massage Ball: I was the most curious about this product because I had never seen anything like it. While it delivers a great massage experience, I couldn’t get passed the smell, I’ve never really been a fan of the smell of herbal products. This massage ball is worth $13.

This was a great self-care box, in my opinion. I liked the balance between essential self-care items, like a journal and dry shampoo/conditioner, and the treat-yourself products, like the peel-off mask and lash serum. My overall rating of the November Therabox would be an eight  out of ten. I would give it a perfect score, but there are just some products that I wouldn’t try again/have much use for. 

What do you think? Have you ever gotten a Therabox? Stay tuned for next month when I review the Hope Box.

And as a fun bonus, be sure to check out this 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

All photos courtesy of Kelly Clark.


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