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Perfecting your Work From Home Setup: Autonomous SmartDesk Review

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We’ve been working from home for over a year now. For some of us, that might not be changing any time soon or, honestly, ever. Many companies have embraced the work-from-home life and as someone who has always worked from home. I’m not mad about it.

The real question here is have you perfected your work from home setup yet? Up until a few months ago my husband and I were sharing office space. It was tight and cramped and hard to figure out what best suited our needs. Having moved a few months ago, we now have separate office spaces. Autonomous sent us their Premium SmartDesk and we have truly loved it.

My husband keeps it in his office and uses it daily for work. He loves it so much he even purchased all of the desk accessories on his own! 

Pictured above is the desk in our ideal pre-set standing height.

Perfecting your WFH Setup: Autonomous SmartDesk Review

Autonomous offers a range of adjustable standing desks, ErgoChairs, accessories, and more. 

We have the SmartDesk Pro. It’s a fully adjustable standing desk that is built on a sturdy, steel frame with four programmable height settings to suit a range of needs.

The motor to lift and lower is very quiet (40 dB) but not completely silent in my opinion. You will hear it moving up and down.

It has a load capacity of 310 pounds. We have a monitor, laptops, and other items related to work on it and have never worried about the strength of the desk. To be honest, we have probably loaded it up no more than 100lbs so if you would need to put more on it, I’m not sure how it would affect the overall stability and mobility of the desk. We have never had any issues with the stability of the desk in the months we have bene using it.

It also comes in two sizes: the classic and XL. The classic measures 53″ x 29″ and the XL measures 70.5″ x 30″.

The frame is made with sturdy steel, the top of the desk comes in a variety of colors and materials such as high-quality MDF wood in White, Black, Walnut, or White Oak, and Natural Bamboo. You can fully customize it to your preference:

We went with the white top and white bottom option in the classic size.


The desk height ranges from 26.2 inches to a whopping 52 inches (which is a little over 4 feet!) and comes with a 7-year warranty and a 30-day trial period. It even ships for free within the US.

Pictured above is the desk in our ideal pre-set sitting height.

The Autonomous SmartDesk Setup

It was so easy to setup, too, from box to standing in less than 30 minutes! The desk came in two boxes – the top and the frame. It was quick to assemble and easy to figure out.

Having the right setup while working from home is hugely important, which we all know after a year of remote work. Many of us have had to turn our bedrooms into double-duty home offices and home gyms, and having the ability to sit or stand at your desk to increase your mobility and productivity is a game changer when it comes to being stuck at home.

The Price

Now, one thing you might need to consider is the price of the desk. The classic will run you $699 and the XL is $999. 

The price of the classic desk is what I would expect to pay for a desk like this. The XL, is still reasonably priced in my opinion, but a bit more of splurge. 

Having had discussions with friends who have gone work from home, some companies have given a stipend to help employees have a more comfortable and efficient work set up. It might be worth it to see if something like that is available for you! 


Other tips to improve your WFH set up:

Try using an exercise ball as a chair when your desk is at seat-height so that you can work on your core strength. 

It can also be helpful to keep distractions to a minimum – have your work space be just for work. If you don’t have a separate office, being able to lift your desk up out of view is powerful move. We move the desk up to its highest setting to keep it out of view of our toddler and it’s a handy feature we didn’t expect to appreciate as much as we do.

Another tip is to keep your work space a place you enjoy being. Maybe that means having flowers or pictures of loved ones or funny memories around you to keep you motivated. 

My last tip is to keep your workspace tidy. It’s harder now that we’re in our homes most of the day but it’s worth it to take a couple of minutes at the end of each work day and tidy up around you. I can’t work when my office is a mess and neither can my husband in his. A quick tidy makes coming to work the next day feel like a fresh start instead of the same old same old.

There are so many things we’ve had to give up during the pandemic. Don’t let your comfort be another thing!  The Automomous SmartDesk is the perfect desk if you like to change positions, sit, stand and squat while you work, and really with so much out of our control, your WFH setup is one thing you can perfect. Shop for your SmartDesk here.

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