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27 Memorable Bachelorette Party Ideas For Every Bride

Planning a bachelorette party for your BFF? Here are 27 bachelorette party ideas to celebrate your bride-to-be!

One of the most fun – and maybe most intimating – parts about planning a wedding is planning the bachelorette party! The best part is that nowadays, bachelorette parties can be anything and anywhere the bride wants.

It could be an all-day shenanigan, a nice night out, a weekend away domestically or even a week-long extravaganza internationally. It all depends on the bride, her style, and of course if the bridal party can swing it too.

If you’re the bride and not sure what kind of bachelorette party you want – or if your bride wants to be surprised and you’re the maid of honor planning it for her – here are some bachelorette party ideas. You’re bound to find one fun bachelorette party idea that will work for you and your crew, or at the very least, it’ll spark some inspo!

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27 of the best bachelorette party ideas for your bride-to-be:

For the bride who wants to keep it low-key:

A nice dinner out

Splurge on a nice dinner out for your bride! Is there a restaurant she’s been dying to go to or one she absolutely loves? Is there a Michelin star restaurant nearby?

Have everyone dress up in their most glam outfits and enjoy some good food, fancy drinks, and your bride! And remember to have a photo shoot before in all your fancy duds.

bachelorette party ideas

A vineyard or brewery tour

This one can be as low-key or as wild as you make it. Spend a day at a vineyard wine tasting or at brewery with flights of beer – whatever the bride prefers! You can stay at one nice on and chill there or you can go to a bunch of different ones.

You can rent a party bus to take you or have someone be the DD. I did this for a wedding and we booked a local AirBnB and all stayed out by where the vineyards were.

A slumber party

Think back to your childhood – wasn’t a slumber party the greatest? This is the perfect way to capture that excitement with your best friends…have a slumber party bachelorette!

Everyone wears their best pajamas (or maybe you all get matching pajamas!) and you watch some of your favorite movies or play your favorite board games. Swap stories, wear face masks, and over all enjoy your time together. If everyone’s in, have all the movies be about weddings to get your bride even more excited for her big day!

A spa day

Your bride needs to relax. You could probably use some relaxation, too. Spend the day at the spa getting pampered.

Get massages, facials, mani/pedis, and more. Have all the girls coming wear matching robes to really make this feel like a bachelorette party and be sure to pop the champagne! This is one of those bachelorette party ideas your girls will absolutely love. Treat yourselves!

A group mani and pedi

Is the bride not into a full-blown spa day? Get all the girls together and go for manis and pedis! You can still have hours of fun at the nail salon, and some may even let you pop a bottle of champagne there.

Some may also even let you rent out the salon, so be sure to ask. This is a great idea to have a spa day on a smaller budget, too, or to have the wedding party get together before the wedding day—you can get matching polish to go with your bridesmaid dresses..

A beach day

If you’re planning the party during the warmer months, get all the girls together and spend the day at the beach! Pack coolers filled with seltzers, bring some sandwiches for lunch, and make a playlist filled with the bride’s favorite songs.

Surprise the bride with a “bride” bathing suit or veil to wear or maybe even have all the gals in your party wear bathing suits of the same color. Turn this into a bachelorette weekend by renting a house. This is one of my favorite bachelorette party ideas – I love the beach!

A pool party

Do you or one of the members of the bridal party have a pool at their house? You can save a lot of money and still have a lot of fun by turning the bachelorette into a pool party!

Put together a playlist filled with some jams, get some seltzers, pull out the BBQ (or just call delivery – whatever you all prefer) and have an epic pool party. Make sure you get the bride a ring floatie so she really feels like it’s a bachelorette!

bachelorette party

Rent a boat

Think “Sail Before the Veil.” There are a ton of places that offer yacht charters where you can rent a boat for the day. You can bring food, drinks, and your own playlist to make it as much of a party as you want it to be, or you can just enjoy some relaxation out on the water. It’s a ton of fun, and pretty unique, too.

You can also rent one in the evening and go for a sunset cruise. If renting a boat is a bit too pricey, there’s some non-private sunset cruise options that are sure to be a good time, too.

Go to a game

Is the bride a huge sports fan? Going to a game is a fun way to celebrate your bride in a unique way. Depending on the season you’re planning the bachelorette party for, there’s probably some sport happening.

If the team the bride loves is playing, see how much it costs to rent out a suite or other private space at the stadium. It’ll give the bride a new experience at a place she probably already loves! Bonus if you can get a group photo with the team mascot or players!

Rent a house

This can also be as low-key or as wild as you want it to be. Rent a house locally and do a staycation or rent a home somewhere else.

You don’t even have to leave the house if it’s equipped with everything you need (like a pool or hot tub) and a good view! You can also hire a private chef to come in and cook right there for you or do a cooking class for everyone to take part in.

Go for tea

Isn’t going for high tea such a classy thing? Have everyone wear their fanciest dresses and break out the fine china.

You can do this at-home (just make sure you get great decorations!) or go out for tea. Some hotels host classic tea services, like New York’s Plaza Hotel. See if any are offered near you, or make a trip out of going for high tea!

For the bride who wants to party:

An all-inclusive resort

This is personally my favorite bachelorette party idea and it’s what I did for mine. It makes things so easy. You know the price you’re paying for food and drinks.

Everyone’s in the same space. You’re likely on a beach or in the pool. Just make sure the all-inclusive you go to is the right fit for your bride and your party – there are tons out there.

You’d probably want one that has somewhat of a party vibe, meaning there’s tons of activities at the pool and there’s a nightclub on the grounds or nearby.

bachelorette pool party

A bar crawl

This can be in your local city or you can travel for it – think Austin, New Orleans, etc. Most of these cities have a street that’s just filled with bars. So easy to bar hop!

Extra points if you all wear matching outfits – or maybe have the bride in white and all the gals in another color – to really make it known you’re a bachelorette party. This is also a great time if you get those tattoos that say “buy the bride a shot!” with a QR code to your Venmo on it!

Hi Up Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? It’s a classic go-to bachelorette party choice for a reason – it’s a total party. You can gamble. You can go to daytime pool parties. You can go clubbing. You can see some great DJs. You can go to shows. You can have nice dinners. There’s a ton you can do and you’ll be sure to have those memories. If Vegas is a bit far, Atlantic City can be a good alternative.

Go To Miami

Another big party scene. You have the beach. You can rent a house or stay at a hotel with a pool. There’s plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs to go to, too. If Miami is too far, L.A. could be a good alternative.

A beach town

If you’re planning a bachelorette in the summer months, take a look at your local – or not so local – beach towns. The Jersey Shore, Ocean City, MD, Destin, FL, Myrtle Beach, SC, San Diego, CA, the Hamptons are all great beach towns that will offer you beach or pool fun during the day and lots of clubs to choose from at night.

Go to the club

Is there a club near you – or close to you – that you know your bride will just love? Plan a night there!

See if you can get table service or a private space to make it extra special. Or, if there’s a DJ she loves, see if they’ll be spinning and make the bachelorette trip about going to see them!

Go to Disney

If you’re bride’s a Disney adult, Disney World or Disneyland is probably their dream bachelorette trip! If you opt to do Disney World, you can do all four parks or just focus on Epcot and drink around the world.

If you’re planning the bach for the fall, you can even take advantage of Disney’s Food and Wine Festival. Be sure to get your Disney bride some “bride” ears she can wear, too! If you’re not able to get to Disney, go to your favorite amusement park!

Head to a music festival or concert

What’s more of a party than going to a music festival?! If none are happening, see if any concerts are happening – or just check and see if the bride’s favorite is performing and try and nab some tickets!

Make it an unforgettable bachelorette party with a sleepover at a cute hotel or airbnb after the show and brunch the next morning. You’ll want extra orange juice after you sing your hearts out!

A cocktail-mixing class

What makes this option even more fun is that it’s a great way to get the party started on your first night of a long weekend or as the start for your big night out on the town. It gets you all chatting, mingling, shaking up drinks, and of course, drinking! You’ll probably learn a thing or two, too.


We all love a good brunch, right? Go all out and do it as the bachelorette. You can have everyone dress up in a theme, tell them to wear their best, or get matching outfits.

See if you can book a private area or a big table. Some brunches can include drag, dancing, live music, and so on – check out and see if there’s a fun brunch happening near you.

Pole Dancing

There’s a ton of gyms and other places that offer pole dancing lessons. Not only is it sure to give your crew a ton of memories, but it’s also a great workout and a super confidence booster.

bachelorette party ideas

Other Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas:

Go international

If everyone in the party can afford it and are willing, why not go international and explore somewhere new? I know someone who went on a bachelorette party to Bali! That may seem a bit much, but it really was a bucket list item for everyone who went, so they were more than happy to celebrate their bride there.

Have a theme

Think of your typical theme party, but make it bridal. What does the bride love? Sparkles? Barbie? Reality TV? All things tropical?

Whatever it may be, have a themed bachelorette party with all the activities of the party circle back to that favorite thing. Or if you’re just doing a one-day extravaganza, have a big theme party and have everyone dress up!

Have a scavenger hunt

Another unique bachelorette party idea? Scavenger hunt! You can all participate or just make the bride go on one – whatever you want!

You can also do this in your own home, the home you’re renting, or if you’re in a different city, use it to explore the city. There’s plenty of pre-designed kits you can order if you don’t feel like doing all the planning needed for it. You can have the end spot be a fun bar or whatever you think the bride would love!

Go hiking or camping

If you’re all outdoorsy, well, why not do something outdoorsy for the bachelorette party? Go camping somewhere you’ve never camped before (or go glamping).

Hike a trail you haven’t done before, or one that the bride loves. If you’re not hiking too far, you can even bring a bottle of champagne with you for extra celebrations.

A joint bachelor and bachelorette party

This isn’t for everyone, but combining parties can work especially if you share a friend group. If you want something untraditional, or if you want your fiancé celebrating with you too, doing a joint bachelor and bachelorette party is something you may want to consider.

The perfect bachelorette party idea is the one that makes the bride feel the most loved and joyful and get quality time with her bride squad. What better way to celebrate all the love you have in your life than with a day, night, or weekend with your closest friends.

15 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Throwing a bachelorette party can be a fun and memorable event for the bride-to-be and her friends. Here are some tips to help you plan a successful bachelorette party:

  1. Consult the Bride: Start by talking to the bride about her preferences. Find out what she envisions for her bachelorette party. Some brides may prefer a low-key gathering, while others might want a more elaborate celebration.
  2. Set a Budget: Determine a budget early on. This will help guide your decisions regarding venue, activities, decorations, and more.
  3. Choose a Date and Location: Coordinate with the bride to pick a date that works for her and her closest friends. Decide whether the party will be local or involve travel, and consider accommodations if necessary.
  4. Select a Theme or Concept (Optional): While not essential, a theme can add a fun element to the party. It could be based on the bride’s interests, favorite colors, or a playful concept like a beach party or retro theme.
  5. Create a Guest List: Work with the bride to create a guest list that includes her closest friends and family members. Keep in mind the bride’s preferences for a small, intimate gathering or a larger party.
  6. Send Invitations: Once you have a date, location, and guest list, send out invitations. These could be physical cards, digital invites, or even a group message.
  7. Plan Activities and Entertainment: Consider the interests of the bride and the group when planning activities. This could include games, spa treatments, dance classes, outdoor adventures, or a combination of activities.
  8. Decorate the Venue (if applicable): If you’ve chosen a specific location, consider decorating it to create a festive atmosphere. This might include balloons, banners, table settings, and other decorations based on the chosen theme.
  9. Coordinate Transportation: If the party involves traveling to different locations, arrange transportation in advance. This could be a designated driver, rideshares, or a party bus.
  10. Provide Snacks and Drinks: Depending on the time and location, have a plan for providing food and beverages. You could choose to have a sit-down meal, order catering, or have a selection of snacks and drinks available.
  11. Capture Memories: Document the party with photos and videos. Consider designating someone to be the official photographer or set up a DIY photo booth for fun snapshots.
  12. Prepare a Gift or Keepsake for the Bride: Consider giving the bride a special gift or keepsake to commemorate the occasion.
  13. Plan for Surprises (if desired): If you’re planning any surprises, make sure they align with the bride’s preferences and won’t cause any discomfort.
  14. Have a Backup Plan: Be prepared for unexpected changes in weather, venue availability, or other circumstances that may require a backup plan.
  15. Stay Flexible and Focus on Fun: Remember that the most important thing is for the bride and her friends to have a great time together. Be flexible and open to adjustments if needed.

Remember, the bachelorette party should reflect the personality and preferences of the bride. Tailor the event to what she would enjoy the most, and everyone will have a fantastic time celebrating together. Any of the bachelorette party ideas above will be unforgettable!

What type of bachelorette party will you pick?

There are all types of way to celebrate your friend, the bride-to-be! These bachelorette party ideas cover something for everyone to enjoy at every budget! Remember, the most important thing is that you celebrate your friend’s upcoming nuptials and have fun!!

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