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FabFitFun Add-Ons Review: Is It Worth It?

This post contains affiliate links. Subscribe to fabfitfun here. This post was updated February 2020.

fabfitfun add-ons review

If you didn’t know, FabFitFun is a popular seasonal subscription box that includes curated beauty, wellness, fitness, and fashion picks. The box is shipped every season (spring, summer, fall, and winter), costs $49 ($39 on your first box with a promo code) and includes over $200 worth of product. Today I want to go in-depth with a fabfitfun Add-Ons Review.

So what are add-ons exactly? Well, add-ons are an extra perk of being a fabfitfun member! You get access to tons of products similar to what is featured in the box at a huge discount. Plus, you have access to many brands that are not in the box. Just scroll down to see what I mean!

They have a ton of items to choose from. They feature brands like Kate Spade, Living Proof, Briogeo, BKR, Vera Bradley,, Oribe, Crown, Dr Brandt, Sol de Janeiro, and more.

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How do add-ons work?

There’s a window of time before the boxes are shipped out when you go into your account (don’t worry, they email you several times about it) and check out the add-on items. Select members get first access and can shop a few days longer than everyone else.

I’ve been a Select Member for two years now and feel like it’s ultimately worth it if you like the boxes. You get access to a ton of perks and discounts plus all the add-ons and you get early access at that. If you’re going to subscribe to the boxes, I would recommend the Select membership over the seasonal one.

As far as add-ons go, you’re not charged until the cart closing date so you can go in and out of the add-ons shop and add and remove things from your cart as much as you want before the last day. There is no obligation to purchase any add-ons–it’s just an extra perk!

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Tips for shopping fabfitfun add-ons:

  1. Check often: People remove and add items from their carts all the time and item availability depends on what is in someone’s cart. If there is a particular item you’re looking at, I’d suggest looking multiple times every day so you can snag it if it comes available. (Disclaimer: I have no idea of how many items of each things are available but I do know that the top tier brands are usually snapped up right away.)
  2. Add what you think you *might* want to your cart: Because you’re not charged right away, there’s really no harm in adding anything to your cart you might consider buying.
  3. Be courteous: Usually a day or two before the cart closing date, I make my final decisions on the items I want. I don’t want to wait until the absolute last minute because then someone else will have a chance to pick up something I put back.
  4. Don’t buy what you don’t need: Since everything is such a good deal, it’s easy to want to load your cart up with goodies, but I would advise against it. Only pick up things you’ve either 1) been wanting to try 2) is something you already use or 3) has a dedicated purpose in your life (like a gift). You’re probably already going to have a few things in your box that won’t suit you perfectly so don’t add to it with too many extras.
  5. Be smart about what you buy: As far as I know, you can’t return or exchange any of these items — they’re final sale.

My total for my add-ons in my fall 2017 box was $78. For me personally, I think this was an excellent deal considering just one of the items I ordered retails for $80. I love that I can pick up things I’ve been wanting to try, things I already love, or even a few gifts at a reduced price!

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fabfitfun Add-Ons Review:

Here’s what I bought in my first add-ons shopping experience in 2017. Since then (now updating this post in 2020), I’ve shopping nearly every add-ons sale and gotten great deals on tons of items.

1. dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Dry Shampoo $11 (Retail price: $23)

This is the one item I ordered that I still haven’t tried yet! I have several open bottles of dry shampoo that I want to get through first. We got the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse was included in the fall 2017 box and I used it up completely in a few weeks. I’m hoping it’s available again in the next round of add-ons so I can pick up a second bottle.

May 2020 update: I used this up – it was a nice product!

fabfitfun add-ons review

2. Olive & Pique Triple Cuffed Beanie $11 (Retail price: $20)

I choose this because I really needed a new hat for the winter months. It’s nice and thick and great quality. I’m really happy with it!

May 2020 update: I used this beanie for a while – it was very warm! But I have since passed it on.

fabfitfun add-ons review

3. Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment $14 (Retail price: $35)

I originally put this in my cart because the body créme was out of stock. I wanted to try something from the brand so I figured this would be something worth trying. The body créme did come back in stock. I decided to purchase this too because I needed a lip balm.

This is by far the best lip treatment I’ve ever used. I was using the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask and I thought that was good. But this stuff healed my lips overnight. They’ve been so chapped because of the dry air, yet I’ve had no peeling at all since I started using this. Definitely my favorite add-on selection!

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fabfitfun add-ons review

4. Oribe Cote d’Azur Restorative Body Crème $19 (Retail price: $65)

I mostly wanted this because I’ve heard beauty bloggers talk about it so I wanted to see what the hype was. It takes me a long time to go through lotion so I knew it would last awhile. Overall, I think it’s just okay. It smells like high end hair care and is decent. You don’t need to use very much product but I don’t find that it’s incredibly moisturizing. Overall, I wouldn’t pay $65 for this, but I’m happy with paying $19.

May 2020 update: The body creme was okay and I used it all but the lip balm was amazing!! Such a great find.

5.  Zoe Ayla Silicone Makeup Brush Cleansing Tool $9 (Retail price: $35)

I’ve had my eye on one of these mats for a while and I’m so glad I picked it up! My makeup brushes have never been cleaner.

May 2020 update: I still use this mat to clean my makeup brushes and sponges!! $9 well spent.

fabfitfun add-ons review

6. Luv AJ Open Posie Ring Set $14 (Retail price: $80)

I received a set of Luv AJ earrings in the spring box. Overall I loved how dainty but trendy they were — I really love the style! I saw this set of rings and wanted them immediately.

Only one of the pair is pictured here because I accidentally broke the other one. I twisted one of the rings the wrong way and it broke in half! Needless to say I can’t really recommend this brand but I do like the style of these rings. I’m very glad I didn’t pay $80 for them! 

May 2020 Update: This ring set broke within 6 months so I no longer have it. I’m glad I was able to try it at a steep discount.

fabfitfun add-ons review

In Summary: fabfitfun Add-Ons Review:

If I bought these items at their retail prices, I would have paid $258. Instead, I paid a total of $78. That’s $180 in savings! Overall I’m happy with all of my selections from the add-ons and am looking forward to spring’s selections.

FabFitFun offers a discount to new members — you get your first box for $39 and that includes access to add-ons!

Have you gotten any add-ons? What did you pick up?

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