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150 Habits To Track In Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling is a great way to keep track of your daily habits. And it’s just a customizable way to do so.

If you’re not familiar with bullet journaling, it’s described well by GenTwenty contributor, Victoria:

A brief explanation for those of you who don’t know what bullet journaling is: it’s a note taking system mixed with a journal that allows you to keep track of anything, from your weekly grocery list to the name of the movie your friend told you about, and actually be able to find it again when you need it.  

Many people use bullet journals to track their to-do lists, monthly spending, and especially daily habits they want to commit to! My personal use of a bullet journal is touch and go but my husband has been using his for years. It’s actually kind of cool that he has years of daily journals to look back on.

150 Habits To Track In Your Bullet Journal

Habits don’t have to be tracked on a daily basis. They can be monthly habits or even annual habits that you want to keep track of and make sure you do. Here are 150 inspirational habits to track in your bullet journal. They have to do with all kinds of things — self-care, physical goals, self-development, children, health, etc. I hope you find some fun inspiration in this list! To make it even more personal, check out these bullet journal fonts here!

Here are 150 habits to track in your bullet journal:

  1. Water intake.
  2. Calorie intake.
  3. Daily steps.
  4. Your exercise routine.
  5. Calling friends.
  6. Your caffeine intake.
  7. Your monthly income. 
  8. Annual income.
  9. Your monthly spending.
  10. Annual spending.
  11. Your personal savings.
  12. Your travel savings.
  13. Debt payoff. 
  14. Monthly subscription list.
  15. Goals for the day.
  16. Your goals for the week.
  17. Goals for the month.
  18. Your goals for the year.
  19. Books you’ve read.
  20. Books you want to read.
  21. Your nightly sleep.
  22. Movies you want to watch.
  23. TV shows you want to watch.
  24. Hours spent watching TV.
  25. Movies you’ve seen.
  26. TV shows you’ve seen.
  27. Places you want to travel to.
  28. Packing lists.
  29. Future travel itineraries.
  30. Career development goals.
  31. Personal development goals.
  32. Instagram tracker.
  33. Twitter tracker.
  34. Tik Tok tracker.
  35. Facebook tracker.
  36. Pinterest tracker.
  37. Birthdays.
  38. Anniversaries.
  39. Addresses.
  40. Monthly overview calendars.
  41. Weight loss tracker.
  42. Grocery list.
  43. Future to-dos.
  44. A brain dump.
  45. Recipes to try.
  46. Hours spent working.
  47. Hours spent on self-care.
  48. Music listened to.
  49. List of acts of kindness.
  50. Household chores.
  51. Outdoor chores.
  52. Meal planning.
  53. Period tracker. 
  54. Ovulation tracker.
  55. Migraine tracker.
  56. Health tracker.
  57. Dessert recipes.
  58. Breakfast recipes.
  59. Lunch ideas.
  60. Instapot dinner meals.
  61. Restaurants to try.
  62. Appointments.
  63. Concerts attended.
  64. Sports events.
  65. Miles run.
  66. Long-term goals.
  67. Five year plan.
  68. Education goals.
  69. Homework.
  70. Time breakdown.
  71. Wake up time.
  72. Bed time.
  73. Morning routine.
  74. Evening routine.
  75. Smoke detector battery changes.
  76. Carbon monoxide detector battery changes.
  77. Kitchen cleaning.
  78. Bathroom cleaning.
  79. Bedroom declutter.
  80. Pantry organization.
  81. Pantry declutter.
  82. Mood tracker.
  83. Gratitude list.
  84. People who inspire you.
  85. Style inspiration.
  86. Morning skincare tracker.
  87. Evening skincare tracker.
  88. Days you wore makeup.
  89. Makeup you used by product.
  90. Password list.
  91. Acts of self-care tracker.
  92. News headline of the day.
  93. Washed hair.
  94. Painted nails.
  95. Got a manicure.
  96. Got a pedicure.
  97. Spa days.
  98. Got a massage.
  99. Servings of vegetables.
  100. Servings of fruit.
  101. Meatless days.
  102. Days without ordering online.
  103. The days you eat in.
  104. Days you eat out.
  105. Morning affirmations.
  106. Night time affirmations.
  107. Positive affirmations for hard times.
  108. Medication.
  109. No smoking.
  110. No alcohol.
  111. Mediating. 
  112. Weightlifting.
  113. Cardio.
  114. Gym days.
  115. Home workout days.
  116. Podcasts to listen to.
  117. YouTube videos to watch.
  118. Digital decluttering.
  119. Taking pets for a walk.
  120. Spending time with pets.
  121. Pet grooming.
  122. Spending time with children.
  123. Packed lunch for work.
  124. Ate outside.
  125. Did laundry.
  126. Washed your sheets/comforter.
  127. Trips to Goodwill.
  128. Thrifted items.
  129. Buying something on sale.
  130. Spring bucket list.
  131. Summer bucket list.
  132. Fall bucket list.
  133. Winter bucket list.
  134. Holiday to-dos.
  135. Family/professional photos taken.
  136. Hair cuts.
  137. Christmas cookie recipes to make.
  138. Grad school work tracker.
  139. Career goal tracker.
  140. Informational interview tracker.
  141. Networking events tracker.
  142. DIY projects tracker.
  143. Toy rotation.
  144. Nail colors.
  145. Watering your plants.
  146. Washing your car.
  147. Changing your water filters.
  148. Yearly bucket list.
  149. Halloween movie nights.
  150. Christmas movie nights.

Phew! So there we have it — 150 potential habits to track in your bullet journal! The cool thing about bullet journals is that no two are the same and they are very personal. You can customize them however you like!

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Nicole Booz is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of GenTwenty, GenThirty, and The Capsule Collab. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is the author of The Kidult Handbook (Simon & Schuster May 2018). She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, eating brunch, or planning her next great adventure.