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The Benefits of On Campus Jobs During College

Having an on campus job as a student

Having a job while going to school full time can be very trying. When it comes to employment, most colleges have on campus jobs available for students, which is a great option for any student seeking employment during their college years.

Having a job on campus will provide you with better hours to accommodate to your studies. Since many colleges hire students for part time jobs, it isn’t difficult to accommodate lecture and class times. Other positions that are not part of the university many not be willing to work around your student schedule.

At universities all over the world, the student job accounts for about 25 percent of the non-professional staffing. Staff members hold a major position that contributes to long term success of the colleges and universities, so by holding this position, you are giving back to your university. Even with all the worry and stress that employment can cause, the majority of students still look for such opportunities during their academic semesters for many reasons.

Why do students prefer on campus jobs?

As tuition, fees, and other expenses related to college are rising, many students find that student loans and federal financing cannot cover the entire cost of college and related expenses. While some are lucky enough to have a free ride, expenses such as tuition fees, textbooks, and supplies for projects still need to be covered. Eight out of 10 students prefer having a job on their own campus instead of seeking employment elsewhere.

Students with on campus jobs adjust to the campus and college life much better compared to those who do not. On campus jobs are a great way to interact with professors and other members of your university. Many students who seek on campus employment are able to grow their networks this way, leaving them with more career opportunities after graduation.

Worried there’s nothing for you? On campus student jobs are usually offered in a variety of areas such as administrative offices, teachers for junior classes, cafeteria, and bookstores.

Will this affect your school performance?

It may seem that the more time a student spends working, the more their studies are going to be affected. However, this is not the case. Studies revealed that the students who have jobs while pursuing their academics perform well, and in some cases, better than other students who are not employed at all. Studies also show that their grades are usually better than the non-working students. This experience helps you learn time management and will benefit you the in future.

Having a job during your academic career shows that you are capable of managing your time efficiently, are a hard worker, are organized, and can multitask. Even if the job you are doing is not related to your career path, you will still see benefits of seeking employment while in school. There are many on campus jobs available and it’s up to you as the student to seek them out.

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