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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Spoilers and Reveal

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A new season is upon us which means the FabFitFun Summer 2021 box is here! Here’s what you need to know about the Summer 2021 FabFitFun box. Based on the spoilers, this is one of the best boxes yet!! 

Important dates to know:

  • Add-Ons open for Annual Members on May 6-10
  • Customization for Annual Members opens on May 7-10
  • Add-Ons opens for Seasonal Members on May 20-24
  • Customization for Seasonal Members opens on May 21-24

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FabFitFun Summer 2021 Spoilers and Reveal

Photos via FabFitFun! Spoilers are slowly coming out! This post will be updated with them as soon as they are available. I’ve bolded below what I think are the best values after getting FabFitFun for several years now.

Customization 1 Choices (available to all members)

This is a choice available to all members! The options are:

  • @summerfridays CC Me Serum
  • @summersalt Neoprene Beach Tote (Pink/Red or Blue/Green)
  • @pmdbeauty Clean
  • @virginiawolfnyc Multi Wear Wrap
  • @society6 Outdoor Blanket
  • @society6 Wine Chiller
  • @lspace Tie Dye Towel

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Customization 2 Choices (available to all members)

This is a choice available to all members! The options are:

  • @draperjames Ruffle Nightie
  • @theouai Detox Shampoo + Scalp Massager
  • @milly Jewelry Case
  • @obe_fitness Resistance Hip Bands + 2 Month obé Membership (US/Canada Only)
  • @obe_fitness Resistance Hip Bands + @majisports Trigger Ball (UK Only)
  • @raedunn by Magenta Guac/Salsa Bowls
  • @shopsonix Bluetooth Speaker
  • @businessandpleasure_co Cooler Bag
  • @tartecosmetics drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer

Customization 3 Choices (available to all members)

This is a choice available to all members! The options are:

  • @corkcicle 12oz Wine Tumbler with Silicone Straw
  • @supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 (US Only)
  • @livingproofinc Perfect hair Day™ Dry Shampoo (US/Canada Only)
  • @aghair RE:COIL Curl Activator
  • @wearepoolside Water Resistant Pouch
  • @baublebar Build Your Own Bracelet Kit
  • @malinandgoetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer
  • @nectarsunglasses Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Round Eye Brown Tortoise

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Customization 4 Choices (available to All Members)

This choice is now available for all members!

  • @africanbotanics Shimmering Gold Oil
  • @ciatelondon Watermelon Burst Setting Spray
  • @scentuals Vitamin C Facial Serum
  • @tfpublishing Brain Teasers + Activity Book Bundle (Games, Puzzles, and more!)

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Customization 5 Choices (available to Annual Members)

This is a choice available only to Annual Subscribers. Quarterly Subscribers will get a randomly selected choice. The options are:

  • @mentedcosmetics Liquid Lipstick – Blood Orange, Peachy Keen, or Blacker the Berry (US/Canada Only)
  • @soarspaces Selfie Ring Light
  • @minetanbodyskin Moisturizing Recovery After Sun Gel
  • @letsgottm Melamine Printed Tray
  • @flyflightmode High-Altitude Hydration Mask
  • @drbrandt pores no more® PORE PURIFYING CLEANSER
  • @eparelife Cutting Board Set of 4

Item 6: Introducing Bundles!

For the first time ever, Annual Members can choose a bundle of 2 products, a bundle of 3 products, or 1 higher-value product. Here are what the options are:

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Past FabFitFun Spoilers:

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