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9 Resources to Nail Your Job Interview

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Job interviews can be really tricky. And truthfully? Most people are not “naturally” good at interviewing. This is actually great news because it means that interviewing is a skill that can be learned. You just need the right tools and teachers in your arsenal to stand out.

Eight out of the nine resources listed here are available on Skillshare. With this link, you can get 40% off Skillshare! That’s plenty of time to go through all of these resources and land yourself a new job–higher salary included!

The courses I’m recommending here vary in length and topics. They cover nearly every part of the job search process including finding the perfect jobs to apply for, setting up your LinkedIn profile, writing a resume and cover letter, interviewing with confidence, answering  tricky questions, practicing your interview skills effectively, and driving home the salary negotiations.

After using these resources, you’ll be more confident in your skills and abilities and will truly be an asset to your new employer.

Nine resources to nail your job interview:

1. Interview Hacking: Learn to Speak Confidently, Hone Your Messages, and Get Better Job Search Results

In this course you’ll learn to understand the job interview process from a potential employer’s perspective. This is an effective way to present yourself professionally and show your value to the company. You’ll also learn how to formulate answers to questions to stand out!

2. LinkedIn Profile Awesomeness: Learn Personal Branding, Visual Communication, and LinkedIn Strategies

This course takes less than an hour to go through and will help you completely revamp your LinkedIn profile to maximize the platform and your connections. Your network is a key resource in helping job seekers find employment.

3. Resume/CV Writing: Create Your Own $1500 Resume and Build Your Business Writing Skills

This two hour course will help you update your resume effectively with downloadable templates and adjust the language you’re using to better connect with recruiters and potential employers. Your resume often helps you get your foot in the door at a place where you have no connections.

4. How to Get a Job: A Step-by-Step Guide with Glassdoor

This class is taught by Scott Dobroski, the Community Expert at Glassdoor. Glassdoor is one of the biggest job sites on the internet. They collect data on plenty of job statistics and salary information so they have the research to back up the lessons in this course! You’ll go through the entire job search process, from finding job listings to navigating the offer. Plus, there is a 30 page workbook included to help you as well.

5. The No-Stress Guide to Salary Negotiation

This is a more advanced course and is not available for free. It is definitely an investment at around $600 but a worthwhile one as Ramit Sethi is well-known for his effective strategies. (I personally have taken several of his courses and find them to be worth the money.) If you’re changing jobs or going into a negotiation, this course will teach you how to make what you’re worth. While not directly related to the interviewing process, you’ll want to be ready for salary talk because the time will come when you need to have that conversation.

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Learn on Skillshare

6. How to Write a Kick-Ass Cover Letter

In this course, you’ll learn how to communicate your story and skills effectively in a quick cover letter to catch the attention of the right people. You also get access to the Facebook group where you an ask questions and interact with other students.

7. Job Interview Secrets: Job Seeker’s Guide To Master Every Interview!

The instructor of this course, Silviu Marisca, is a firm believer that interviewing is a learned skill, and I agree. With the right resources and teachers, you can get a leg up and learn how to interview well. After this course, you’ll be more prepared with powerful interview responses and learn how to identify and answer the “question behind the question.”

8. Job Interview Success-Simple Tips to Ace Your Interview

This course is under 15 minutes and provides confidence boosters for addressing your strengths, weaknesses, and smart questions to ask during your interview.

9. Job Interviews: The Top 10 Questions to Prepare for on Every Job Interview

This class walks you through the basic interview questions that many people struggle with answering effectively. The class also helps you with practicing your answers to deliver them confidently! You can go through the course in less than an hour but the ROI on this one will carry you through every interview you have in the future.

If you’re short on time, I would recommend taking 1, 4, 7, and 9 if you must choose. Any investment you can make to give you a leg up will improve your chances of landing the job. You’ve got this.


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