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FabFitFun Fall 2021 FULL Spoilers and Reveal

This post contains affiliate links. Join FabFitFun and get this box here

It’s time for the full spoilers of another season of FabFitFun! The Fall 2021 box is just about here. Add-ons and customization are opening very soon.

While I’ve always loved FabFitFun (I’ve continued to subscribe for years), I don’t always love every product in the boxes. They are opening up more and more customizations which helps increase the value of the box for each subscriber because you can pick things you’ll actually use!

Now, let’s dig into the dates and spoilers for the Fall 2021 FabFitFun box!

Important FabFitFun dates to know:

  • Add-Ons open for Annual Members on August 5-9
  • Customization for Annual Members opens on August 6-9
  • Add-Ons opens for Seasonal Members on August 19-23
  • Customization for Seasonal Members opens on August 20-23

To eliminate confusion, all windows open at 9am Pacific time and all windows close at 11:59pm Pacific time.

FabFitFun Fall 2021 FULL Spoilers and Reveal

Join FabFitFun here! 

FabFitFun Fall 2021 Spoilers and Reveal

The spoilers for the fall box are here! I will continue to update this post with more information as needed.

I’ve bolded below what I think are the best values after getting FabFitFun for several years now.

Customization 1 Choices (available to all members)

This is a choice available to all members! The options are:

  • Amika Repair Kure Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Arhaus Waffle Knit Throw Blanket
  • Golden Rabbit Enamelware 7.93” Cobalt Swirl Mini-Dutch Oven
  • Phantom Chef Cookware Fry Pan
  • Blaq Electric Toothbrush
  • Uncommon James Copper Canisters (Copper or Silver)
  • Pottery Barn Reed Diffuser

This customization mostly focuses on home products! Some of these have been in boxes before.

I already have the Uncommon James Canisters and I really like them. I think I’ll go for the fry pan because it’s small and I don’t own a small pan like that. Plus it’s dishwasher safe! The Dutch Oven is really beautiful too.

FabFitFun Fall 2021 FULL Spoilers and Reveal

Join FabFitFun here! 

Customization 2 Choices (available to all members)

This is a choice available to all members! The options are:

  • Uncommon James Cheeseboard
  • Coach Open Circle Necklace and Tea Rose Stud Set
  • Arhaus Copper Candle
  • Cloud Nola Block Clock
  • Rodial Beauty Pink Diamond Lifting Serum

I honestly like almost everything in this customization. I am going to have a hard time choosing myself!

Customization 3 Choices (available to all members)

This is a choice available to all members! The options are:

  • APL All-Purpose Packable Backpack
  • Amandau Prichard Belt Bag
  • Dose and Co Pure Collagen
  • Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Pore Minimizing Primer
  • Vera Bradley Compact Organizer
  • Pattern Beauty Curl Gel
  • Stojo 12 oz Cup & Set of 4 Straws
  • Alterna Hair Care Caviar Replenishing Moisture CC Cream
  • Camp Gladiator 3 Months of CG Workouts + Jump Rope
  • Philip Kingsley Finishing Touch Polishing Serum (UK Only)

This customization has the most varied options so far in terms of category. I’ll either go with Benefit, Alterna or Vera Bradley.

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FabFitFun Fall 2021 FULL Spoilers and Reveal

Customization 4 Choices (available to All Members)

Like with the spring box, this choice is now available for all members!

  • The Frye Company 2 Pack Bamboo Boot Sock
  • Cocus Pocus Buffalo Check Baseball Cap
  • M.A.D Skincare Glycolic Age Diffusing Cleanser for Wrinkle Prone Skin
  • M.A.D Skincare Delicate Skin Cleansing Gel for Sensitive Skin
  • M.A.D Skincare Salicylic Cleansing Gel for Acne-Prone Skin
  • Korres Smoothing Body Cleanser 250ml Santorini Grape
  • Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel

I’m not sure which of these I’m going to pick! Most likely a skincare or body care option.

Join FabFitFun here! 

Customization 5 Choices (available to Annual Members)

This is a choice available only to Annual Subscribers. Quarterly Subscribers will get a randomly selected choice. The options are:

  • True Moringa Shea & Moringa Balm
  • Purlisse Pumpkin + Ginger Mud Mask
  • Talkingtables_tt Trivia Box – Food & Drink
  • Voeshny Pedicure in a Box Duo – Pumpkin Spice
  • Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Hair Masque (US & CA only)

This is the most boring choice in the box so far, in my opinion. I’ll most likely go with the Purlisse mask or the True Moringa Balm.

Item 6: Bundles or Choose One (Annual Member Choice)

In spring 2021 FabFitFun introduced bundles as the 6th item in the box. You can pick on one of the bundle options as an annual member or one will be randomly selected for you as a seasonal subscriber.

Bundle 1:

  • The 2 Bandits Tiered Catchall Tray
  • Kayo Body Care Body Scrub
  • Earth Harbor Marina Brightening Ampoule

Bundle 2:

  • The 2 Bandits Tiered Catchall Tray (UK Only)
  • Kayo Body Care Body Scrubber
  • Image Skin Care ORMEDIC Lip Enhancement Complex (UK only)

Bundle 3:

  • The 2 Bandits Tiered Catchall Tray
  • Baronessa Cali Cosmetics Body Wash in Capri (8 oz)
  • Hip Products LLC Lunch Pack

Bundle 4:

  • Babe Lash Eyelash Curler
  • Kayo Body Care Body Scrubber
  • Doctor Rogers RESTORE® Lip Balm

Bundle 5:

  • Hip Products LLC Lunch Pack
  • Beautaniq Beauty Guardian Angel Revitalising Eye Gels (pack of 4)
  • Doctor Rogers RESTORE® Lip Balm

Bundle 6:

  • DP Hue Dry Shampoo Powder (US & CA only)
  • Serefina Co Crystal Cuff Bracelet

Bundle 7:

  • Makeup Drop Makeup Applicator in Blue
  • Beauty Papier Harvest Superfood Shower Gel

Or choose one of the following:

  • Fekkai Maskology Bundle
  • Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm
  • Beyond Yoga Infinity Hidden Pocket Scarf
  • Jennybird Austin Cuff
  • Ren Skincare Evercalm™ Global Protection Day Cream

To be honest, I don’t really love this change. I get that it offers subscribers more choices (instead of every box coming with the same 2-3 items) but it’s really overwhelming to look at and I don’t really want the majority of these things. This option doesn’t add much value to the box for me. I’ll probably pick Bundle 6 or the Algenist Eye Balm.

FabFitFun Fall 2021 FULL Spoilers and Reveal

Get your FabFitFun box here.

What do you think about  the Fall 2021 FabFitFun box? Are you excited? What will you be picking?

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