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Spring 2020 FabFitFun FULL Spoilers, Reveal and Reviews

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Spring 2020 FabFitFun Spoilers, Reveal and Reviews

Ahh, fabfitfun — these releases have come to be some of my favorite times of the year. While I have been disappointed by some fabfitfun boxes in the past, for the most part I think fabfitfun is so much fun to get every season. fabfitfun Spring 2020 is not looking to dissapoint so far! I think there’s really something for everyone so far in these choices.

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A couple important things to know about fabfitfun:

  • Select Members or annual subscribers get to choose everything first. From access to add-ons to early customization, annual customers take priority.
  • Select Members pay for a year in advance. The good thing about this is that you’re getting a little discount on the boxes PLUS all of the additional perks. You pay $179.99 for the entire year (which works out to be well over $800+ worth of products). 
  • Seasonal subscribers pay $49.99/box. If you want to test it out, this might be a better option for you but I do highly recommend becoming a Select Member.
  • The code “RENEW” will work on either subscription.
  • Add-ons open February 1st and close February 5th. An add-ons hack that I love: if an item you want is out of stock, “favorite” and check back often! Things become available all the time as members take things out of their carts during the shopping window.
  • Select Members can make their choices February 2nd – February 5th. Get there early to make sure you get your choice items!
  • Seasonal subscribers make their customization choices February 15th – February 18th. If you decide to become a Select Member, you automatically get access to customization no matter which date you subscribe on.
  • All members get to customize choices 1, 2, and 3. Only Select Members can customize choices 4 and 5. If you are a seasonal subscriber, fabfitfun will randomly choose those for you. 

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Click here to sign up for your box and save 20% with code RENEW

Here is the first spoiler for the fabfitfun Spring 2020 box:

These are the choice items we can choose from:

Click here to sign up for your box and save 20% with code RENEW

From these options, I’d either pick the rug or the sweater coat.

They’ve also introduced a new option called FFF Throwbacks. You can choose popular items from past boxes. These are the current options:

Click here to sign up for your box and save 20% with code RENEW

Here is the second spoiler for the fabfitfun Spring 2020 box:

Of these I’m most interested in the packing cubes, I think. I have a friend who is interested in trying a collagen product so I might add that on for her! 

Click here to sign up for your box and save 20% with code RENEW

Customization Number 3 includes:

  • Amber Sceats™ Double Coin Necklace
  • Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask 
  • WEI™ Two-in-One Purify and Glow Mask Collection 
  • Cosmedix Pure C 
  • Green Goo Hibiscus Plant-Based Body Scrub 

I’m leaning towards the mask collection for this choice but could easily be swayed by the body scrub, necklace or sleep mask!

Here are the options for Customization 4:


I’ve currently selected the hairbrush but I might get the tea towels instead!

Click here to sign up for your box and save 20% with code RENEW

Customization 5 has a ton of options:

I think I’m going to choose the Skindinavia makeup finishing spray… but I’m also interested in the eyeliner.

The following items are not fully confirmed yet but it looks like from promo pictures that these are the items ALL subscibers will receive:

Item 6: purlisse Watermelon 2 Minute Polishing Peel

This looks like a nice product! It is something to note if you were thinking of getting other skin care items in the box.

Click here to sign up for your box and save 20% with code RENEW

Item 7: Winky Lux Rainbow Balm

Lip balms are always handy. From their website, it seems like this one is a just a hint of a pink/red tone. So don’t be fooled by the rainbow appearance! It’s very everyday casual.

Item 8: Silicone Straws

I am personally so stoked about these!! I love eco-friendly products.

Click here to sign up for your box and save 20% with code RENEW

Past FabFitFun Spoilers:

This post will be updated with new information as it becomes available. Last updated February 2, 2020. 

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